Essay on Air Pollution How-to

If you choose an essay on air pollution, then you have a good opportunity to pay the attention of society to a really important problem. The modern world is gradually becoming polluted; human is increasingly building, creating, and developing. The emergence of new technologies, factories and corporations leads to progress but how does this affect people’s health?

Writing an essay on such an important topic is a special contribution to solving the problem of global pollution. We need air to breathe and for our body to function. Why many people do not understand this and go for a profit without paying attention to harm to nature. Such questions and we will always be relevant and more people should show this in their reports and speeches.

Taking this topic, you can describe the essence of the problem in the air pollution essay introduction. Then make a more detailed plan for your future work. Two or three basic points would not be enough, add a list of problems and find some actual solutions. This type of essay requires not only a detailed analysis but also a search for a solution.

If you find a suitable topic then try to reveal all its aspects, indicating causes and effects, as well as adding possible solutions. No need to think that such work will be difficult – the theme of air pollution is always relevant and any solution can help improve the situation. Look for different sources to compare material and choose the most important of it. Such a topic will always be interesting, even if you offer one solution – it can help us improve our ecology.

How to Reduce Air Pollution Today? (+24 More Free Topics for You)

Can humankind reduce air pollution? Is it real or will more factories and more cars be built in the world? How to improve air quality in large cities? All these questions can not remain unanswered. Any problem can be solved; you only need to write an essay about air pollution cause and effect. The essay will be your method, your voice, your way to the solution.

Many people think that the government should think about the ecology of each region that one person cannot solve a global problem. But society does not consist of one person – it is a group of people. If you started to solve a problem, you can find a hundred or a thousand like-minded people. Show with your essay on how to reduce air pollution, find a few simple solutions that can be made by small groups of people.

This theme is an environmental disaster but there are many separate topics that can be part of one big complexity.

  • Bad air in megalopolises (China, Cairo, Kanpur, Ahvaz, etc.)
  • Is an electric car better than gas-powered cars?
  • Influence of air pollution on children.
  • Progress and change in air quality.
  • How many harmful substances go into the air every day from large industrial enterprises?
  • Profit or safety and cleanliness of the atmosphere?
  • Will people buy air in the future?
  • Air pollution and wildlife.
  • Do we need to grow more trees and not cut down forests?
  • Could the Amazon forest save the air of our planet?
  • Air pollution and different diseases.
  • Is it better to go on nature for the weekend – is this a solution for our health?
  • Why the government does not solve environmental problems?
  • Do factories bribe to not show their air pollution reports?
  • Causes air pollution only in the development of technology?
  • Can greed cause air pollution?
  • Can I make the air cleaner in my place?
  • The car could be replaced by a bicycle.
  • Should mankind return to the Stone Age to make the air cleaner?
  • Moving to factories without emissions of harmful substances?
  • Are all the production carefully checked? Is there corruption here?
  • Does smoking pollute the air as much as the factory?
  • The effect of air pollution on human health.
  • Does our body adapt to the dirty air?
  • Do ecology problems start with one person?

Air Pollution Essay Outline

Your main task is to write an interesting and useful air pollution essay. Here every detail is important which will become your key fact for solving this problem. Start your writing with a plan. Write a sample list of questions you want to consider in your work. These can be short sub-items where you tell about the problem and add a possible solution.

Take it interesting and tell your opinion on this issue. Of course, your essay should have three main points – introduction, main part, and conclusion. But try to write the main part as a few small parts that will be linked by a common idea.

No need to think that such a topic requires philosophical reasoning, the problem of ecology is an important theme for any person who wants to breathe clean air. You can think about what kind of world we will leave to our children if we do not begin to make decisions about the purification of our air.

Any topic can be divided into several parts where there will be causes of air pollution, the consequences and the solution. Read different sources and compare the information. Maybe someone has found an effective solution but this idea could not be implemented?

Maybe you have personal ideas that you want to show to the public? Do not be discouraged, any idea on how to reduce air pollution essay will be implemented sooner or later – you can speed up this process. Write all your wishes and approximate solutions in your essay because it is an important step towards solving this difficult situation.

20 Do’s and Don’ts of Air Pollution Essay Writing

If to make the conclusion air pollution essay then the writing of such material should be relevant and not boring. Ecology problems have always worried millions of people and your audience does not want to listen to the same thing several times. To make your essay interesting, there are 20 points which consist of what you can write and what you shouldn’t say in your work.


  • Tell more about the problem that is in your title of the essay.
  • Give examples from specific regions so that your material becomes “closer” to people.
  • Write about the consequences of this problem; tell about the harm to humans.
  • Your topic on air pollution can also tell about the harm to flora and fauna.
  • Why did such a problem appear, what was the cause?
  • Has your topic already been in other open sources? Who and what wrote there.
  • Find several ways to solve the problem. Only the government could or one person too?
  • What happens if people can’t find a solution? What awaits us in 10 or 50 years?
  • Is your topic a global problem or a difficult situation in certain places?
  • The solution can be very simple if people stop being selfish.
  • Find expressions of famous philosophers and scientists, add quotes.
  • Tell about where people could find the solution and offer to do it in other regions.
  • Write how people began to be healthier when they learned to respect nature.


  • No need to jump to another topic of pollution if you describe in detail the topic of your essay.
  • Do not blame the people who set fire to the woods (this is terrible but many people do not even listen to offense).
  • Talk like a speaker who wants people to hear him and not close their eyes from boredom.
  • Make your essay “alive” but do not write about large-scale diseases and deaths from pollution.
  • Do not talk about what you do not know for sure. Look for the facts.
  • No need to write why you chose this topic, write about why it is important for society.
  • Your essay should not deviate from the topic of the current item.

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