The American Dream Essay How-to: The Guide for Beginner

The American Dream is a topic that reveals our desires and demonstrates our capabilities on the way to our goals. If you had got a task to write an actual and useful essay about American dream, then you do not need to worry – this is a very interesting topic.

Here you can uncover and show the audience not only your dreams but also pay attention to some issues that prevent people from living well. There is a simple guide that will help you to plan your article correctly and write interesting and informative work.

To begin, describe briefly your life level, tell what you do, how you would like to spend your free time and if you have a particular hobby. Complete your short story with things that make you truly happy. This is a brief and useful point that will help you to clarify your dream based on what you already have in life. Then write a paragraph with your desires, but do not make it in the form of a list – make your story interesting.

Write about what you have now and what you would like. You should understand what the American dream essay is. It could help you to see that it is your wishes that come from existing things. For example, you have a family, but work does not allow you to play with your children more often. Or, your job is very hard but you get a small salary. In conclusion, you could write about what you need to do to realize your dreams. Of course, here we need to talk about real dreams, but the conquest of Everest can also become a reality for everyone.

What is the American Dream Essay?

You should know that the Essay on the American dream – it is a description of those desires that most people in this country have. Most often these are standard desires, among them there are things that almost all people want to have. It could be money, a big house, a nice apartment, a supercar, a well-paid job, the ability to travel, etc.

But there are other things that can also be called a dream: good health, the opportunity to visit parents, to see children more often, get a quality education, visit all countries of the world, find true love, etc. Many people want different things because they have different values. This topic will tell the audience about you very much, not only about your desires but also about your personality.

One person may want only money, and another – health because he is very sick. A young woman is looking for true love, and an old man wants to live longer. There is no definite notion of what is an American dream; each person can give it a special meaning.

An essay could show about your personal desires, and what you are doing to realize them. You can also write about generally accepted things that will be suitable for all Americans. My American dream essay could be manifested in different directions – it will be your opinion and description of your dreams for the whole country.

Write about things that are important for all people, it will be simple things that will make any person happier. Compare the dreams of different age groups; ask what your younger sister wants and what your grandfather dreams of. People who have lived longer most often have fairly simple desires, and dreams of modern youth may be almost impossible. It will be an interesting analysis that will show the audience that all people are different and that their dreams are different too.

American Dream Essay Outline

To write an interesting text you need to make an exact plan of the American dream essay. Here would be a detailed layout of your work where you could write all the paragraphs and notes to know how your future essay will look. Like any type of the article, it will be three parts: an introduction, the main part, and a conclusion.

You could write the main part as several different paragraphs that will have a common meaning. Do not forget about the logical chain, if you want to write about research, your dreams, statistics or a survey of different age groups. All of these items must be connected. This task has a more free design but you should not forget about punctuation and spelling. A detailed layout is your first stage; such an outline will allow you to “see” your text without writing it yet.

35 American Dream Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Beautiful body and healthy life.
  2. Large house with a beautiful garden.
  3. Good job and a decent salary.
  4. Opportunity to travel more often.
  5. The ability to visit parents more often.
  6. More money and more opportunities.
  7. A luxury car is cool.
  8. High paying job and a good life.
  9. To have own family.
  10. Buying an apartment with a modern renovation.
  11. Beautiful garden in your home.
  12. To have a pool.
  13. Good health without serious illnesses.
  14. The ability to have children.
  15. To visit all the countries of the world.
  16. To get a good education.
  17. To buy the first car for your child.
  18. To find true love.
  19. Learn to cook delicious.
  20. Have a slim body.
  21. Have your own business.
  22. To help parents to live better.
  23. Return the lost time.
  24. Have the ability to avoid our mistakes in the past.
  25. Fly into space.
  26. To help poor people and orphans.
  27. To help all homeless animals find a good family.
  28. A dream that people do not die.
  29. To find a cure for cancer.
  30. To find out the secrets of the universe and our planet.
  31. Learn a lot of foreign languages.
  32. Jump with a parachute.
  33. See all the mountains of the world.
  34. See Polar Lights.
  35. Learn to fly a plane.

Do’s and Don’ts of Writing an Essay on the American Dream

This type of task is not a description of any desires that came to your mind. This is also an analysis that you need to do to make your essay relevant and interesting. Many people conducted surveys that help to understand the basic model of the American dream. Have you ever heard about a beautiful house with a white fence and a golden retriever in your garden?

This is the standard of the American dream for many married couples. Also, most children dream of a bike, and teens want to get their first car. This suggests that there are standard dreams, but your American dream argumentative essay should be more in-depth in order to be interesting to others. There are some points that should be in your work, but there are some unnecessary points.

Necessary items.

  • Tell about your dreams and your means to achieve them.
  • Write about what most people in the country want (surveys, statistics, and ratings).
  • Ask different age groups, tell about the results.
  • Why dreams can be different, values ​​are important?
  • A dream is something unattainable and beautiful; everything else is just a wish.
  • Why did you choose such a dream? Is it real to realize this?
  • People are empty without a dream.
  • Are there people who support your dream and help you to make it happen?
  • Could a dream be changed or it is the only one forever?

Unnecessary items.

  • Do not write about the dreams of one person. This is an American dream definition essay about you.
  • Do not talk about how difficult and impossible to realize your dream.
  • The negative is the stop emotion. Your dream will come true!
  • There are always difficulties. Dreams should give hope.
  • Do not write about the difficulties that can force a person to give up his dream.

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