Argumentative Essay On Abortion How-to

Controversy drives the world. The more opinions there are on a topic, the more appealing it looks to the general public. Especially if the issue is a subject of personal interest. People want their opinions to be heard and acknowledged, they want their voices to matter and make differences.

The abortion debate is a never-ending discussion that appeals to everybody everywhere. As old as the world, this question is a pressing and relevant issue as of today. Many believe it may never be fully agreed upon. However, this doesn’t stop scholars from discussing the problem in their academic works.

Are you about to join the fierce debate on one of the most controversial topics ever? Let us help you write an excellent essay on abortion without efforts!

How To Write An Abortion Essay


Here Are The Best Tips For You To Follow If You Want To Write A Top-Notch Abortion Essay.

  1. TIP 1: Abortion Argumentative Essay Outline
  2. TIP 2: Abortion Arguments Essay Writers Should Consider Pro and Against
  3. TIP 3: Abortion Argument Essay Writing Do’s and Don’ts
  4. TIP 4: Abortion Essay Writing Best Practices
  5. TIP 5: Get Abortion Essay Writing Help When in a Rut

TIP 1: Abortion Argumentative Essay Outline

A good writer never starts working on a paper without an outline. Creating a vivid roadmap of your work is the best way to ensure the logical consistency of the text. Plus, it helps you with the research, time-planning, and writing in general.

A standard abortion essay structure looks like this:

Why all the fuss? Why is this topic important? Why people view this issue differently? Answer these questions by providing an accurate explanation and reasons to discuss the matter. End your introduction with an exact thesis statement, setting the main purpose of your study.

  • Main part.

The body of your essay should consist of three paragraphs – each devoted to a separate argument or topical question. For example, you can elaborate on legal issues in the first paragraph, discuss moral approaches in the second, and provide a religious viewpoint in the last paragraph. Support your arguments with strong pieces of evidence and examples.

Sum up key takeaways of your research and restate the thesis. Share your personal opinion on the question.

Writing an argumentative essay on abortion is much easier with an outline. Take your time to develop a coherent structure of the text. It will remarkably simplify the workload for you.

TIP 2: Abortion Arguments Essay Writers Should Consider Pro and Against

To make a good abortion arguments essay, you have to carry out a comparative analysis of all pros and cons. One cannot take a neutral stance when it comes to abortion. You have to either agree or disagree with the question. Otherwise, your reasons will contradict themselves.

You don’t mind a little help from us? To ease the research for you, below is the list of arguments in favor of pregnancy termination:

  • If the kid is unwanted, abortion is an ultimate solution. Future parents might not have an opportunity to raise the child. To prevent child abandonment, it is better to never give birth in the first place.
  • “Our body – our choice”. Every woman has a full right to make the decision herself when it comes to her life and her future. No one can make this decision for her. If she finds it necessary to terminate her pregnancy, this is her choice and the government has to support and respect it.
  • The mother is a survivor of sexual abuse. If this is the case, abortion is the only way to get rid of an unwanted pregnancy.
  • Medical reasoning. Unfortunately, not every woman is capable of bearing a child. There are specific medical conditions that require immediate abortion.
  • There is no act of murder according to science. A fetus is not a living human being. In terms of science, abortion is a common medical procedure, not a murder.
  • Zero consequences. Recent science and technology advancements made it possible to avoid horrible physiological after-effects. Timely abortion doesn’t cause infertility.

To make the picture complete, here are the reasons against abortion:

  • No matter what scientists say, abortion is murder.
  • Religion forbids pregnancy termination. A child is a gift from God, and every woman has to be grateful for it.
  • Expectant mothers have little awareness of what an abortion is. The lack of knowledge leads them to wrong decisions and suffer from unforeseen regrets.
  • “Our body – not our choice”. In contrast to a wide-spared belief, many think women have no right to make the decision themselves.
  • Psychological consequences are too difficult to handle. Women tend to underestimate the impact that this procedure has on their mental health. Some may never recover from this trauma.
  • Physiological consequences may lead to infertility. Despite the recent scientific advancements, abortion can become a serious obstacle for a woman in the future. Especially, if the procedure was carried out unprofessionally or on a late-term.

In case this information wasn’t enough to compose an insightful abortion argument essay, do your own research. There are plenty of variant arguments to consider when developing this topic.

TIP 3: Abortion Argument Essay Writing Do’s and Don’ts

How to make an ace essay about abortion? First and foremost, follow basic writing requirements and guidelines. If this is your first written assignment, consider the following tips when working on the essay:

  • Take your time to think about the issue. Procrastinating is a bad habit, especially when it concerns your home assignments. So do yourself a big favor and start working on the article in advance.
  • Make a table of contents. First, it aids you in the process of writing. Second, it makes your copy more appealing.
  • Don’t be judgmental. As an author, your mission is to develop an unbiased opinion based on strong facts and pieces of evidence.
  • Adhere to a specific format. Consult with your essay instructions and follow the prescribed requirements strictly.
  • Use the same tense throughout the text. It is advisable to avoid past tenses and stick to active voice.
  • Proofread your final draft. Wait till the next day and take one more look at your essay. Ask someone to read the article for you, as it is always a good idea to get a second opinion.
  • Don’t get too informal. Express yourself presentably, avoid substandard language. Try to find an optimal balance between a friendly tone of voice and a formal language.
  • Be honest. You don’t have to support a certain argument if you disagree with it.
  • Make an equal length of every essay part. Use transitions at the end of every paragraph.
  • Do not write long and complex sentences. Express your ideas in an easy-to-understand format.

Need an example of a well-written essay? Check our free samples for inspiration.

TIP 4: Abortion Essay Writing Best Practices

Having an exact outline template to follow is a good idea for any writer. Listing major arguments in favor and against the subject is also beneficial for a successful start in writing. Learning basic do’s and don’ts is very helpful as well. But the best way to jumpstart the process of writing is to listen to the best practices shared by experienced experts. Insights are priceless in all kinds of ways.

Some additional tips to use when writing an abortion persuasive essay are:

  • Do not take it too personally. Don’t let your feelings get you carried away. The topic is emotional and controversial. Still, the job of an author is to get to the heart of the matter and provide a completely unbiased opinion.
  • Be polite. It is a very sensitive issue, and many might be offended by a strongly-worded opinion. You don’t have to be entirely neutral. And you don’t have to be entirely judgmental. Respecting other people’s feelings is the least you can do to make things work for everybody.
  • Look at the issue from different sides. To make a thorough analysis, you have to regard the problem from various viewpoints. What religion says about abortions? What are the ethical and medical issues? Should we consider legal aspects?
  • Remember you are working on an abortion argumentative essay, not a medical research paper. Stay aside from complex terminology and unnecessary facts. Your audience might not be familiar with insider information, so keep the text simple and easy-to-understand for anybody.
  • Look deeper to find more. Abortion essays are quite common among learners. There have been already said a lot and enough on the topic. To make your article stand out, you have to dig for something new and unexpected. Go after the statistical data. Look for fresh developments. Think of a new approach to discuss the matter – turn on your imagination and try to think outside the box.

And the most important tip: stay true to your beliefs. If you don’t feel like supporting arguments pro or against, don’t do it. Honesty is always the best policy, and no academic assignment is worth going against one’s moral principles.

TIP 5: Get Abortion Essay Writing Help When in a Rut

Writing an essay is a headache for every student. However, with a topic like this, it brings even more stress and pressure.

You don’t need this kind of negativity in your life. Nor do you need to waste time working on a piece you feel bad or indifferent about. Make the right decision: shift this tiresome responsibility to a competent writer. Thanks to his profound background and professional approach, your essay will be completed in a few hours. Busy yourself with something exciting in the meantime or take a well-deserved break.

With our timely help, you can forget about bothering academic struggles for good!

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