College Application Essay Prompts 2021 Edition

College application essay prompts has several important aspects that allow you to build such a text. Every year, there are new conditions that create a general layout of an interesting and relevant essay. Most often these are general requirements that get more add-ons.

In 2021, there will be 7 main points that will allow you to write a current essay and choose an interesting topic:

  • Many students have interests, hobbies, personal qualities, talents, and strengths. Do not forget that each person is a unique person who can develop his potential. Maybe you have an amazing story that could be an inspiration or instructive material for others – share it with the audience.
  • We may have difficulties that teach us to draw lessons and get another experience in our life. The difficulties may be different and it would also be interesting. Tell about the problem, situation or failure that you had and what made you understand. How did this affect your life and your character?
  • Were there moments in your life when you thought about lost time? Perhaps you have thought about it several times and would like to change that situation? What was the situation and what do you want to change at that time? What would it give you and could it change your life?
  • Perhaps you have found a great solution for a difficult situation – college admissions essay prompts also would be great to describe this. Maybe it was a research question, an ethical dilemma or an intellectual situation. Any problem can have a solution and you could do a good deed. Tell about this situation and the decision that you have made then.
  • Were the achievements in your life that you admired? Maybe it made you proud of yourself and influenced personal development? Achievements can also help you better understand other people and realize that everyone has his views, opinions, and beliefs.
  • Is there an interesting idea or topic that you would like to study in detail? Maybe the essay is your chance to learn this topic and tell other people about it? No need to think that an essay is the hard work you got in college. This is your research project that will allow you to learn something new.
  • Create your unique essay that will have no analogs. Many teachers give freedom to students so that they could show their creativity. Choose an unusual theme and make your unique plan.

15 College Board Essay Prompts

If you know the basic tips and ideas for writing an essay, then there are many more college board essay prompts that will be useful for writing this type of task. These are 15 short ideas that could also be an inspiration for you.

If your essay is a free choice of topic, then we will tell useful tips for writing. This will be actually for any types of task if you do not know where to start and do not even have a theme for your work.

  • Tell your unique story. This may be an interesting case that gave you a good life lesson or allowed you to learn something new and make conclusions.
  • Your worldview changes over the years because you get older. What things do you see from the other side and what did you think about it several years ago?
  • Perhaps you see a problem that needs to be solved and you have a great solution. This could be any problem: from ecology to relationships with your parents.
  • Describe your favorite movie or book. Maybe you have a different opinion about the behavior of the main character. Do you agree or disagree with his actions?
  • Use the system of 10 things. It could be 10 of your most beloved memories or 10 of your favorite things. Feel free to write if you like the sound of rain or you like the smell of wet asphalt.
  • Write about the most embarrassing moment in your life. Maybe this situation was funny but it gave you a good life lesson.
  • Have you ever risked or was your life in danger? Tell about this case and how did you feel? Have you begun to appreciate your life more and what do you do to protect your life and health?
  • One of the best essay prompts for college is your hobby. This is a special thing that makes you feel real happiness.
  • You can use the topic of the essay that you wrote before. Carry out the analysis, maybe some points in the past work you would like to change. Maybe you do not agree with some of your conclusions.
  • Tell about the best advice you received in your life. Who told you this and how it affected your life?
  • Tell about a particular sport. Maybe this is your hobby or you know a person who has been made this sport for a long time.
  • If you had the opportunity to spend the whole day with anyone from the past, who would it be? What would you do all day and what would you like to ask him about?
  • Would you like to give a lesson in elementary school? What would you like to tell children and what could you teach them?
  • If you could change one day in your life, what day was it? What would you do differently and why do you want to change this particular day?
  • If you could travel in time, where would you go? What time period would you choose and why?

College Application Essay Outline

The outline of this year’s essay is no different from the design scheme of college essay prompts 2020. If you know the basic steps of a plan, it will be easier for you to write a similar work. Use this layout and supplement it with paragraphs with interesting descriptions.

If this is a free topic, make your essay interesting, lively and creative. This type of task uses a standard plan that will help to write a logical and detailed text.

  • Introduction. This is a short overview of your essay. Tell about your goal, what you want to tell the audience why this definite topic was chosen by you? What is unusual and interesting in your work?
  • Main part. This is the body of your essay. Here will be the most important information. Make a few paragraphs that help you to explain the name of your topic in detail.
  • Conclusion. Tell what conclusions you have drawn and what is important in your work. Maybe it will become instructive material and you want to say how it has changed your life.

Do’s and Don’ts of Writing College Admissions Essays

You have already understood common college essay prompts and now some of the items you need to write in your work and those that you don’t need to do. Read it and write a bright and interesting essay so that you could keep the interest of your audience.

Necessary items.

  • Do not forget that your text should be logical. Do not lose the thought and do not interrupt it.
  • Remember about the correct punctuation and spelling.
  • An essay must be unique.
  • Expand your topic in detail but do not do a lot of paragraphs in the main part.
  • Read your text attentively after writing.

Unnecessary items.

  • You do not need to do a lot of paragraphs in the main part – it can distract from the explanation of the main topic.
  • Write specifically without deviations from the theme.
  • Do not use negative expressions and bad or scary stories.

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