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A critical essay is a type of analysis regarding an opus, piece of art or film. It could be compared to a review, but there is still a huge difference between these two types of writing. A critical essay paper implies a more academic critiquing rather than just reviewing some aspects of a book or movie, and it must include arguments and profound scholarly investigation. Also, a critical essay as a writing assignment can be quite puzzling for students. It is a common misconception that critical essay papers are aimed at criticizing or providing negative insight on the subject in question. It is important to understand that critical essays can agree with the ideas proposed by authors, directors or creators in general.

While writing critical essays, you don’t have to look specifically for flaws and disadvantages. You are supposed to provide your objective point of view on both positive and negative aspects of the work that you evaluate, expose its strong and weak sides. When you do critical essay, you must try to find a message the creator left for readers or watchers and decide whether it was done successfully. Now let’s take a look at the recommendations our custom essay company compiled to simplify your writing process.


  • Get familiar with the subject that is to be analyzed

In order to properly evaluate a book, poem or any piece of visual art, you have to study it thoroughly. Read the text and then reread it. Watch the movie a couple of times. Take a look at the painting or sculpture at different angles, from different distances. A great critical essay writer learns every detail and makes sure nothing is left out of sight.

  • Take notes while reading/watching/looking at the subject

The more notes you make, the better. You should take jottings from every session of reading and watching so that you will be able to compare them and see if there is something new or something different. In the very beginning, ask some questions you want to discuss in your critical analysis essay. For example, what is the subject about? What is the main idea of the subject? Does it pursue any purposes? And so on.

  • Perform research

Increase the value of your critical essay writing by gathering facts and learning more information about the subject: the biography of its creator, the time period when it was made, how it was received by the public, etc. Also, find out what famous accredited critics have to say about the book, movie or painting. Collect your information from trustworthy sources only. Your critical essay as an assignment must be extremely accurate.

In addition, you should read critical essay examples we offer. It might come in handy, since we’ve covered many popular critical essay topics. Though these tips will definitely help you in writing a decent essay, there is a more effortless way to get the best critical essay.


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