SAT Essay Rubric Tips

Before one can start writing such a task as the SAT Essay, it is better to prepare in advance to get the desired score or face the highest result possible. To do this, it is necessary to understand how essay rubric is evaluated and which parameters are of utmost importance for the teacher.

To understand why certain factors directly affect your assessment, we have prepared some great importance recommendations. If a student follows our advice, then the minimum required score is guaranteed. The checklist of suggestions looks as follows:

  • The importance of creating a clear thesis. In one of the headings of SAT essay rubric, it is definitely indicated that the reasoning should be as accurate as possible and had a direct statement. In other words, the thesis must necessarily contain a clear central statement, since it is the thesis that defines the basic idea of the essay.
  • Competently composed introductory part. Another SAT essay headings assert that the student needs to show skill in efficiently of writing the opening part of the article and concise creation of the final piece. Pay your attention to the introductory part because if it is composed, clearly it will help you get a written score above 4 out of 8 possible. The introductory paragraph should, first of all, familiarize the teacher with the material that a student wants to outline in the following areas of your work. Besides, teachers are very attentive to the intro part of your assignment. If it was done incorrectly or incompletely, then all the work, respectively, would be of lower quality.
  • Assessment of the level of language. In addition to the content itself, the teacher will unequivocally assess the level of your writing, and what style of speech turns you use. Many students are not able to fully master the language skills necessary for writing this type of work. Often, in order for your level of English to match the level you need, you will have to spend at least a year on improving it. If you do not have this time, then try to focus on other components of the essay that you can do as correctly as possible to cover the shortcomings in the language level. Nevertheless, you always have the opportunity to at least diversify your vocabulary. Try to analyze which words are most often repeated in your essay and partially replace them with the closest synonyms in content.
  • All facts must be confirmed. Use only those facts and arguments that have sources of evidence. Try not to use information that is available to you but does not have any reliable sources. Quite often, students state their own thoughts in those parts where the data should be reasoned and supported by facts.
  • Concentrate on the details. For a SAT essay rubric pdf to witness the maximum grade for the ability to analyze, there is no need to detail your every argument. Essentially, one has to focus on discussing one or two points. The most significant point is to demonstrate the teacher your ability to single out the vital sections of the reasoning as well as explain them with examples.

What is an Essay Rubric?

The SAT Essay is a concise task, and you will be given 50 minutes to complete it. After you read a passage that consisting of 650-750 words, you will need to make a quick analysis of the arguments that the author uses and understand what thesis you can use to write an essay on this topic.

Creating a paper like SAT essay often requires non-standard approaches from students that differ from those previously used for written articles. The primary purpose of creating this assignment is to check the student’s skills and knowledge necessary to draw up a clear strategy and argument for an essay on a specific topic in 50 minutes. That is why students should start preparing for SAT essay scoring rubric in advance. In other words, try to practice with the arguments of various topics and pull up the style of your writing, making it as diverse as possible.

Act Essay Rubric Hints

When you start composing such a task as SAT essay, you will have just 50 minutes to thoroughly review the provided excerpt of the text, analyze it, and create a paper. Accordingly, you will need a clear action plan to do all the analytics and compose a thesis within a specified time.

So, what are the possible tricks when writing act essay rubric?

Answer in more detail. Do not summarize what was read in the section of the draft. You will need to determine as precisely as possible what methods of description and argumentation are used by the author of the passage and accordingly concentrate on why they do it and what kind of message is there for the readers.

This is what teachers expect from you. You need to competently analyze the text and explain the importance of the arguments of the author. This approach will help you get the maximum possible points for competent text analytics.

For teachers to appreciate your work well, try to quote one of the passages that the author described correctly. However, it is not necessary to simply summarize what was said by the author. You need to provide your comprehension of how the writer formed this or that argument.

If an author’s quotation is inappropriate and you want to provide your own evidence as an alternative, make sure that it literally corresponds to the stated facts in the passage you read. The truth is that the new rules for act essay scoring rubric necessarily include an analysis of inaccuracies.

Be sure to follow the framework of your paper. It is clearly stated in one of the act essay grading rubrics that the article must be structured and consist of four or five paragraphs. This way, the reader can easily understand the logic of your reasoning and explore all the arguments from beginning to end.

Also, try to make each paragraph smoothly connected to each other. This effect can be achieved with the help of certain verbal expressions that will help the reader analyze your text as something integral.

It is imperative to take time to re-read your essay several times and make sure that it corresponds to a clear structure and argumentation. Even though you are given 50 minutes to complete the task, you need to try very hard to get all the necessary operations done during this time.

Be sure to practice before writing such an assignment. As you know, the best way to prepare is training. Try to practice as often as possible in the analysis and preparation of creating various components of the essay. It is also worth learning how to analyze the material as quickly as possible and be able to argue all the necessary facts in a limited period of time.

If this task seems to be very difficult, then you can break the implementation into parts. In this way, you will be able to master the skill of composing and analyzing each of the components of the text and only then use all your skills simultaneously.

Argumentative Essay Rubric

Any argumentative essay rubric has the following scoring features:


  • Context/story.
  • Specify the issue.
  • Argument declaration.


Presents an overview of the main issues excluding recurring recent sentencing.

Principal issues.

  • Frame sections.

Applying of origins.

  • Record.

Sentencing accuracy.

  • Sentence distinctness.


  • Punctuation marks & capitalized issues.

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Need Help with Essay Rubrics?

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