100 Topics for Expository Essay Texts to Sport in 2021

Expository writing essay topics are themes that have a detailed description of the situation, arguments, facts, the results of your research, and also your own decision. It can be any relevant topic that needs detailed consideration. You compose an article in three parts: introduction, main part, and conclusion.

Describe the essence of the problem, add interesting facts and suggest your solution to this situation. Many writers take on the topic of ecology and medicine, others prefer to delve into the problems of sports or politics. Perhaps your solution to the problem may become important and will be used in the future. The main goal of such an essay is to provide more arguments and conduct unique research that will help to pay people’s attention to a certain problem.

In sports, for example, doping is used, and many athletes leave training because of injuries. Choose a similar topic and find a solution that may be useful for them. Interesting expository essay topics will always be relevant because there are many problems and unaffected topics in modern society.

25 Sample Expository Essay Topics

  • How does smoking affect the skin?
  • Do doctors take our money or treat diseases?
  • Reading in bed causes vision problems?
  • Do we need vaccines?
  • How to spend the summer holidays?
  • Can algae treat our hair?
  • Why do children lie?
  • How to lose weight correctly?
  • Is modern music good?
  • Do we eat healthy food?
  • Is there life on Mars?
  • Can fish feel pain?
  • Can a movie be better than book?
  • Can cats see in the dark?
  • How to improve our imagination?
  • Do kids want more toys because we spoil them?
  • Are there aliens?
  • Can we measure our happiness?
  • Should I try to live with a partner before the wedding?
  • How to make money on the Internet?
  • Is there magic in our world?
  • What profession can be correct?
  • Should all people have children?
  • Are blogs interesting for everyone?
  • Can home education be better than at school?

25 Good Expository Essay Topics

  • Can we admire one person?
  • Who can we call a real leader?
  • Why can parents be strict with children?
  • Why is relocation stressful?
  • Everyone should care about ecology?
  • Can we prevent global warming?
  • Is the problem of society in the reluctance to help each other?
  • Should a person work in a team?
  • Why do people buy drugs?
  • Do different music genres affect society?
  • Can a child pass school?
  • Why do children need to understand what discipline is?
  • Should our society be less selfish?
  • Why do companies cut down forests massively?
  • Parents should more often listen to children?
  • Why does nature create more cataclysms?
  • Should brothers and sisters live in peace?
  • Why do young girls use a lot of makeup?
  • Why does alcohol increase crime?
  • Modern men have lost their gallantry?
  • Can pregnancy be a problem?
  • Can a divorce be difficult for children?
  • Why do fish become smaller in the world’s waterways?
  • Is life in the house better than in the apartment?
  • Can people make the world better?

25 Amusing Expository Essay Topics

  • Why can a date be awkward?
  • What do girls want?
  • Can we believe the ads?
  • Why do I have 200 friends in social networks and 2 in real life?
  • Why do so many people annoy me?
  • How to find the guy/girl of your dream?
  • Do violent videos make us rude?
  • Is Walmart our favorite store?
  • Why do other people only look at our clothes?
  • Coffee is addictive like a cigarette?
  • Why is a dog‘s kiss friendlier than a man’s kiss?
  • Can a song be very bad?
  • Where to look for a second sock at home?
  • Why do many people like to watch brutal videos?
  • Can some video games help?
  • Is tanning booth bad for our skin?
  • Can braces be funny?
  • Why do we get spam in the mail?
  • Does Barbie affect girls’ minds?
  • How to simulate activity at work?
  • How to show a guy that you like football?
  • Why do many people fear clowns?
  • Are there mermaids?
  • Can I become better for my partner?
  • Why do we live by stereotypes?

25 Provocative Expository Essay Topics

  • Should public schools teach children of sex life?
  • Can gay marriage be called the norm?
  • Do we need to make abortion legal?
  • What would you like to change in the Constitution?
  • Are you going to have your own family?
  • How can we protect teenagers from unwanted pregnancies?
  • How can we reduce crime?
  • Can men only be leaders?
  • What do you think about the administration of your city?
  • Does the government need to return the death penalty?
  • Can science be stronger than God?
  • Is there life after death?
  • Can we allow children to watch all the sites on the Internet?
  • Can you name your child’s school safety?
  • What do you think about global warming?
  • How can we protect our family?
  • Can anyone find the job of his dream?
  • Does fishing calm the nerves?
  • Are there planets with life?
  • Why does yoga help our body and soul?
  • How can I remove excess weight quickly?
  • Why does polar light appear?
  • Should we care about other people’s feelings?
  • Why do women want to have a cat and not a child?
  • Does the headache come unexpectedly?

Brainstorm Savvy Expository Essay Topics Using These 5 Easy Hints

Our society needs to discuss many themes. People do not pay attention to many problems and think that higher authorities should solve it. But we create our world. We need to discuss themes and think about how to solve a specific problem. But how to find inspiration that any even easy expository essay topics get people’s attention? There are 5 simple tips to help you do this:

  • Read the news. Many topics may be in your morning paper or in the news feed on your smartphone. These are themes of ecology, politics, animals, sports, beauty, living conditions, etc. Expository essay topics for high school would be interesting not only for children but also for adults.
  • Ask people. We need to communicate more and find out the needs of other people. You can also talk to the older generation. These people have seen a lot of difficult situations in life and they can tell what they want to change but now they do not have enough strength to do it.
  • Do not look for complexity. Your topic could be very interesting, but funny expository essay topics can also get people’s attention. Start with a simple and understandable theme. For example, the theme of technology would always be relevant to the modern generation.
  • Find old newspapers and magazines. Not all interesting information is in modern print publications. Find old newspapers and magazines in the library. There are many actual problems there, and people have not found a solution. Maybe you will find excellent expository essay topics university. Themes for school and college may be too complicated.
  • Look at your hobbies. Maybe you like to spend time in nature but every time you find mountains of garbage. Not all people remove rubbish after a picnic. This applies to forests and green areas near lakes or rivers. Think about it, may be it could be a great expository of essay topics for college. Pay attention to the audience that our world could become better and cleaner. Tell people that we need to love and respect what nature gives us.

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