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What is an argumentative essay? This is an academic composition that entails the investigation of a topic, the collection of data, generation & the evaluation of evidence. After that, the author needs to give their interpretation and final position on the study in a succinct manner. The primary objective of this type of writing is to convince the reader to accept a certain viewpoint/opinion. You need to develop your case through logic and facts, in addition to examples, proper reasoning, and sound opinion. As you compose every paragraph of the argumentative piece, explain the opposing sides of your argument. Nevertheless, you need to showcase why your resolution is valid. In case you are struggling to understand the essence of this composition, you can download and use multiple 5 paragraph argumentative essay examples as guiding templates.
5 Paragraph Argumentative Essay Examples

Sometimes, students might confuse an argumentative essay with expository essays. However, expository essays are informative compositions that offer a homogenous analysis of a given topic. While composing an argumentative piece, you need to define or explain your topic through the use of statistics, anecdotes, and relevant facts. There are various subcategories of expository writing. These include the cause and effect, process, as well as the compare & contrast composition.

Argumentative essays are typically divided into three major sections. These are an introductory segment, three or more body paragraphs, and the conclusive paragraph. It is imperative to be fully aware of all the appropriate content required for each argumentative paragraph. Therefore, with our help, you will learn how to write amazing argumentative papers. In other words, we are a resource that you can utilize to bolstering your writing prowess.

How Can I Effectively Write the Introduction Paragraph of an Argumentative Paper?

Composition writing is frequently done across all educational levels for various reasons. They form part of standard tests, some are drafted as coursework or homework assignments, and they are also a requirement while making applications to institutions of higher learning. Students normally draft various types of compositions. Therefore, you might experience confusion. However, the ability to distinguish between the various types of essays is a matter of understanding the author’s goal. To understand more on how to identify an argumentative essay question within a prompt, you can find numerous argumentative paragraph topics on our website.

A good introduction paragraph argumentative essay begins with a hook. This is a sentence aimed at evoking the curiosity and interest of your audience. An effective way to begin is by writing a quote, an intriguing statistic, a personal anecdote, or even an interesting question.

Next, you need to offer a background to your study topic. This will enable your audience to attain a better understanding of the issue you intend to discuss. Such information offers history & context that is extremely crucial in arguing as well as expounding on your point.

After that, you need to state the thesis of your argumentative write-up. This shall form the essence of your argument within each paragraph. In other words, the thesis statement gives a summation of all the points you are attempting to put across in every paragraph. Your thesis needs to assert a stance on a given argumentative topic. Additionally, it needs to be one that your audience can possible oppose or differ with. For this reason, avoid stating facts as your thesis statement.

Likewise, do not describe your points or offer an analysis. Such should be done within the body section. The core function of the introduction is to set up your composition’s arguments, instead of providing supporting evidence. Do not openly announce the ideas & points that you will be expounding on.

Your Guide to Drafting the Argumentative Essay Body Paragraph

Within an argumentative essay body paragraph, you are supposed to discuss an idea exhaustively. The opening sentence should usher the reader into the main point you are discussing. The succeeding sentences should then offer more information and arguments that convince the reader to accept your point of view.

Depending on the complexity of your topic, the length of your body paragraphs can fall in the range of between five to 10+ sentences. All these paragraphs must relate to your thesis statement. There are several focus areas that body paragraphs deal with.

For one, they identify and comprehensively explain the issue. This ensures that the reader gains a full understanding of your content. It is also imperative to identify at least two sides to the issue. Next, you need to undertake a thorough exploration of the side you believe is the most appropriate. This aims at convincing the audience to accept your viewpoint. You can then discredit other sides of the argument, but through the use of credible evidence, facts, and examples.

After reading your composition, the audience needs to have obtained a solid understanding of the controversy/issue as well as having enough information to come to a sound conclusion on the issue. Several factors can compel your audience to make the right choice. These include the use of authoritative sources, attributable examples, real-life examples, facts, research, & statistics.

Ensure that your ideas and arguments logically transition from one to another. Likewise, they must all point back to your central statement, i.e., the thesis. Unrelated ideas are likely to confuse readers. As such, you might end up scoring very dismal marks.

Tips on How to Write a Conclusion Paragraph for an Argumentative Essay

The conclusive paragraph is usually the briefest paragraph of all your composition’s paragraphs. The author is supposed to conduct a review of his/her most convincing reasons for sticking to a particular resolution on a particular matter. While writing, you need to make a strong persuasion in your conclusion. What’s more, it can be beneficial to utilize strong language and words the likes of, obviously, “then” phrases/statements, obviously, therefore, without immediate action, without a doubt, research states, etc.

It would also be appropriate to stifle any potential disagreements within your conclusion. When you highlight the possible objections, your audience might have, & demonstrate why they are invalid. This will make your readers resonate more with your arguments.

You can restate your thesis statement. This time, however, you should do it using different words. Offer some closing remarks on your final thoughts about the issue. Finally, end with a call to action. For more help on how to write a conclusion paragraph for an argumentative essay, visit our website for examples and advice.

Importance of Seeking Help in Writing an Argumentative Essay

There are various impediments students face while working on academic writing assignments. One of these is performance anxiety. They become extremely worried about how they might perform in a given argumentative assignment. It is paramount to undertake a lot of thorough writing exercises to overcome this challenge. Not only will this boost your writing aptitude, but also your confidence.

Other students get stuck at the beginning of a composition. They do not know how to proceed with the writing process. Commonly, this is usually caused by poor preparation. Before writing, you need to organize the points you intend to discuss in the form of your outline. This will enable you to easily structure your argumentative paper and write a lot faster and effectively.

Some scholars are usually unable to draft a compelling thesis statement. As such, they cannot properly reflect their ideas to the thesis. What’s more, their argumentative papers commonly lack a logical flow of ideas. This immensely confuses the reader. In the end, they are unable to convince their professors to award them high marks.

Poor composition skills can greatly affect a student’s class performance. To earn high marks, you should explain your thoughts in the form of writing articulately. What’s more, you need to draft your composition in perfect grammar and spelling. You also need to make the right capitalizations and punctuations. Your collocations and sentence formulations should make sense.

All the above reasons make it necessary to hire an expert argumentative writer within your study field. Nevertheless, many online quacks masquerade as legitimate argumentative writers. If you are not careful enough, you might fall into these scams and lose your money without getting any help. Therefore, carefully research the companies that offer high-quality help with a paragraph for an argumentative write-up.

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