Why Work on Your Handwriting in the Computer Era?

Why should I spend more time writing a paper by hand when I can type it on a computer that will also point out my mistakes? From this perspective, you’re 100% right. Keyboarding an essay saves your time and allows you to use nifty tech to improve the overall quality of a manuscript. But handwriting isn’t only about writing essays. There’s much more in it – from creating unique brain connections to improving your memory and general subject knowledge. Now, let’s name some benefits handwriting is capable of providing.

Handwriting in the Computer Era

Handwriting boosts academic performance

A study published in the Journal of Early Childhood Education and Development reveals that children with good to excellent handwriting skills easily outmatch peers in such areas as Math and Reading. Once again it’s imperative to stress that writing texts by hand builds brain connections, especially in the early age, those brain connections can be obtained only when writing texts with a pen, not keyboard. Although today more and more parents introduce kids to computers in the early age to make them technologically savvy and thus ready for what the modern world has prepared for them, it’s, nevertheless, important to instruct students to do handwriting exercises just like in the good old days. Not for the sake of an essay, but for the sake of a young developing brain working up to par.

Handwriting helps to memorize academic things faster

It’s a well-known fact that when you write anything down by hand, you memorize this information faster. Writing something down makes it resonate with the memory because just like centuries ago handwriting triggers cognitive processes better than any laptop. Application developers will tell you otherwise to make you buy their ‘hi-tech super extreme textbook memorizing’ product, a good old note taking will save you money being as efficient as any modern-day app or keyboard.

Handwriting and personal correspondence go hand in hand

Imagine you wrote a poem for your girlfriend. Will you present it with a Facebook message? Or maybe it’s better to triple the romance effect by sending a poem written by hand and put in the envelope? In all times, the last option has been always a commonly accepted pattern. Even in business official letters done by hand generate greater impact on the recipient. As a parent, it will be more pleasant to receive a postcard from your kid done by hand rather than tailored via Photoshop, right? That said, working on your handwriting skills is important whether you’re a second grader or an adult, for neither your mom nor your business partner is eager to receive a message with mistakes and messed up calligraphy.

Handwriting establishes and improves motoric functions

Ability to focus on a task at hand and keep attention span focused for as long as needed is important with children of all ages. Lack of concentration and inability to stay focused among adults are most likely the aftermath of little handwriting done at school. Indeed, writing an essay on a laptop is easier and does the job faster, but when your kid asks why she has to do a paper by hand rather than quickly type a text on a computer, you’ll know what to say.

Handwriting lets you win a prize or two

Motivating a technically savvy kid to handwrite a paper is a big challenge, so be smart and seek different sources of engagement. For example, The National Handwriting Contest brought the winner astonishing $1,000 as prize money. There’re other handwriting competitions as well, so if not for the sake of finely developed motoric functions, better memory, and higher grades, then motivate your kid practice handwriting more often for money.

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