How Long is a Short Essay?

Are you struggling to write a good short essay? Check out the tips from professional academic writers on how to prepare a quality short essay fast for free! Sometimes, for students, it may be difficult to create this essay compared to the longer one. Writing this paper requires organizing your thoughts properly and putting the ideas logically. It’s very important to choose an interesting subject to attract readers. We know that not everyone knows how to create the short paper but we can teach you in just a few minutes. Read this article and get a key to successful writing without wasting your time!
Short Essay

A short paper has specific rules for creating like a format, length, and other peculiar properties. Of course, writing this type of essay has specific requirements you should follow strictly. In long essays, you have a lot of space to place many paragraphs with your thoughts and ideas. You may wonder how long is a short essay. The length of this paper must be around 500 words. Your document should consist of three or four paragraphs. Below, you can read about each of them to figure out what to put in your future document.

If you haven’t got any experience in creating this type of essay, we have a simple solution. Pay attention to our useful tips on writing a successful and interesting essay, and get a high grade for your paper without stress! We have gathered the most effective and simple hints from the most talented specialists to simplify your life. We have written these tips as a useful instruction that will be well-understandable for most students.

Follow these instructions to make an interesting essay and surprise your teachers. Create your paper without stress in a few hours and enjoy free time! It is easy and fast as 1-2-3. We guarantee that with this article, short essay writing will be a very simple task for you.

Short Essay Format

When you’re making an essay, you need to follow a short essay format to create a proper document. As we said before, the document must consist of three or four paragraphs:

  • Introduction that contains a thesis statement;
  • A body part that contains topic sentences, supportive evidence, and introspection;
  • Conclusion where you have to restate a thesis.

It’s important to create your paper according to the format because this shows your professionalism and understanding in writing. When your document doesn’t fit the format requirements, you risk getting a lower grade. If your goal is to receive a good grade, let’s see how you should write each part of these paragraphs:

  • Introduction. This paragraph must reflect the subject of your paper and let readers understand easily what your essay is about and what questions you are going to view. There are no needs to create long introductions, especially when you’re making a short paper. Just a few sentences are enough because you already know that a short essay length is strictly limited.
  • Thesis statement. This is the main idea of your document that should be written in the introduction paragraph. Remember that your thesis must be brief and very accurate. Every sentence of your future paper should be connected to the main idea. For a short paper, the one-sentence thesis is quite enough.
  • Topic sentences. As we already said, every sentence of your essay must be connected to the thesis. When you are creating an essay, you have to present arguments in sentences, then support them with evidence, and introspect. It’s important to think about every sentence you write due to the shortness of your future paper.
  • Evidence to support your main idea. In the essay, you have to use supportive evidence like citations, anecdotes, etc. But try to limit the number of supportive sentences due to the length limit. Remember that you have a small space for writing a short argumentative essay. Concentrate on the most important evidence and cross out those that require long explanations.
  • Introspection. It is a very important part of your paper where you demonstrate to the teacher how well you can present your arguments and also show your ability to think critically. Any phrase that isn’t connected to the thesis of your essay, must be crossed out because it just takes up your space.
  • Conclusion. This is the last part of your document where you just sum up things and end your paper logically. We suggest writing for about 2-3 sentences for your short paper’s conclusion.

Tips How to Write a Short Essay

Here are more tips on how to write a short essay that will help you to make a strong and interesting document without wasting a lot of time and nerves. Follow these great ideas and make a successful manuscript fast!

  • Start big. It can be difficult to make a short paper from the very beginning but you may write a longer document and then cross out some odd sentences and phrases to trim your document to the needed size. Leave only the most important parts of your work and delete unnecessary words, phrases, and sentences after reading the completed manuscript for several times.
  • Get out a highlighter. If you have finished your paper and it’s longer than you need, reread it thoroughly and highlight only the most important thoughts that contain the main idea. Then you can delete unnecessary parts to complete your manuscript.
  • Condense. When you need to make the finished paper shorter, read it with attention and note the sentences that have the same idea of your chosen short essay topics. Make sure all the sentences are well-connected to the main idea. Mark all the words you can delete without destroying the sense of your paper.
  • Make a necessity test. If it’s hard to make your paper shorter, test every sentence to see if it is necessary to leave it or not. This is a very simple and effective test: read every sentence and figure out if your manuscript’s argument is getting weaker without it or stays unchangeable. Delete those sentences that don’t make the argument weaker.
  • Simplify the argument. Have you found no way to make your paper shorter? Then try to make simpler the main idea of your essay. Make your thesis broader and delete all those sentences that don’t support it. Review the supporting sentences and delete some of them, if it is possible, without weakening your entire paper.

Short Essay Do’s and Don’ts

Follow these tips when you’re working on your paper:


  • Include only necessary details and phrases that emphasizes the main idea of your paper.
  • Create a short essay outline before you start writing your paper.
  • Put a thesis statement at the very beginning of your document.
  • Proofread the completed document to make it perfect. Use Grammarly to avoid punctual and grammar mistakes.


  • Make your introduction or conclusion too big.
  • Choose a complex or wide topic.
  • Write unnecessary sentences.
  • Make too long paper over 500 words.

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Whether you will choose to create your short paper on your own or with professional assistance, we wish you good luck with this!

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