How to Start off a Research Paper Parts

How to Write an Introduction for a Research Paper

No matter how simple this task may seem initially, writing an introduction often turns into a severe challenge for students. Some of them are scared of academic writing and never cover this first step, dropping research papers and postponing an assigned task into perpetuity. This approach is counter-productive; lateness with assignments will do no good to your grades, spoiling your academic reputation and causing a risk of college expulsion.

An excellent alternative to academic risks is to contact our company for academic writing help with research papers. Our writers know how challenging it is to start a research paper; its introduction is a pivotal part of the writing process that gives your paper a proper direction. Here is a brief guide on making good research paper intros without killing your enthusiasm to go on.

Quick Intro

Quick, easy completion of an assignment’s introduction is impossible without some pre-writing steps. Our experts suggest doing the following before you start writing:

  • Choose a topic wisely; it should be debatable enough, allowing the presentation of valuable evidence and counter-arguments to show how knowledgeable you are in the subject matter.
  • Read some materials on your assigned topic and note valuable ideas/facts you can base your argument on.
  • Formulate the thesis statement, which will be the kernel of your text. Once it is ready, you will find it much easier to formulate the introduction around it.
  • Create a mind map for your essay. It may be a visual map or an outline; the main thing about it is to order your arguments and establish apparent relationships between the points you’re going to make.

With these preparations, you’ll be much better positioned to compose an intro hassle-free. As a result of these simple steps, all material and content will be organized and understandable.

Standard Requirements

As with any other piece of academic writing, you need to comply with the standard requirements of intro writing. Your supervisor will expect some elements in their places. Otherwise, the grade may be reduced.

First, an introduction should set the general context of the discussion of your essay. After reading the first sentence, your tutor should determine the essay’s primary topic and central concepts. A couple more sentences can clarify everything and provide additional evidence of why this topic is worth researching. An intro should typically end with a thesis statement – the main idea you plan to examine in the essay body.

How to Start a Thesis for a Research Paper

There is no universal rule for writing thesis statements as they are unique for every distinct type of essay. But the main idea behind a thesis statement is that it should summarize the central message of your paper in 1-2 sentences at most. Besides, it shouldn’t start with “I will study” or “this essay is dedicated to.” These phrases are redundant and artificial; it’s much better simply to state what you plan to argue.

How to Start a Research Paper on a Person

Once you’re writing a research paper about some real or fictional person, your introduction should introduce that person. First, name them and indicate where they come from – are they a politician? Celebrity? TV series star? Character from your favorite novel? Then clarify why you’re interested in that character and on what traits, motives, actions, or values of that person you’re planning to focus on. Finally, the introduction should end with a thesis statement, summarizing the person’s key traits or actions you will analyze.

How to Start a Science Research Paper

Science research papers are written similarly to other academic assignments are, with one exception – you should clarify scientific concepts of your interest at first. There is always a chance that some layperson will read your text, so the supervisor is likely to evaluate your paper by the quality of scientific explanations in simple words that you will give at the beginning.

How to Start a Conclusion in a Research Paper

Conclusions of research papers follow similar conventions as conclusions in smaller academic assignments do. In other words, you should revisit your thesis statement and summarize critical evidence in support of your arguments. It’s also good to go beyond simple summarization and reference the broader context and value/meaning of research. In this way, you will leave readers thinking about the subject and analyzing it further.

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