How To Write An APA Style Paper: A Simple Template That Makes Writing Insanely Easy

You have been working hard on your paper, writing it for days and nights non-stop. You are ready to submit it for a review but there is one last thing that has to be done… You need to format the document in keeping with a prescribed academic layout.

Students hate to follow specific requirements when writing their texts. No wonder: they already did a great job and now have to spend another day or two to fit in terms of academic writing. Besides, failing to do so may lead to assignment rejection. Although they don’t wish to put their academic future at risk, understanding the style principles is too difficult and time-consuming for a tired brain.

The good news is that with this exhaustive and simple handbook, you won’t face any difficulties with formatting guidelines. Not so good news is that you still have to spend two more minutes to read this manual and get your head around it.

How to write an APA style paper – explained simply and to the point. Dive in and have an exciting journey!

  1. Explanation and academic purpose.
  2. Multi-purpose template.
  3. Helpful tips.
  4. FAQ.
  5. Extra BONUS.

What Is APA Style Paper – Quick Definition

First things first. Before plunging into guidelines and losing yourself in work, let’s define several basic confusions.

What is APA style paper and why is it such a big deal? This format is the official academic style introduced and recommended by the American Phycological Association. If you’re pursuing a degree in social science, better adjust to this style from the start. Besides, this format is also widely used by learners of other disciplines.

Generally accepted guidelines are important because they help share information in a logical and anticipated order. Adhering to a specific style enables learners to read papers more effectively and always find the information needed.

The truth is: it is not that difficult to follow the required guidelines once you understand how they work. But writing the very first paper can give a hard time to learners no matter their background and field of study. Too many rules, too many nuances, too many online guides that lead scholars in the wrong direction.

There is no reason for students to stress out writing an APA style paper. With an accurate step-by-step handbook the formatting process stops being a hardship once and for good.

How to Write APA Style Paper: A Helpful Template

Time for all your puzzling questions and deterrents to disappear.

This universal template works for all APA style papers for professional (scholarly) and educational purposes. Follow writing directives fixedly, step-by-step, and without missing a thing.

Font 12 pt Times New Roman TNR is not a requirement but a recommendation. You are free to use other fonts, like Calibri or Georgia (11 pt)
Spacing Double line Everywhere
Margins 1-inch Everywhere
Page number In the top right corner Your page number starts from the cover page
Heading In the top left corner Insert your title (<50 characters) in capital letters starting from the cover page
Paragraphs ½-inch indented Everywhere
Structure Title page, abstract, body, references The structure differs depending on your study field, level, and writing goal

Start writing every new section of your manuscript on a new page. This principle applies to ALL sections without exception.

To get a better picture of what an APA style paper is, download free samples from our website. Use them as templates and edit your paper accordingly.

Simple and Clear: 4 Tips from Pro Experts

Allow us to make the styling process a little less painful for you. Our writers work on APA style docs daily. They use the following tips to simplify and accelerate the operation.

Make Your Own Checklist

Repeat actions make perfection.

Finding a quality writing guide doesn’t guarantee you understand everything it states from the first try. Better read it through and create your own checklist. This way you comprehend information more effectively, keeping in mind even the most important details. All uncertainties disappear. Plus, you can arrange guidelines the way you like and understand, making a clear list with quick and simple navigation.

Cite Your Sources Automatically

The time of an endless and difficult citation process is long gone. Now anyone can use helpful online citation tools to generate correct quotations. Choose an APA style paper format, insert your source and required details, and get the citation needed.

Double-Check Initial Instructions

This guide was created based on standard style recommendations and requirements. If you format your document according to it, you’ll have an ideal paper that meets fundamental requirements. However, your institutional affiliation or tutor may have different requirements. Make an effort to specify your paper instructions and compare them with the standard ones.

First Write Then Format

The moment students find out paper requirements, they start googling “how to write APA style paper”. While working on the manuscript itself, they try to adhere to the requirements on the go. However, it is advisable to relax and write the text without any restrictions in mind.

Once the text is finished, go back to your lineup and update the content conforming to it. It won’t take long. Plus, there are little chances you will pass by something important, like an appropriate title case or page margin.

Writing an APA Style Paper: Frequently Asked Questions

Even with the most detailed guide at hand, students continue to rack their brains over style directives. Answers result in new questions,  followed by new answers and new questions, as the process never ends.

Having bothering questions is a distinctive feature of every good learner. To satisfy your curiosity, we asked our writers to answer the most frequently asked requests about an APA format.

How to Write an APA Style Paper Header

An APA style paper heading must be placed at the top of every page of your manuscript, starting from the cover. In consists of two main sections: page number and paper’s topic. The number is placed on the top right, the title is typed in capital letters and is placed at the opposite corner.

How to Do an APA style paper cover page?

Title writing is always the most challenging stage. Experienced scholars make a flexible title template and apply it for multiple occasions. Do a handy template for yourself as well:

  • First comes the topic. Write in bold Title case (upper and lowercase letters). It goes to the center of the sheet.
  • Second, write your name (without titles or degrees).
  • Third, state educational establishment.
  • Indicate your course, prof, and assignment submission date (for college and high-school papers). Always type a running head (at the top left) and a page number (at the top right).
  • Share the author’s note (for scholarly publication). Insert a page number ONLY.

After the cover, on a new sheet, you place an abstract. It is a short (not more than 100 words) recap of your manuscript. Type the word “Abstract” from the primary line in the center (without quotation marks).

Who Needs APA Style Papers?

APA manual is close to a multi-purpose academic format but isn’t suitable for specific disciplines. It was established by the American Psychological Association and is widely used in social and natural sciences. It has specific similarities with MLA format but significant differences prevail.

Is There an Application to Apply Academic Formats Automatically?

Unfortunately, there is no free online tool to format your document in one click. Although you can take advantage of the online citation generator to ease the task. Another option is to hire a human editor who specializes in styling academic texts.

How to Find the Correct Font?

Pursuant to the latest edition of APA Manual, writing a paper in Times New Roman is non-compulsory. You can choose different fonts but ensure text clarity and readability. Note that the size of the font may vary.

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