How To Write An Application Essay – Master Level: Ensure 100% Submission Hands-Down

Master essay writing isn’t easy to master. This tautology describes the essence of grad application writing the best. You need to prove your readiness to become a Master by providing a solid graduate manuscript that shows your knowledge and strengths.

Although every case is very individual, there are common mistakes made by every third graduate when writing an essay Master statement. Over the years of operation, our writers have helped thousands of students to write their application letters to the point. Many reached us asking to edit and proofread their essays. While trying to perfect provided admission essays, our experts have developed a shortlist of the main missteps graduates tend to make.

Introduce yourself to this insightful guide and turn your writing routine into an easy and exciting process. Shall we begin?

How To Write Winning Application Essays – Master Level Template

Pursue a post-graduate career in Economics? Dream of getting an advanced degree in Philology? Hope to become a Masters in accounting? Admission essay writing is always stressful, no matter the course or the number of writing guides you’ve examined.

The stakes are too high, and you might not be given a second shot. That is why your application essay must shine brighter than a diamond and sound better than any other application letter there is.

The general requirements for admission essay writing vary. You MUST find a relevant application guide presented by your university or consult its representative if you have found none. Your academic future depends on how well you have read and understood the things that are expected of you.

However, the following essay structure is used in common practice:

  1. Introduction.

Present yourself. Explain your motives and why you have chosen this course/university to get your Masters degree.

  1. Body.

Make a brief summary of your achievements: academic, professional, and extracurricular. Describe your strong points, hard and soft skills, personal qualities.

  1. Conclusion.

Describe your future as a Masters student. Set your objectives and plans. Explain how this course will help you in your career.

In general, a good Masters application essay must answer the following list of questions:

  • Who are you?
  • Why did you choose to pursue a Masters degree in this institution?
  • What academic and professional achievements make you proud?
  • What personal qualities make you the best candidate?
  • What goals will you pursue during the course of study?
  • What contributions do you hope to make to the scope of knowledge in your field?
  • What makes you stand out among other fellow competitors?

Answer these questions sincerely before starting to write your application essay. Speak the truth. It will help you make the most prominent admission letter.

Master Essay Writing Tips That Have Worked: 10 Things You Need To Avoid

Stay away from the following mistakes when working on your essay Masters application.

Don’t Exaggerate Your Accomplishments

We all want to make good first impressions. It is our natural behavior model driven by the society we live in. But when it comes to writing a Masters application essay, making a great first impression isn’t an option; it is a necessity.

Guided by this intention, graduates try to exaggerate their achievements and build an unrealistic image of themselves. We won’t lie: a little advancement couldn’t hurt. But when you jump off the deep end and start lying about your accomplishments, it gets a little too much.

Rather than embellishing things, try looking at them differently. Put them in an unexpected perspective, don’t pay too much attention to your weaknesses, and explain how your current achievements are good enough to continue your Masters study.

Don’t Make Your Text Too Wordy

The general length of an application Master Essay is between 250-750 words. Sure, requirements may vary depending on the course and educational institution. But even if the circumstances allow, we do not recommend writing long and wordy personal statements.

You might find us crazy and unprofessional, as an application essay is your way of showing your proficiency and convincing committee members to select you. The more you write about yourself the better. Wrong thinking. The more specific you are, the more exact information you provide about yourself, the more chances of acceptance you get.

Admission boards run hundreds of application letters daily. They want to spend as little time as possible to get a complete and exhaustive picture of the candidate. Brevity is the soul of wit: show them you don’t need 1000+ words to make an impression. Gain their affection by demonstrating what a mature individual and professional you are, aware of one’s goals and ways to achieve them.

Don’t Make Your Text Unreadable

The main goal you need to achieve when writing your essays Master applications? Catch the reader’s attention, of course! And writing an unreadable text is the worst way to do it.

How to enhance text clarity? Avoid complex words and long sentences. Make your paragraphs short and list them in a logical order. Don’t jump from one thing to another: build a link between your sentences and paragraphs, making a smooth and easy-to-follow narration.

Don’t use slang words, informal phrases, and abbreviations. Use synonyms and relevant words to enrich the text. Keep the same mood throughout the entire document. And try using online tools, like Grammarly, to enhance your Masters essay quality, clarity, and word choice.

Don’t Pay Too Much Attention to Your Background

A common mistake among graduate students. They put too much emphasis on their achievements, leaving no room for future plans and objectives. Keep your essay parts balanced. Provide the key information on your academic and career experiences, and describe your academic goals as a Masters student.

Don’t Repeat Yourself

There is no need to go along your extracurricular activities in conclusions if you have already described them in the main sections. The same principle applies to all the information you provide. Don’t repeat yourself but try to include as many novel facts about you as possible.

Admission board members aren’t stupid. They’ll see your strengths from the first try, so there is no need to list them over and over again.

Don’t Try to Look Too Smart

Scholars think that using smart quotations and words will help them look better in the eyes of the admission committee. On the contrary, they might get an entirely different impression finding you as a prude person. If you’re that smart, you might not need a Masters degree to succeed in your academic career.

Plus, selection committee members want to see your creativity. Not hoary cliches they see in application essays early. Show your brightness by making your essay not smart but different.

Don’t Be Utopic

You need to be realistic when writing your application statement. Dreamers are the engines of progress; they are the reason the Earth rotates with mind-blowing speed. However, their relationships with universities aren’t so smooth and successful.

An admission board looks for a candidate who has a realistic overview of his/her future. Sets goals, not dreams. Stays optimistic and grounds one’s beliefs on down-to-earth proofs. Always be reasonable.

Don’t Make Mistakes

Quite an obivious suggestion, isn’t it? Still, not for everyone.

It is a mystery why so many students take writing their personal statements unseriously, submitting poor-quality essays. We are not here to judge but to remind you once again: ALWAYS proofread your writings. Whether it is a simple essay or an application letter, make the very last effort of re-reading the text for the final time.

Don’t Just Tell About Your Strong Points – Show Them

No one likes empty promises nor empty facts. Support your claims with solid pieces of evidence, demonstrate your strengths, and prove you are the best candidate there is.

Don’t (In Fact, Never) Copy Somebody Else’s Work

Stealing somebody else’s statement is just as good as lying about yourself. This act of bravery stupidity can not only get you in trouble but also have legal consequences. In the best case scenario, you will only get rejected by the University.

Stealing somebody else’s identity is never an option. Especially when there is an alternative way of getting a brilliant Masters degree application essay. Speaking of which…

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