Personal Essay Examples, Tips & Tricks, Topic Ideas, and Outline

Essay writing is an integral aspect of any study. Learners have to write every day to fulfill the requirements for a college diploma or university degree. Thus, it’s critical for students to have solid writing skills to get good grades in their academics. Different types of writing assignments form part of the learning process, and a personal essay is among the essential academic papers required from students.

So, what’s this paper about and how to compose it flawlessly for excellent grades? It is imperative to understand the personal essay definition before we proceed to the outline and tips. Such an assignment is a narrative that allows the authors to tell a story from their personal experience. It covers a broad spectrum of themes, writing styles, and settings. The primary goal is to present a creative narrative that captures the attention of readers. However, it is crucial to note that it is a formal academic paper type.

Personal Narrative Essay Outline Example

An outline acts as a guideline to help you in planning your main thoughts before you embark on the writing process. It enables the writer to prioritize the relevant points that will captivate the readers. A personal essay format follows the structure of a standard assignment and includes such integral components as the introduction, the main body, and conclusion.

  • Introduction. You need to hook your readers to keep them interested in your writing. It is the most crucial section of the personal narrative essay because the first sentences make it fly or fail. Inform the reader about the setting of your narrative and the timing of the event you will discuss. Ensure that you clearly state the aim of your text without confusing the reader. Include a captivating thesis statement to make your readers yearn for more and go on reading.
  • Main Body. This is the most significant part of any composition since it describes the actual event or experience in detail. Break down your text into three-five paragraphs with supporting evidence of your theme. Present each argument in a separate paragraph with examples of your experiences. It is imperative to paint a picture to your readers and evoke their emotions as if they were there. You can use conversations and descriptions to drive the point home.
  • Conclusion. Summarize your ideas in clear and concise sentences by restating your main points. Ask yourself questions regarding the experience you are writing about. What was the impact on you? Was there a lesson? These questions will help you draw broader conclusions from a small event and sound more persuasive and analytical. Ensure that your paper is conclusive, and it does not leave the readers hanging.

How to Write a Personal Essay: 15 Do’s and Don’ts

Everyone enjoys an interesting story, so a personal essay achieves its goals when you compose it in the first person. Do you know how to start a personal essay? If you want to complete an exceptional paper, you need to follow certain stages to assist you in carefully organizing your work.

  • Prewriting is the initial step to take before writing. Here, you select an appropriate topic which relates to the story. Allocate adequate time to awaken your memories that might help you make the paper more expressive.
  • Drafting involves putting all your ideas onto paper. Following the aforementioned outline, record all your major points in the required paragraphs while ensuring that you are clear and concise. At this stage, you need to shape the plot, develop the main character, describe the setting in detail, and have a good idea of the story’s climax and ending.
  • Revising is the last stage which encompasses a thorough analysis of your written piece. Is it communicating clearly to the readers? Review your work and ensure it follows all the standard requirements of academic papers. Link the content to the readers to achieve effectiveness. Finally, edit and proofread for errors.


  • Research.  The Internet is awash with personal narrative essay examples that may act as guidelines to assist you in writing an exceptional paper. Before you embark on writing, carry out extensive research online and also at your school library to get more insights on writing narrative pieces.
  • Fascinating experience. Select a life-changing encounter with extremes. For example, a horrible break-up, the saddest day in your life, a tragic accident, etc. Intriguing events will keep your readers on edge and will make up an excellent composition.
  • Follow instructions. For college admissions, most assignment questions come with prompts. It may be challenging since you have to present a personal paper but within the given requirements. To excel in that ask, ensure that you broaden your options by making a list of suitable ideas within each prompt. Follow the instructions carefully to avoid straying from the topic.
  • Create an outline. Organize all your main ideas on paper; it will help you plan the narrative and visualize the structure. Remember each detail and ensure that it flows logically. However, you can add twists to your plot since you are the author.
  • Use formal language. Even though it is a personal composition, it is still an academic assignment. Use proper language with correct formatting to ensure compliance with your institution’s standards or get ready to receive a failing grade even if your content is good.
  • Whatever topic you choose, ensure that you are honest in your writing. Honesty reveals your personality and helps connect with your readers on a personal level.
  • Thorough editing and proofreading. It is essential to carry out an exhaustive edit of your work to rectify all the grammatical and sentence construction errors. Ensure that your work is meticulous with all the requirements in place before its submission – better safe than sorry.


  • Do not plagiarize your work. It may jeopardize your college admission or overall grades at the university. If you choose to copy personal essay examples in the Internet to make your text interesting, it will only get you in trouble.
  • Do not use vague statements. It will confuse the readers, and you will fail to communicate effectively.
  • Avoid unwarranted humor; remember this is an official paper.
  • Don’t rush in writing. It will only make things worse since last-minute rush is usually a recipe for poor-quality writeups.
  • Avoid using clichés in your paper since everybody is sick and tired of them, especially if it is an admission statement.
  • Do not put all your experiences in one piece; choose one that is captivating to achieve the best results with a narrow focus.
  • Even though it is a subjective writing piece, it is advisable to avoid negativity in your narration.
  • Do not lie about your achievements to impress your readers.

35 Topics for Narrative Essays

Looking for inspiration to scribe a personal text? We have a list of captivating personal essay topics to assist you in getting a kick start to composing the best paper:

  1. A Brave Moment In Your Life
  2. The Day You Made A Life-changing Decision
  3. Your Best Childhood Memory
  4. The Highest School Achievement
  5. Are Family Relationships Fulfilling?
  6. Does Social Media Affect Relationships?
  7. The Most Memorable Day
  8. Is Love The Ultimate Feeling That Brings Happiness?
  9. Effective Ways To Cope With Fear
  10. The Impact Of Technology On Human Interaction
  11. The Role Of Music In Life
  12. Does Employment Guarantee Wealth?
  13. The Most Amazing Summer Vacation
  14. A Tragic Incident
  15. Is Money The Cause Of All Evil?
  16. When A Young Child Changed Your Perspective
  17. The Day You Felt Hopeful
  18. The Saddest Moment That Changed Your Life
  19. Can A Close Friend Turn To Be The Worst Enemy?
  20. A Special Encounter With An Angel
  21. The Most Sacred Place
  22. The Hardest Lesson
  23. Why You Will Never Trust A Stranger
  24. Your Dream Career
  25. Ways To Deal With Depression’
  26. The Day You Regret The Most
  27. The Strongest Person You Know
  28. Is College The Most Exciting Time In Person’s Life?
  29. How To Manage Stressful Situations
  30. The Biggest Disappointment You Faced
  31. The Day You Knew The World Is Not Black Or White
  32. Are Your Parents The Pillar In Your Life?
  33. A Close Encounter With Death
  34. Your Favorite Holiday Destination
  35. An Unexpected Turn Of Events

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