Political Science Essay Cornerstones in 5 Minutes or Less

As a student in Political Science

As a student in Political Science, you’ll be instructed to finalize a certain number of written homework assignments, from compositions to lengthy researches. To start with, a Political Science essay will be the opening type of task you’ll have to deal with pretty often. Compare and Contrast, Persuasive, Argumentative – these are the three types of essays you’ll be facing most of the time. Rules of writing are pretty much the same as when doing an essay in Literature or History, or Sociology:

  • Original research
  • Introduction, Main Body, Conclusion
  • 3-5 quotes supporting your Political Science thesis
  • Approximately 1000 words in length
  • Proper English word stock used
  • Excellent referencing of citations

Essay in Politics is all about making your paper authentic. What it means that originality plays the first fiddle, as professors are reluctant to grade manuscripts which explore themes which already boast a wide highlight.

Also, be prepared to apply APSA (American Political Science Association) citation guide. Read the manual first and then exercise all the instructions thoroughly. By the way, have you been dealing with the Chicago Manual of Style before? Then working with APSA will be much easier, as Chicago reference style is the foundation for APSA. However, there’re strict regulations regarding APSR (the American Political Science Review journal) paper submission, so be prepared for tedious and time-taking manuscript formatting.

What to keep in mind when writing a Political Science research paper

After getting a hand in essays, you’ll most likely be assigned with a Political Science term paper, if the subject is your major. At the end of the term, a professor will instruct all students to complete a course project aiming to explore a political issue of great importance, relevance, social impact, etc. Where does the work start?

The original research topic is still pivotal. Here you can normally approach an instructor or your supervisor and seek advice regarding what topic to choose. Normally, professors suggest a couple of good themes work on in which they’re personally interested to have been researched by students. Mind that a topic that strikes the right chords in professor’s mind has more chances to succeed.

Also, you’ll have to operate quotes taken from additional sources rather than textbooks: newspaper and magazine articles, online Political websites and news aggregators, interviews. Since all these types of sources have different citation instructions, you have to be ready dedicated more time to referencing a more substantial number of quotes (around 30) complimenting your thesis and arguments. Make sure you know how to work with citations of different origin properly.

Political Science thesis how-to

As far as Political Science dissertation goes, it’s a complex 100-page graduation paper, one of the hardest to write. As a rule, smart students begin preparatory work six months before the defense. This time will be spent looking for a profound topic, gathering substantial evidence base and sending a dissertation proposal to preferred supervisors.

Just as any Political Science research paper you’ve been working with, a dissertation commands a strict following of APSA citation manual. The Supervising Committee will simply won’t accept your manuscript if it fails to comply with referencing directions.

When defending a dissertation, it will be a great plus to mention any of your previous publications or provide evidence of attending related conferences and holding speeches related to your chosen dissertation topic. It’s done to add extra relevance to your thesis paper and establish your status as a credible researcher. Eventually, it will ensure viva voce is successful, and a dissertation is defended up to the mark.

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