Prepare Yourself by Exploring Discussion Essay Example

The discussion type essay entails deliberating on a topic from two dissimilar viewpoints by stating facts and giving your opinions. A balanced view is necessary for a discussion essay example because it distinguishes it from other types like persuasive essays. Besides, you should create a separation between facts and your opinions to make it clear for the readers. At least, you should examine other people’s work by utilizing citations, summarizing, and paraphrasing skills to defend your claims.
Exploring Discussion Essay Example

Similarly, an IELTS discussion essay involves presenting both sides of a case and offering your views. There are many ideas on discussion essays for students to explore, especially on controversial topics. However, writing a discussion essay is not about grabbing your computer then start typing. It involves more than ambition and the desire to create a top-quality discussion that will grab the attention of the examiners.

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Study How to Write a Discussion Essay Correctly

It is more like an argumentative essay that allows you to presume a standpoint on the subject. Before you commence the discussion essay introduction and thesis, it is vital to choose a stand that would get you as much information as possible. Subsequently, you have to present the arguments in the main text and conclude it without giving new information. The tips highlighted below will guide you on how to write a discussion essay:

  • Developing the discussion essay

Nothing is as essential as reading and understanding the essay question. So, ensure you understand every word and phrase used in the subject to establish the problem at hand. If there is trouble understanding the topic question, do not hesitate to inquire from the instructor or seek help from other professionals, including our services. You can do yourself more favor by researching online or reading books to gain more insight into the discussion essay subject. Note that the sources must be credible and pertinent to the problem. From this point, you can carefully select your stand and start outlining the essential items you find favorable. They include vital aspects that convinced you to assume that standpoint. Subsequently, visit the library database, physical or online, to find reliable sources to validate your arguments. It is essential to note meaningful quotes and citations for referencing purposes in the essay. Finish the planning by filling out the outline. It may consist of main ideas and sub-ideas.

  • Writing the introduction

The beginning declaration should hook your readers to the focal point of the discussion. Quotations and anecdotes are ideal for an intriguing discussion essay introduction. Alternatively, throw in some quotes from prominent persons whose ideas you concur with for a better introduction. You will mention the major viewpoints as you head down to make the readers anticipate the thesis in advance. Also, you should neutrally cover the pros and cons of the thesis, which you can easily see when you request a discussion essay IELTS sample on our website. Notably, the thesis declaration should give an insight into the whole paper and appear at or towards the end.

  • Writing the essay body

Some useful tips for writing this section includes:

  • Try to restrain each concept to its paragraph. For more extended articles, each of the bullet items could form one or multiple paragraphs on a single idea
  • Present another side of the claim and reveal how it differs from your opinion
  • The discussion essay should flow coherently for the readers to trace your thoughts; therefore, keep the whole debate in mind
  • Similarly, support the points with valid research.

Note that this part is the central attention of most readers and should contain essential points.

  • Conclusion

Finally, express how the opinions you hold can prove the thesis statement. Likewise, it should summarize all critical points and not restating the introduction. You can now proofread the discussion essay for inconsistencies and grammar errors.

A Proper Structure of a Discussion Essay – An Extensive Guide

From the above discussion essay topic, you probably have an idea about the structure of a discussion essay. Like many other essay types, the discussion essay structure has the following:

  • The introduction
  • Essay body
  • Conclusion

However, several variations of discussion essay types exist and depend on the essay length and the subject. An overview of a discussion essay format is highlighted below.


  • General statements to familiarize readers with the topic
  • A neutral position that hints at the general contention
  • Explanation of technical terms (optional)
  • A thesis statement to usher in readers to the central theme

Main Body

  • Positive arguments to back the claim. It includes main ideas first organized into single or multiple paragraphs
  • The counter-arguments with the proper backing. Similarly, it covers essential points first in single or multiple sections


  • Summary of principal items in the body text. Sometimes, authors highlight the ideas that had stronger evidence
  • Opinion and recommendation on what the writer considers as the appropriate way forward

The essay format above is the conventional structure desired by most writers to compose excellent essays. Most often, the discussion essay will have a five-paragraph structure with the introduction (one paragraph), body (three paragraphs), and conclusion (one paragraph). You will also need to write a minimum of 250 words when asked to write this type of essay.

10 Unique Discussion Essay Topics and Ideas

An essay about group discussion is not merely based on winning arguments or amusing classmates. It is about enabling others to deliberate and unearth the meaning of text through collaboration. Although we communicate daily and relay information based on the various scenarios, the concepts are mostly about something we already know. An academic discussion essay is distinctively more tentative because it deals with research and not a certainty. Typically, if you listen to a group discussion, you will hear phrases like “I suppose,” “I assume,” etc. However, that should not imply to persuade, but rather as a way of revealing unknown information. There are many discussion essay ideas available online. Some can be triggered by current affairs, abstract topics, or even business and economy. Some exciting discussion essay topics also appear on college boards, periodicals, and magazines that you can consider.

List of 10 Interesting Group Discussion Essay Topics

  • Movies encourage social evil: If you agree, highlight how movies reinforce anti-social norms such as criminal gangs and how it influences people to sympathize with such characters. On the other side, you can show how it facilitates social progress, and so on.
  • Should we ban street food? Show how it is unhygienic, the encroachment of food places, streets or roads, difficulty in enforcing quality checks, and so on. On the contrary, it accommodates the ordinary people, source of income for many people, cheap and convenient, etc.
  • Will artificial intelligence render humankind jobless? The issue is a significant concern that has prompted debate allover. For yes, AI will automate every industrial process leaving those who are not technology-savvy jobless. If you disagree, state how we will still need human labor to oversee tasks like risk control, maintenance, and cyber-security.
  • Should the government tax the rich more? Show how it will reduce the wealth gap, create more revenue to improve other sectors like education, and that it is unfair. Similarly, show how taxing the rich more will redirect money from charities, startups, and other disadvantages.
  • Should learning institutions allow guns in school? If you agree, say how it facilitates security and deter criminals. Also, say how it will encourage gun-related violence and insecurity in schools.
  • Why schools and colleges should allow mobile phones in schools: It is an essential tool in teaching, the possibility of curbing the wrong usage, improves creativity and technology education. For the opposite, show how conventional teaching method is convenient, distraction on social platforms, encourage laxity and cheating, etc.
  • Impact of video gaming on the youth: For positive impact, illustrate how it develops cognitive skills, refreshing mind and relieving stress, connecting with other people, and so on. On the contrary, say how it promotes violence, too much addiction, disorders like weak eyesight, etc.
  • Generation gap today: Highlight the reasons for the rising generation gap, such as lack of communication and understanding, the disappearance of the traditional family system, fast-growing culture, and addiction to a particular lifestyle. Also, show if it is only a matter of misunderstanding or personal decisions.
  • The unknown side of junk food: Show how we are yet to uncover the full list of potential hazards of unhealthy eating habits. If against, show that we already know the side effects of junk foods like obesity, diabetes, and other chronic health complications.
  • Should e-learning substitute physical classrooms? Explain how it is cost-effective, convenient, and flexible for a variety of study types. On the counter-argument, show how physical lectures encourage presentation skills, a better understanding of student behaviors and problems, etc.

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