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If you have ever applied for scholarships before or are applying for one now, you definitely know the process is long and taxing. Whether you are looking for college scholarships that require essays or those that don’t necessarily ask for one, the first thing you must know is that high GPA and ACT/SAT scores alone will not cut it. But don’t worry; we are here to assist you.

We are online professional scholarship helpers with over 10 years in the industry. Over this period, we have helped thousands of college applicants secure competitive scholarships to pay their tuition and other needs. Therefore, we know what qualities most scholarship organizations- including very prestigious ones- are looking for in applicants. That said, we can help you win any scholarship.Scholarships That Require Essays

What We Can Do for You

We can write an excellent scholarship essay for you, go through your essay to make sure it is spotless or advice you on any part of the application process. Among our most notable qualities include high-quality, uniqueness and unmatched customer experience. When you hire us to write your scholarship application essay, we will make sure it is written by an expert from scratch, thoroughly proofread by a professional editor and checked for originality and quality by our quality assurance department. Order your essay or reach us for queries through phone, email or live chat. We are always ready to assist you!

Why Scholarships That Only Require Essays Are a Challenge

Assuming you have just found a scholarship that offers enough money to cater for your university tuition, boarding, and other personal expenses. Moreover, the application for this scholarship is still open. Great, right? As good as it sounds, most great scholarships don’t come easy. For one, the scholarship organization will most likely ask you to write an essay. So, what can hinder you from writing a winning composition?Scholarships That Only Require Essays

Poor Writing Skills

Not everyone who needs a scholarship can write well. You may have excellent skills when it comes to numbers but not so much with words. However, good writing skills come in handy when you are writing an essay for a scholarship application. Even though the board that will review your application will not be looking for candidates who can write really well, good writing will help you express yourself better than many of the other applicants. Remember, only a fraction of those who apply for these scholarships get it. So, if you have the right ideas for the essay but need help expressing yourself in writing, we have talented professionals who can help.


English grammar is a real challenge for many ESL and international students. However, proper grammar is a must in writing any essay- more so one that is supposed to show why you’re the most deserving student for a financial award. Rather than drain yourself applying for multiple scholarships with no success, hire one of our experts for better chances of winning college funding.

Not Knowing What the Organization Is Looking for

Scholarship organization will not directly tell you what qualities they are looking for in applicants. If they did, every candidate would qualify for the few awards available. Most will say that they are looking for applicants who demonstrate financial needs or those that have exemplary performance. However, many applicants who fit these criteria still get rejected. That is why knowing what to include in your essay may be difficult. But we have a better idea of what you need for your application to land at the top of the pile and we can help you achieve it. Talk to us, and we will match to one of our top scholarship consultants.

Limited Time

Most scholarship applications open at around the same time. Therefore, you may find yourself applying for two or more at a time. Sometimes, you may need to fill one application after another. This process can be exhausting and sometimes impossible to accomplish.

Moreover, when each application comes with a different essay prompt, it means that you will need to write a unique essay for each. We can help! Since we have many experts available, you can have more than one piece taken care of at the same time.

Lack of Outstanding Achievements You Can Leverage

You may not know what to write about in scholarships that require essays about yourself when you do not have achievements worth mentioning. However, it does not mean that you can’t impress the awarding organization with your piece. Order your essay at our service and tell us about yourself. We will write an essay that portrays you as a strong candidate for the award.

These are not the only struggles that you may encounter. Many other challenges may come about as you write the essay. For example, achieving the right length or structuring the essay correctly. However, we are here to listen to you and give you solutions that are specifically tailored to your particular needs. Reach us through live chat, phone or email any time, and we will glad to assist!Scholarships that require essays about yourself

How We Can Help You Win a Scholarship for College

In most cases, the scholarship essay is what determines whether you win the award or not. That is why students are advised to spend adequate time crafting this section of their application. But, with the myriad of obstacles that you are likely to encounter, getting someone- with more experience that you do- to assist you might be the best decision. Here is how we can improve your chances of securing a scholarship:

  • We will provide you with a quality writer

We do not just hire anyone who claims to know how to write scholarship essays. We have a rigorous testing and vetting process that every professional writer who wishes to work with us must go through. In our tests, we assess grammar, writing skills, creativity, and professionalism. We also look for candidates with at least three years of experience in scholarship writing. Out of all the writers who apply, less than 10% get the job.

  • We will write a creative and compelling piece

Most scholarship awarding bodies receive thousands of applications during each application period. Therefore, you will have just a few minutes to make an impression on whoever will be reading it. We will, thus, create a well-written, and compelling essay to make sure your application stands out from the others.

  • We will sell your outstanding strengths, achievements, and goals

Once you give us a good description of who you are, what you have accomplished so far and where you dream of being, we give you a piece that best expresses who you are and why you should receive the scholarship.

  • We will make sure your essay is unique

Copying or rewriting scholarship essay examples on the internet can be tempting especially when you are short on time or bored about writing one from scratch. However, a better decision would be to hire us instead. We will give you a unique paper to will show the scholarship awarding body that you put in effort and time to writing the piece.

Features That Set Our Service Apart from the Rest

Why choose us from the several competitors online? While many companies claim to offer scholarship essay writing companies, only a few can actually give you what you need. We are among the best services for students looking for scholarship application and essay help. Our key advantages include:

  • Top-Quality Creative Writings

We have helped thousands of students with scholarships that require short essays and each time we make sure the work we provide is of top-notch quality. Given the majority of students who come back to say they got scholarships because of our assistance, we can safely assume that our work is excellent. Talk to us if you need a professional to write your essay from scratch, rewrite an existing one, or look at an essay you have written. We will gladly help!

  • A Variety of Experienced Writers

We have 1200+ academic writers who are thoroughly tested for competence and professionalism. For this figure, we have experts who specialize in writing scholarship essays. These writers have sharpened their skills through years of experience assisting students to apply for scholarships. Talk to us. We can help you too!

  • Affordable Pricing

What is the use of a good scholarship essay writing service if you cannot afford it? We understand the financial challenges most students go through, and with that knowledge in mind, we have come up with affordable prices for our services. Furthermore, we custom-charge orders based on requirements to make sure the amount you pay for is as fair as possible. Moreover, our regular discount and bonus programs help you save when you make an order!

  • Delivery by Your Deadlines

Time is of the essence when you are applying for a scholarship. If you miss the deadline, you will have to wait for a long time before you try your luck- which means postponing college- or look for other forms of funding. However, you never have to worry about missing the submission deadline when you are using our service. Whether it is urgent or not, we will make sure you get it by the date you give us. Instead of waiting until the last minute, order your essay early to get it ahead of time and also save. You will pay less for longer deadlines and also have time to send your essay back for revision in case you need us to make some changes.

  • Fast Results

We can write and deliver a short essay in just 3 hours. If you have an urgent scholarship essay, our speedy writers will make sure you get it on the same day. Our services are also available 24/7 which means that you can order an essay and get a writer at any time whether it is day or night.

What We Guarantee Our Clients

We are an online writing service that students can rely on. Our assurances to customers include:

  • Total Privacy

We have put in place advanced security measures to ensure that our customers’ private information is safe. Moreover, the name and contact information that you share with us remains confidential and cannot be accessed or disclosed to third parties.

  • 100% unique content

Our writers are professional only write quality pieces from scratch. We do not lift or copy content from other sources. Our quality assurance department goes through each written essay before it gets to the customer to make sure it is 100% authentic.

  • Secure Payment

We collaborate with secure and trusted payments companies which guarantee the safety of our clients’ financial information. Rest assured, your data are safe with us.

  • Free unlimited amendments

We will revise your essay as many times as you want for free provided you inform us within 14 days.

  • 100% adherence to order requirements

We use the guidelines you give us to create the essay that you want. So, if you feel that your instructions were not fully adhered to, we will be happy to make the necessary amendments at no extra cost.

How to Order a Unique Scholarship Essay from Us

Need an essay or essays for different scholarship applications? Get them easily in these three steps:

  • Fill Order Form

Through the Order button, get to the order form and give us your essay instructions. The form will guide you on what information is needed.

  • Pick an Expert

Pick a preferred writer from our list of top experts or let us select one for you.

  • Pay

Choose how you want to pay and proceed to pay the amount calculated for your order.

  • Download

Finally, download your essay from your customer account. If you are not satisfied with it, just send it back for a quick revision.

Realize your dream of going to college by hiring out high-quality scholarship essay writing help!

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