Every successful academic paper writer has own secrets and tricks that can be helpful while writing process. Our company has a huge number of authors employed and every each and one of them has secret techniques and tactics they use when working. Here is what you should know about our writers to assure yourself that they are trustworthy and their methods are valid:

  • Language skills. We’ve got only native English speaking writers on board. Only a person with proficient knowledge of the language can take care of something as important as a science research paper, for example. Writing a paper is a task challenging enough while writing a scientific paper is even more difficult. That’s why you need someone who can properly express thoughts on paper.
  • Now, this aspect is, by all means, the most substantial one. If you don’t have a university or college degree, there are not so many types of papers you can or even should write. It takes special knowledge to write academic papers, and one can get it while pursuing a higher education. That’s why only MA or PhD holders are employed at our company, it is way easier to write a science dissertation if you have already written your own.
  • To be a good writer you must constantly train and challenge yourself, that’s why couple years of academic writing background can indicate a competent writer. For that reason, we always make sure writers have at least a few years of academic writing under the belt.

Now let’s find out what writing experts like ours can recommend easing a writing process.


“I have been writing academic papers for good eleven years now plus those seven years I spent to get PhD. So when it comes to something like a science essay, the only thing that comes to mind is research. Yes, this tip is as essential as it is obvious. You should never underestimate how powerful a research is. On the one hand, you can learn facts that will enforce your argument, find some new aspects. On the other hand, the information you find might even destroy your claims, and you will have to rebuild your reasoning. But the sooner you realize that preliminary research of the subject matter is a key to success, the better.”

Stephen, PhD in physics

“When writing a science term paper, always make sure you collect information from trustworthy sources. You must present solid facts that no one could dispute. Once you decide to add something controversial or questioning, you will get the reputation of an unreliable writer. Instead, you can just be a little more thorough when gathering information for the paper. For starters, go to the university library, there will definitely be dozens of books you will find helpful. Of course, it seems a little banal and old-fashioned, nowadays you can find everything online but, believe me, a trip to the library will pleasantly surprise you. Look for scientific journals, magazines, and even newspapers, you never know where you will strike gold.”

Charles, PhD in robotics

“The advice I want to give can also be considered as a warning. Since I have been in writing business for quite some time, I know certain nuances. Over the course of previous years of writing experience, I learned how damaging plagiarism could be, especially when you are the original author. My works were copied and rewritten, that’s why I have sometimes found myself in unfavorable situations. For anyone out there preparing to write a science thesis or any other paper, remember this – don’t steal other authors’ ideas. Once you have been caught red-handed, there is no way back. Scientific society takes this matter seriously. If you feel like you are about to pick up some borrowed content, just entrust yourself in the loving hands of professional writers.”

Zoe, PhD in economics


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