Top 100 Good Exemplification Essay Topics for 2021

Any essay is an attentive work with the search for a relevant topic, with the collection and analysis of information, writing text and checking the finished material. Simple essays are more interesting because there are no difficult topics to analyze. Simple argument essay topics can talk about nature, climate, environment, animals, mass media, technology, space, beauty, health, etc.

Here you can choose any topic that would be interesting for you. You can research this topic in detail, add your personal opinion or make a comparison. Such topics do not have certain limitations, here you will have freedom.

Make a rough outline of your future essay to make it easier for you to search for material and write text. Simple essays can be relevant not only for school or college; many of the themes for the institute could also be analyzed in a simplified form. It is scientifically proven that there can be fairly simple topics that people may know superficially.

25 Simple Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Why most Americans have extra weight?
  • How to prevent a divorce?
  • How to make clean water accessible to all people?
  • Is it necessary to divide homework into men and women?
  • Can genetics affect your overweight?
  • Will a big family be the best for the child?
  • Does nanotechnology change our lives?
  • Can smartphones cause cancer?
  • Should hunting be prohibited?
  • How can some people live for over a hundred years?
  • Why do older people sometimes die from falling?
  • Can social networks help to build a strong family?
  • How slender people can eat a lot and not get fat?
  • How to remove plastic so that it does not destroy the environment?
  • What should be done with nuclear waste?
  • Is family life a regular job?
  • Why do kids want more gadgets?
  • Why do modern gadgets move us away from real communication?
  • Is weight control just calorie control?
  • Are pesticides safe?
  • Can aging be called a disease?
  • How to become more responsible?
  • Do all women love flowers?
  • Do we need to drink 2 liters of water a day or is this a myth?
  • Why do we not receive radiation from the sun?

25 Simple Persuasive Essay Topics

  • Can an employee have one day off per week?
  • Do all gun owners have to register it?
  • Could the death penalty be for drug dealers?
  • How can the government stop the sale of drugs?
  • Should schools replace notebooks with laptops?
  • How to stop child abuse at school?
  • Why should the paparazzi stop the prosecution of famous people?
  • Can obesity lead to a lack of friends at school?
  • Can people have exotic animals at home?
  • Is it necessary to forbid children to listen to headphones while studying?
  • Exchange bikes in the city: the pros and cons.
  • Should the law allowing abortion if it was incest or rape?
  • Is it necessary to kill street dogs if they bite people?
  • Is it necessary to control the number of children in one family?
  • The ban for the slaughter of horses.
  • What does the USA need to do to protect the quality of drinking water?
  • Should we use only pure energy?
  • Should each person attend self-defense courses for protection himself?
  • Is downloading music and movies illegal?
  • Should the school program study all religions of the world or only its own?
  • Why do many people refuse medical help?
  • Should there be a social division of society?
  • Is acupuncture an effective treatment?
  • Why do parents abandon children?
  • All people on social security should do a drug test.

25 Simple Critical Essay Topics

  • Doping in the Olympics.
  • Racism in society.
  • Is cheerleading a sport?
  • The problem with homeless people.
  • Colonization of America.
  • International Exchange.
  • Do we need cryptocurrencies?
  • Solar energy.
  • Air pollution and overpopulation in Beijing.
  • Smart home.
  • Technologies build our future.
  • 3D printing for medicine.
  • Climbing and danger.
  • Can we travel with small children?
  • Abortion and religion.
  • The importance of religion.
  • Childhood obesity.
  • Separate meals.
  • A lot of work and little time for personal life.
  • Food and cancer.
  • Is there more radiation in the air than 20 years ago?
  • Why do people live less now?
  • Anorexia and obesity: how to find the middle for your body?
  • Does modern fashion dictate leanness?
  • Why many people do not want to develop?

25 Simple Compare & Contrast Essay Topics

  • Working and non-working students.
  • The main differences between British and American English.
  • Master’s degree and Ph.D.: Differences.
  • Baroque against the Renaissance epoch.
  • The difference between the American and the Soviet government.
  • What is the difference between Nazism and fascism?
  • Coffee or tea?
  • Pepsi against Coca-Cola.
  • What is better: a freelancer or an office worker?
  • Love and hate.
  • Charmed or Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  • Differences between Greek and Roman mythology.
  • Which is better: books or movies?
  • The difference between a thriller and a horror movie.
  • Cats against dogs.
  • People and government: does everyone hear each other?
  • Which is better: a video game or a rest in the forest?
  • Which gift is better: a certain thing or money?
  • E-book against the printed version.
  • Adaptation (translation) or the original book?
  • Respect or passion is important for creating a strong family?
  • Technical knowledge is more important than a humanitarian one?
  • Learning all the information on the Internet or analyzing important material?
  • Does email replace real mail?
  • Chipping animals and chipping people.

5 Ways to Brainstorm Simple Essay Topics Fast

If you want to write this type of essay but you have no idea for choosing a theme, then you can use these simple guidelines to find inspiration. These tips will be useful for an essay for school, college, university, etc. Inspiration is not just an idea that will be useful for choosing a topic, it is also the emotions that you will have to look for and collect material.

  • Read books, watch movies. Many films that have a plot of the book are a good theme for an essay. This is an analysis or comparison that you can show to the audience. Many people love different genres, so here you can choose a theme based on your personal preferences.
  • Speak with people. More communication is important not only for choosing an essay topic. People exchange information, tell the news and discuss problems. Talk to different age categories and find out what they want to know in detail.
  • Surfing the Internet. The global net has many special sites where there are lists of ready-made topics for different types of essays. These can be simple cause and effect essay topics or other themes in different directions. You can also read other people’s ready-made essays in order to have an approximate work plan. You can also read forums or blogs to find out about people’s opinions or their polls and problems. Any topic needs detailed study and many people will be glad to know it.
  • Your hobby. Your passion can be your inspiration. Any topic will be relevant if you consider it in detail. Take your hobby and find a link to interesting questions in this area. Take a look at these themes and it will be easier for you to write an essay if you have personal experience and your view on a particular problem. Compare something or find the opinion of famous people.
  • Find out the opinion of your teacher. Your essay may be your own work but your teacher may also give you some interesting ideas or useful tips. Never refuse to help because the experience and knowledge of another person may be necessary and important. The older generation of people has a large amount of knowledge that must be passed on to the younger generation. Listen not only to advice but also to recommendations, comments, or criticism.

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