The Things That College Teaches You

When you come to think of it, college teaches you so much more than just to write papers and do research. Life lessons await you at every corner, even though you might not notice them at first. Of course, the path is individual for everyone, but most students agree on the following conclusions while getting their degree.

You know nothing

You probably knew it before, but only in college, you realize the scope. Starting with things like choosing your major to deciding what you want to do in life.  And don’t even get me started on how to survive with the little money you have.

You never stop learning

Right after you realize you don’t know so many things (it also comes naturally with age), you will understand that learning your entire life is not such a bad thing. Being forced to go to school is frustrating, but learning because you like it can actually take you far and beyond. And college often helps you change your views on learning, changing it from something you are forced to do to something you do because you consider it useful.

The Things That College Teaches You

Haters will hate

It’s true as there are so many different people around you every day at college that you start understanding the law of social dislike. It’s going to exist, even if you are the best person in the world. Sometimes even because you are the best person in the world.  All it takes is a bad first impression or even just a glance. And if you try to make it right with each and every person, you’ll lose so much time and would hardly have any time left for something else.

You have to make sacrifices

Living in the dorm? You probably will eat noodles quite often. Living at home with parents? You won’t have much freedom, no matter if you are older and in college now. You have to put up with things and set priorities. It is impossible to have everything in life, with very few exceptions.

People are complicated, relationships too

It wasn’t easy to figure out people in high school. In college, it is even more complicated. Your relationships will be difficult here, just as they are in real life, maybe even more. People are trying to find themselves, and they still don’t have a set relationship pattern. So don’t expect clear answers and don’t label people.

People change in the new environment

Even though you might think your beliefs and moral standards are iron-clad, they can change when you adapt to the new environment. It is totally normal to change, so don’t take it as a sign of something bad.

There are other things, too. College is a wonderful time of your life, full of learning and opportunities. Don’t let it go by too quickly!

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