Top-100 Catchy Topics for Term Papers: The Best Ideas

Congratulations! You have reached yet another important milestone in your academic career, also known as research paper writing.

If this isn’t your first time working on a research topic, you know how things work. If this is your introduction to the basics of academic writing, you might need a little guidance to succeed. Either way, we have prepared something special and helpful for both cases – a list of 100 great topics for research papers.

Even the most skilled researchers face difficulties when looking for interesting topics to research to work on. How to find the best research paper ideas? How picking the right idea for research paper can boost the writing process? Read on to find out.

Good Term Paper Topics Essentials: Do’s & Don’ts

Finding good research topic ideas is just as difficult as writing the manuscript itself. A great topic must be unique and insightful with an exhausting list of reliable literature sources. But good research topics don’t emerge naturally. They must be generated manually.

How to come up with exclusive research paper topics that boost interest and guarantee a successful literature search? Try the following tips and tricks:

  • Take time to examine available topics to research. It is not a quick process, and a good topic can take days to be found.
  • Consult with your teacher. Specify paper requirements to know exactly what is expected of you. Such things as paper format, number of pages, and required structure might influence the final choice of the topic.
  • Define your field of interest. Every discipline has a broad scope of subjects available for research and development, i.e., a vast range of research questions ideas. Specify your domain, making it as field-specific as possible.
  • Put down every idea you have. Brainstorming is the key to finding the topics for a research paper that provoke your interest. Don’t be shy and draft everything that comes to your mind. Make a list and start a literature search based on it. Define which research essay topics are suitable for research.
  • Explore existing opportunities in your subject field. For example, if you’re looking for economics term paper topics, find a research paper example and examine it. See how the writer developed the matter. Think of how you can interpret existing research project ideas, turning them into unique ones.
  • Don’t plagiarize the topic word-by-word. At least try to rephrase it with synonyms and relevant words.
  • Don’t choose too complex subjects. Look for easy research paper topics. If you have zero ideas on the matter, better stay away from it. Trying to impress the prof with a difficult topic is a good intention yet very risky.
  • Don’t make your topic too wordy. Try to be concise and to the point.
  • Don’t make your topic personal. Unless assigned with an opinion research paper, avoid paper topics ideas that begin with “What I think…”, “How I feel about”, “My view on…”, etc.
  • Don’t make your research topics Mind your language, you’re writing an academic piece, and it must represent you in the best possible way.

If you wish to find a flexible list of college research paper topics, feel free to use the ideas provided by our writers below.

10 Psychology Term Paper Topics

  • Homophobia and its impact on modern society.
  • The effect of a divorce on a child’s emotional health.
  • The negative and positive sides of soap operas for teenagers.
  • Schizophrenia as a cause of drug abuse.
  • Panic attacks: an invisible pandemic of the 21st century.
  • Cyberbullying and its effects on antisocial behavior among teenagers.
  • Cartoons and their role in a child’s development.
  • Abusive relationships: is it a victim’s fault?
  • The causes of violent behavior among children.
  • Insomnia: effective therapy practices to avoid antidepressants.

10 Sociology Term Paper Topics

  • Behavioral patterns: online communication vs. offline communication.
  • The future of gender stereotypes: will they ever disappear?
  • Mass consumerism: the main disease of the 21st century.
  • The generation of influencers and followers: how Instagram has changed role models for teenagers.
  • The causes of anti-social behavior in Millenials.
  • Feminism: the ideology of the future or the past?
  • Generation X vs. Y: main differences and similarities.
  • Legal and ethical issues of adoption.
  • Workplace abuse: how micro-management causes psychological disorders in an employee.
  • Sexual harassment against women in the workplace.

H2: 10 History Term Paper Topics

  • World War II: the greatest tragedy we could avoid.
  • An empire is the worst governance model in world history.
  • Why fascism isn’t the thing of the past: present-day cases.
  • Lessons Ottoman Empire has taught us.
  • The evolution of gender stereotypes in the retrospect of time.
  • The Church is the greatest tool of mass manipulation and control.
  • Napoleonic wars: failure reasons behind the greatest military campaign of all time.
  • Greek vs. Roman cultures: main differences and similarities.
  • The connection between World War I and World War II.
  • The most important lessons history has taught us.

10 American History Term Paper Topics

  • 9/11 attacks and their impact on today’s society.
  • The main reasons behind the American revolution.
  • Gold Rush and how it has shaped California of today.
  • World War II: the contribution of the USA to world peace.
  • Cold War: at whose prompting was it originated?
  • The greatest assassinations in USA history and what they have in common: Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
  • The most influential figure in American history.
  • Civil War: why was it inevitable?
  • LGBTQ+ contribution to American history.
  • Make America Great Again: the future of the USA

10 Macroeconomics Term Paper Topics

  • The main reasons for unemployment in the 21st century.
  • Human capital and growth: future perspectives.
  • Monetary policy in real-time.
  • Global economic problems and effective solutions to solve them.
  • The biggest economic-policy issues in the USA.
  • Capitalism in crisis and risks associated with it.
  • Behavioral macroeconomics & finance.
  • Effective business cycles in the Third World countries.
  • What should governments do to minimize inflation rates?
  • The main consequences of the global economic crisis.

10 Microeconomics Term Paper Topics

  • Strong and weak points of microeconomic markets.
  • Weather impact on farm profits.
  • Immigration: what’s in it for the economy?
  • The biggest unemployment levels in the world.
  • How to make small stores gain more profit?
  • Starting a business: main challenges and pitfalls.
  • How can the economy benefit from the latest advancements in AI?
  • The economics of global climate change: what to expect?
  • The role of financial markets in the investment area.
  • Franchise license: pros and cons.

10 Medical Term Paper Topics

  • Why bipolar syndrome is the case of clinical practice.
  • Why is IVF the greatest achievement in infertility treatment?
  • Why patients with epilepsy may underreport seizures?
  • COVID-19 as a biochemical development: an alternative treatment approaches.
  • Kidney & pancreas transplant: the main dangers.
  • Nutrition problems in infants and ways to solve them.
  • The latest advancements in STDs treatment.
  • The future of diabetes treatment.
  • Why is alternative medicine dangerous yet so popular?
  • HIV/AIDS: is there a universal cure?

10 Political Science Term Paper Topics

  • Politics and mass media: the present-day scenario.
  • Political advertising: how to make an unknown individual the future president of the USA.
  • The Empire must die: political mistakes that led to the Russian revolution in 1917 and why history repeats itself?
  • Will sovereign states disappear for good by 2050?
  • The political interest of the USA in the Iraq war.
  • Is there the best governance model?
  • The victims of political repressions: the greatest cases.
  • Global climate change: how politicians use it for manipulations and speculations.
  • Modern leaders: an analysis of the innovative approaches used in politics.
  • World War III: political issues that can lead to another global tragedy.

10 Chemistry Term Paper Topics

  • Nuclear fusion is history: what’s coming next?
  • The importance of organic chemistry.
  • Сhemical surety material: the main dangers and disadvantages.
  • The future of agriculture and food chemistry.
  • Aging issues: main changes that happen to the human body.
  • White killer: how sugar causes addiction and serious health issues.
  • The future of plastic recycling.
  • Alternative sources of energy: yes or no?
  • Vitamin supplements and their impact on human health.
  • Chemical equilibrium effect.

The Best Topic for Term Paper: How to Come up With a Great Idea

Struggle to find interesting research topics? You aren’t alone, dear friend. It takes years of practice and research to become a seasoned expert knowledgeable in a variety of subjects. You’re on the right track and will arrive at this position soon. But while you’re still learning, it is advisory to let a professional guide you in the right direction.

At the moment, allow us to lessen your burden and offer you good research paper topics: interesting, insightful, and original. Just say a word and we’ll match you with an experienced writer in your discipline. Discuss the best options for your individual case and find a brilliant idea that will bring you a well-deserved A+ grade.

We make writing simple and exciting!

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