UC College Essay Prompts 101

Are you going to apply to the University of California? Go ahead and check out professional tips for UC essay prompts, so you could ace the essay writing task 10/10. Before applying, you need to understand a challenge ahead.
UC College Essay Prompts

All the applicants have to choose an answer four personal insight questions chosen from eight prompts. In this article, we are going to shed light on the prompts and explain how to write a successful essay to be accepted into the university of your dreams.

When you need good advice on writing an admission essay for the university, read our detailed instructions and follow the guidelines. We guarantee you can create a successful document to increase your chances of acceptance.

What is a UC Essay Prompt?

Every applicant has to write four essays, choosing from eight UC admission essay prompts. These essays help the admission committee to discover your personality, see your talents and potential, and understand if you deserve to be a student of the chosen college.

When you are writing a UC essay, it’s important to show your personality, open your talents, demonstrate your skills, and show yourself to the officers as an interesting and extraordinary person with great potential who can become a good student.

Your main goal isn’t just to pick up a question and write an answer but to create an interesting story to show your personality and attract the admission committee’s attention. Follow our recommendations on how to write an essay on a chosen question, and create a strong paper to get chances of being accepted!

  1. Describe your experience in leadership where you influenced other people positively, or helped to solve wrangles.

If you have chosen this question from UC college essay prompts to answer, remember that you don’t have to list your experience as a list in your resume. Instead, think about the moment or a position where you had this experience and describe it clearly. Describe the situation, what happened with you, and what feelings you had inside at that moment. Discuss what you have learned from that moment and how it influenced your life.

  1. Describe your creative side and how it is expressed.

A person who has that creative passion knows how it can be exciting to solve problems when looking at it from a new angle. Here you need to describe to the admission officers your skills to think outside the box and find new solutions in various situations. You can tell a story about how your creativity helped you in a difficult moment when you had to solve a certain problem. Remember that a bright and creative essay will express your creative side and surprise the admission committee in a good way!

  1. What’s your greatest skill or talent? Tell about how this talent was developed and demonstrated.

If you have chosen this question from eight UC school essay prompts, think about what makes you proud of yourself. You exactly had those moments when you did something significant and important for others. Maybe you are good at sports and your victories are the most special moments you always keep in your memory. Tell to the officers a great story about your skill or talent and make them feel excited! You should also mention how you are going to develop this skill or talent in a college.

  1. Tell how you were working to overcome an educational barrier or how you have used a great educational opportunity.

You may answer only the first or the second part of this question. For example, if you have got experience in overcoming an education barrier, tell a story of how you did it. Mention what difficulties you had and what you did to overcome these problems. And if you are writing about an educational opportunity, mention an internship, special program, or a special class where you had to work hard for success.

  1. Tell the challenge you experienced and describe what you did to overcome it.

A good idea is to remember the moment when you get success. Mention what you have learned from that situation and how it affected your life. Think about why this moment is so important for you and write how this experience can help you in college studying. When creating an essay, don’t overcome the UC essay prompts word limit.

  1. Tell what academic subject inspires you the most, and how this interest have developed yourself.

When you’re answering this prompt, you need to connect your interest to the academic subject with your interest or a hobby. For example, if you collect old coins, tell how this hobby has helped you to make a great project at history class.

  1. Write about what you have done to make your school better.

Whether you have participated in a baseball team or coached new students, this experience deserves to be listed in your story! Tell what you got from this experience and how it has changed yourself. You need to ensure the admission committee that you can be useful for the community.

  1. Tell why you’re a strong candidate to apply to the UC.

Think about what makes you special and talented person, and why the committee has to approve your application. Explain to the officers why you are a unique person that deserves to study at the university. Tell about your strong sides and write why you want to study here. Stand out from the crowd to be an interesting and eye-catching candidate who knows what they want!

UC Transfer Essay Prompts How-to

When students apply to transfer to the UC, they have to answer only three of seven personal insight questions. The question list is the same as above minus the fifth question. All transfer students should answer the fourth question:

Write about how you have prepared for your major. Mention your readiness to get success on upper-division courses when you will be enrolled at the university.

If you’re going to transfer to the UC, follow these recommendations on answering this question:

  • Tell about any experienced related to your major (for example, an internship or volunteer work).
  • If you don’t have any experience outside the classroom, feel free to write about experiences in the classroom (research projects, faculties, etc).
  • Write why you’re interested in your major develop.
  • When you’re going to apply in multiple universities with different majors and you have to answer the UC transfer essay prompts, try to find a common thing among the chosen majors.
  • Make an interesting story to impress the officers.

30 Examples of UC Essay Prompts 2019-20

If it’s difficult for you to create your document, use these UC essay prompts examples:

  1. A story of being a choir leader in school
  2. Experience from a school club leader
  3. A basketball coach in the school
  4. A leader of the school community
  5. Creative problem-solving is about me
  6. Editing videos is my favorite hobby
  7. Famous people who make me inspired
  8. A story of how I overcame a challenge without any experience
  9. I’ve got a great artistic talent
  10. Drawing is my everything
  11. All my life I write stories
  12. I like to help others in something
  13. How my internship has affected my life
  14. My difficulties in studying and how I overcame them
  15. Math class is everything for me
  16. My biggest problem with studying
  17. How I overcame my fear
  18. When my friend was in trouble
  19. The most difficult decision I had to make
  20. Why I like history
  21. Chemistry is my first love
  22. Literature became my inspiration
  23. My volunteering work at school
  24. How I was a tutor for a student at school
  25. I adore my school basketball team
  26. Why I headed my high school community
  27. I can overcome any challenge
  28. My biggest dream is to study here
  29. I work hard to play hard
  30. University needs talented students like me

UC Essay Writing Do’s and Don’ts

When you’re working on UC essay prompts 2019-20, use these do’s and don’ts tips to create a successful essay:


  • Write about your own experience;
  • Use interesting facts to attract the readers;
  • Proofread the finished paper to avoid errors.


  • Write too long essays that exceed the word limit;
  • Use phrases that emphasize your weak sides;
  • Create a story in the second person.

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