What Are Some Persuasive Writing Examples?

To begin with, a student should be familiar with the possible debatable topics one can discuss to produce persuasive writing examples. Here we give such a list. It includes:

  • Why marriage should be contractual
  • Why marijuana should be legalized
  • Technical subjects should be optional in school
  • Exams in primary education should be canceled
  • Public health services to be provided for free

Wondering What Is Persuasive Writing?

Persuasive writing is a style of writing where students debate on the paper rather than orally. It is fun and interesting when teachers give out topics to discuss or debate on. However, it becomes difficult for students to choose topics to write. Sometimes teachers may give topics that students have little or no knowledge on. In such cases, never hesitate to seek assistance from us because we will help you write an excellent persuasive essay.
Some Persuasive Writing Examples

Persuasive Writing Topics

While there are many topics to choose from, students are required to showcase a deeper understanding of what is persuasive writing. They should explain their opinions clearly and convince the reader by expressing thoughts and opinions. Sometimes coming up with the topic could be easy, but researching the topic can be a great challenge to the writer. It is both time-consuming and requires extra thinking in expression and presentation of thoughts.

Given that time is limited, it might be difficult to balance between writing essays and revising for exams or handling other assignments. Running out of time? It is where we come in handy to help you write a high-quality essay so that you have time to take care of other school work and your social life needs. We can write your paper fast and save you from such trouble as missing deadlines, which affects your performance.

Get Help for Your Child

We also provide help to your kid by writing persuasive essays. Some persuasive writing examples for kids would include:

  • Kids should not be punished for coming late to school
  • Parents should be punished when kids are late for school
  • Children should wear a uniform to school

These are just examples of some topics that kids would enjoy writing because there is much to think about. Since we understand that fact, we work towards providing topics that your kid will enjoy reading as well as grasp the content fast.

Once we do persuasive writing for your child, that will work as a guideline for him or her to write excellent essays that would improve his or her performance. Our persuasive writing technique features quality and simplicity are that a student will understand the content easily as well as the structure and format of the paper. However, all essays meet the academic standards and are written per the instructions provided by the tutor or teacher.

Who Needs Our Help?

You could be a working student who is trying to balance work and school, or you could be a studying parent trying to cope with family duties and school work. Balancing studies and work is challenging and does not allow one to rest enough especially when teachers give too many assignments.

Since writing assignments demand a lot of time, it becomes difficult to handle both tasks. However, we are here for students like you who find it hard to balance work and school, family, and classwork or those who might have little knowledge of writing.

How to Choose a Topic of Persuasive Essay

When you are asked to write a persuasive essay, you are given the autonomy to choose a topic on your own. It could be easier because you are in a position to go for the topic which you are well-versed with and the topic that you have rich information about. Also, you must be convinced that you would write a piece that persuades the readers and makes them believe that your opinion has a great sense.

After all, in persuasive writing, it is the opinion of the writer that counts. When the opinions are well-expressed and greatly defended, the essay might convince the reader to make some changes discussed in the paper.

Persuasive Writing Prompts Considered When Writing Your Paper

We understand that persuasive writing has levels, and there are writing prompts for each level — from primary school to college students. These are observed to ensure that your paper meets the academic requirements. Whether we choose a topic for you, or you provide a topic for us, we will reveal persuasive writing prompts to give you excellent paper.

Like professionals, we try as much as possible to present thoughts and arguments critically and seamlessly. Based on the topic chosen, here are the prompts that you should put into consideration to write your paper.

The Audience You Are Persuading

For extremely busy students who cannot afford the time to research for a topic, we formulate debatable topics and find the correct audience to persuade. Before writing, our experts would think about, who the paper is trying to persuade. Is it teachers, government officials, students, school management, or the immediate community?

All persuasive papers are written to appeal to the audience or the target group, which is supposed to be convinced. For example, a persuasive topic on school uniforms should be focused on persuading the school management to allow students to wear clothes of everyday style in school.

Usage of Right Phrases

Usage of phrases like ‘In my opinion…’, ‘I feel that…’, ‘I believe that…’, ‘Some people believe that…’ among others usually spark a positive influence on the reader and improve the chances of persuading them to believe in your opinion. These phrases give your assignment a confidence based tone. Through phrases, the writer expresses his or her attitudes, feelings, and beliefs on a certain matter.

Clear Paper Presentation

A persuasive essay requires a writer to start with an introductory statement of the argument which is supposed to be one paragraph. It should help the reader understand the opinion that the writer is bringing on board to defend. After the introduction, the writer is expected to do thorough research and come up with evidence to support his or her ideas. It is the step that requires students to spend time studying the topic and understanding its pros and cons.

Don’t Worry If the Topic Is Difficult

It becomes a very hard task when you have little knowledge on the topic chosen. However, you don’t have to worry about the hustle of reading various sources to gather information on one topic. Our experts are here to help you write your essay and present your ideas very quickly. Our services will help you save much time and energy and use it for other things such as revising for exams or enjoying a holiday. Once the paper is complete, when you read it thoroughly, it gives you brilliant persuasive writing tips for your next essay.

What Kind of Evidence Your Paper Supports?

When it comes to persuasive writing, we write evidence-based papers, because your reader is looking for valid evidence to take your ideas. If to follow the elements of persuasive writing strictly, the paper will capture both qualitative and quantitative evidence depending on the topic chosen.

For qualitative evidence, the paper will be professionally written to feature descriptive information either from personal real-life stories or illustrations. It has been said countless times that a picture is worth a thousand words, and we don’t disappoint when it comes to using picture representation to elaborate explanations.

If You Aren’t Satisfied With Your Work

Well, sometimes, you might not be 100% satisfied with the paper you get from our writers. To ensure quality services, we give your paper earlier so that you can go through it and identify any slight mistake that might affect your performance.

If by chance, you happen to find a mistake, then we accept revisions that are meant to polish your work. However, cases of revisions are very minimal and in most situations, they arise due to a change of instructions by the clients. Should you be scared about delays, we guarantee a full refund in case your paper is not handled in time.

If your topic requires evidence on statistics, data, and numbers, our experts carry out correct surveys and experiments following proven methods to get accurate findings. Teachers and tutors would like to see accurate quantitative evidence when reading your assignment. Carrying out experiments and surveys is very expensive for students in terms of time and resources. Reaching out to our services would help you save time and resources by carrying out surveys and experiments on your behalf.

We Give Quality Work to Students

We give a persuasive essay that indeed looks appropriately. We know that persuasive writing involves writing a persuasive speech to convince the audience that your opinions have sense. All our writers are highly qualified and are guided by writing policies, including the no-plagiarism policy which ensures that you get 100% original work.

We always use a warm and respectful tone when arguing in your paper about the topic. We also understand that there are pros and cons to each side of the topic chosen. Therefore, we try as much as possible to defend your arguments to be convincing to the target audience. We do this by using the persuasive writing rubric which is used to grade your work.

Is There an Extra Cost for Choosing Persuasive Writing topics?

Well, there is no necessary cost for choosing persuasive writing topics for you, but the assignment is priced according to the number of pages and the complexity of the work. However, the cost is nothing compared to the time and resources you save when you outsource persuasive writing services from us. We understand that sometimes, it might be difficult for students to come up with a well-prepared topic to debate about.

Will the Final Paper Reflect the Persuasive Writing Definition?

Anyone who has written a persuasive essay in the past can tell you that it is not an easy task. It is challenging right from formulating the topic, and defending your opinions using evidence gathered from research, interviews or experiments.

Without any doubt, the final paper you get from us will reflect the true persuasive writing definition. Given that there are different types of persuasive writing, we adhere to the instructions provided by your teacher and persuasive writing rubric to ensure that we give a complete paper written professionally and 100% plagiarism-free.

When You Will Get Your Assignment

Missing deadlines with assignments is a nightmare for every student. Extensive assignments such as research work submitted at the end of the academic year could have adverse effects on the final grade when handled carelessly.

We fully understand the definition of persuasive writing and the importance of delivering assignments on time way before the deadline. All persuasive writing activities, which involve formulating a topic, carrying out thorough research and writing the persuasive speech are done carefully to ensure that you get a complete paper on time.

Get Nothing But Value

We value our clients, and we observe the deadlines strictly. What you have to do is upload the instructions sheet stating the timeline within which you need the paper to be completed and submitted. Once you upload the instructions, relax and wait for your work.

We have completed papers with deadlines as short as one day, and the clients performed well. Order a paper with us today! It is not an easy task to write a persuasive essay. However, don’t hesitate to reach to us when you are in a fix, and duties are calling from every corner, and you have a writing assignment to perform. We are here for you. Feel free to contact us and order now!

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