What Is a Cover Letter

What Is a Cover Letter and How to Go About It

When looking for a job, never stick to sending only a CV to your prospective recruiter. Though this document represents you professionally and says much about your expertise and background, it is still vital to add an exclusive touch with a supporting letter.

By adding a cover letter to your message, you get an additional chance to present yourself, add valuable insights about why you want to join the crew, and establish a bond with the recruiter.

Briefly speaking, a cover letter is a note accompanying your application. It may be inserted directly in the email you send to the prospective employer or come as a separate document attached to the professional documents’ package required in the recruitment procedure.

In any case, never neglect the chance of sending such a document together with the resume; statistics show that resumes combined with cover notes work much better than resumes alone.

How to Write a Professional Cover Letter for a Job

Given the essential meaning of cover letter writing, one should learn proper writing tactics early before building a career. Your ability to present yourself in this document and develop meaningful connections with the company you apply to is an invaluable skill that will fetch you many more dream jobs throughout your life.

So, let’s dig deeper into the writing process, with all hacks of expert, professional writing uncovered by our authors:

  • Check all vacancy details.
  • Highlight only existing abilities and expertise.
  • Be brief and concise.
  • Indicate correct contact data.
  • Try to be outgoing and creative.

Cover Letter Tips and Examples

Cover notes can boost or break your prospects. Thus, you need to read the offer description to comprehend the company’s expectations better. Ensure you relate to the mandatory skill set, can take on listed responsibilities, and comply with the relevant experience required for the position.

Below are a few tricks to strengthen the impact of your cover note on the recruiter.

Avoid Redundancy

Writing too much is… Too much. Mention skills and highlights that are indeed relevant to the vacancy and prove that you’re a winning fit for that opening. Cover letters may not exceed one page (three paragraphs are more than enough).

The Plot Thickens

Creativity and personal touch are welcomed in cover letters. In most cases, it is your only chance to grab the recruiter’s attention. But don’t go too far with humor or figurative means of language. Keep in mind that this document is your professional presentation.

Don’t Be Dull

Recruiters receive hundreds of applications daily. Best if you can think of some unique fact, approach, or case that can distinguish you from the majority and enable you to grab the job offer.

Use Specific Details

The recruiters aim to find an ideal match for the opening. So, your task is to show how you fit. Give outstanding facts, cases, figures, and accomplishments that showcase your talent and expertise. Whatever makes you a unique yet ideal candidate is exactly what the hiring personnel can get attracted to.

Consult with a Reference

Here is a brief presentation of a witty letter that is bound to attract one’s attention:

“Dear Mr. Hutchinson,

I was happy to learn about your vacancy for a Project Manager recently published on your company’s official LinkedIn page. Having 10+ years of professional PM experience and 13 successful projects with a cumulative value of $12,000,000, I would like to apply for the job to take part in your company’s growth.

My area of expertise is diverse, ranging from game development to CRM project launches to blockchain startups. Within the past five years, I have managed teams from 10 to 25 persons, successfully streamlining tasks within record timeframes. The latest project I was involved in required setting up the crypto bank platform within six weeks, which we managed to complete and achieve customer satisfaction. Besides, my strong communication skills and understanding of team dynamics ensure my flexibility and quick teambuilding.

I believe that my skillset is a substantial match to your vacancy’s requirements, and I am keenly interested in the fast-growing blockchain industry. My practical expertise with crypto bank project management can serve as a solid basis for handling your projects effectively. So, I would be happy to introduce my candidacy for your position one-on-one. You can reach me via email or phone number at your convenience.


Doe Jones”

What to Write in Cover Letter for Job Application

Below are crucial parts to add to your supporting letter and to win over the recruiter’s admiration:

  • Your contact info.
  • Company’s name.
  • Title of the position.
  • Education, professional background, and key career triumphs.
  • A brief explanation of what makes you the ideal candidate.
  • Follow-up information.

Format for a Cover Letter for a Job Application

Consider these tips when crafting your professional cover letter.

Start with a Greeting

It’s always great to read a letter addressed directly to you instead of some impersonal “Dear Sir/Madam.” The same works when applying for the job; once you find a vacancy and want to win it over, go the extra mile to discover the recruiter’s name. If you address them directly, it will already be a good sign of your research effort and ambition for the job, guaranteeing your resume a warmer welcome.

However, it’s not a must, and if you can’t determine the name, at least address the resume package to the correct department. Otherwise, it can get lost, never reaching the recruiting staff.


A proper introduction must provide insight into why you’re passionate about the position. Briefly state which job offer you refer to so that the recruiter understands everything correctly. Hiring managers often publish numerous vacancies, and it’s critical to let the recruiter understand which one interests you. Then say a few words about yourself and the expertise you have in the relevant professional area.

More Details

An ideal cover letter should have three paragraphs. The first one introduces you and states what job you apply for. The second one is your perfect chance to provide professional expertise, background, achievements, and skills required for the position in a condensed form. It works well for cases when the manager has too many resumes to consider. This paragraph will serve as a vital reminder of why you fit the announced vacancy and what you can do to c boost the company’s growth and prosperity.

Keep in Touch

The final part of a supporting letter should include a hook to engage the manager in further communication. Remind your ambition to get hold of the position and indicate how to get in touch with you for further discussions and interviews. Finish your writings with a positive vibe to create a nice, lasting impression.

Do’s & Don’ts

Want an excellent cover letter to impress your future hirer? Be smart and don’t fall into typical writing traps.

What you should do:

  • Align your skillset to the description.
  • Let the recruiter know why you are a valuable asset.
  • Research the recruiter.
  • Customize your document to make it an appropriate fit.
  • Be honest about your achievements.
  • Identify essential keywords and incorporate them in your letter.


  • Copy your entire text from someone else.
  • Fix any typos or errors.
  • Be frank and include your weaknesses and limitations.
  • Write a lengthy text.
  • Avoid following an outline.

What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do

Working on your job package is always a hassle. Being too salesy and at the same time competent, qualified, and self-advertising doesn’t come naturally to everyone. If you feel stuck, you can always hire a talented resume writer from our site to help you submit a killer cover letter.

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