Custom essay writing as a new approach to studying

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What are your ways of essay writing?

What are custom essays?

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Custom writing is a process of creating an essay in line with your requirements to sources, style (APA, MLA, Harvard, etc.), language (British or American English), length (excluding title and works cited), and other instructions. When ordering a custom essay, our visitors fill in the order form with all this requirements and get their papers written by the most qualified writers at fair prices.

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More about our custom essay service

Most of our customers are happy with their papers. But your tutor’s mind is a closed book. What if you need to correct something after the essay submission? Just ask us for revision! For 2 weeks after you download your essay, this is entirely free.

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  • Diligently drowning in books and links – 41% of students study to actually learn, whether it is interesting or not
  • Staring at the window – NSSE says that 2% of high school students do this all day
  • Sleeping over your essay – more than half of the working students get less than 8 hours of sleep
  • Indulging in writing your essay like it was a love letter – according to NSSE, 2% of students do this… while 66% just find it boring!