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BSN and ADN Nursing degrees are the two most excellent career choices you can make pursuing the goal of becoming a nurse.
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BSN and ADN Nursing degrees are the two most excellent career choices you can make pursuing the goal of becoming a nurse. If helping others and making quick deliberate decisions on your feet is what you’ve been always dreaming to do, then becoming a nurse is the right professional pathway for you. And although helping others is an honorable profession, you do want to make sure your actions and decisions as a health worker are based on education, skills, and professional training. That’s why choosing either an AND or BSN course is the right thing to do.

To become a degreed nursing expert (RN), you’ll have to pass the NCLEX examination. Which qualification allows students to apply for the exam – BSN or ADN degree? The trick is that both programs allow nursing students to take the exam and receive the official license to become a registered nurse. So, which healthcare path you should choose to obtain this lucrative and respected profession – a nurse? Read next to find out!

Differences Between the ADN Degree and BSM

An Associate’s Degree in Nursing (ADN) and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) are the two sides of the same coin. Both BSN and ADN programs allow you to pass the NCLEX-RN exam and receive the desired qualification to start the career officially. Basically, these are the two paths to the one and the same destination – becoming a nursing expert. However, the key differences lie in the three following areas:

  • The length of the course.
  • Curriculum and workload.
  • Career opportunities.

ADN nursing programs grant you the Associate’s degree and take from one to two years to complete. What about the BSN degree? It usually takes students 4 years to complete before getting access to the NCLEX examination. Why is there a two-year difference in the courses’ length? It’s all in the curriculum.

The BSN course gives you an opportunity to delve into such areas of expertise as public health, management, leadership, and nursing education. In the meantime, accelerated ADN programs focus on practical and soft skills required to conduct nursing duties in a knowledgeable and correct fashion. At the moment it might not seem obvious to spend yet another two years on learning leadership and the healthcare system peculiarities in the US, in future you might want to consider these options, and a BSN degree will be required to do that.

So, the third point is all about your career choices in the future. If you are ambitious and would like to take a managing position, it would be a smart choice to invest in additional two years of nursing education. And, if all you want is to help people, then a 2-year Associate’s Degree in Nursing is exactly what you need. Both courses allow you to sit the NR exam, so the choice is yours. Think carefully about your future in advance to not waste any time.

Also, if at some point you want to share experience and educate other aspiring nurses, you will need a BSN degree. It’s here where those two extra years in the nursing school will start to pay off. Speaking about the daily nursing job, the two degrees hold the same value with no significant difference in daily duties and annual salaries. Both qualifications are well-respected in the healthcare world with only the slightest differences regarding the future career paths you might want to take.

17 Best Online ADN Programs in the US

One of the greatest things about the Nursing programs in North America is that you can find a bevy of online ADN programs as an alternative to classic stationary college tutoring.

  • Abcott Institute.
  • Adams State University.
  • Aims Community College.
  • Bainbridge State College.
  • Belmont College.
  • California College San Diego.
  • Calvin College.
  • Carlow University.
  • Denver College of Nursing.
  • Excelsior College.
  • Kaplan online ADN program.
  • Midway University.
  • Minnesota West Community and Technical College.
  • North Central Missouri College.
  • Northwest Technical College.
  • Pratt Community College.
  • University of Arkansas Community College-Batesville.

Are There Any Good ADN Nursing Programs?

Check out 17 best ADN programs for you to apply for this year.

  • College of Coastal Georgia.
  • The Helena College University of Montana.
  • Stanbridge University.
  • Reedley College.
  • Coahoma Community College.
  • Cuesta College.
  • Danville Community College.
  • Cayuga County Community College.
  • Chabot College.
  • Mississippi University for Women.
  • Louisiana Tech University.
  • Lane Community College.
  • Jefferson Community College.
  • Southeastern Illinois College.
  • Victor Valley College.
  • Laredo Community College.
  • Pikes Peak Community College.

How to Find ADN Programs Near Me?

There’s lots of information if you want to find a college in your area or in the shortest vicinity. “Can you help me with finding ADN programs near me?” The truth is, you have to make such decisions yourself. Do some in-depth research and decide which options suit you most. Just make sure you can qualify for a scholarship to finance your online associate’s tutoring. There are a number of scholarship programs you might want to consider:

  • FNSNA Scholarship.
  • NBNA Scholarship.
  • Caroline E. Holt Nursing Scholarship.
  • Tylenol Future Care Scholarship.
  • American Indian Nurse Scholarship Program.

Consider these 5 options to smooth out the financial pressure of becoming a nursing student. “I’ve already found ADN Nursing programs near me, what’s next?” Prepare the application package of documents and start writing the admissions essay. Do you have any difficulties with writing such a composition? Recruit one of our ADN or BSN degree-holding Nursing writers to help you with the task. This will boost your chances to apply for the course beating the competition with a powerful, engaging Nursing admissions essay.

Do ADN Programs Imply Writing Essays and Capstones?

ADN Nursing programs online and traditional alike will ask you to prepare essays and other types of papers such as a capstone. Such homework assignments will make most students baffled regarding the purpose of these tasks. “How does writing an essay help me conduct my duties as a nurse?” Right you are, the real nursing job doesn’t imply writing essays and compositions. But in a Nursing school, tutors will want to check your understanding of the historical, ethical, and social aspects of the nursing profession. So, like it or not, essays will be due. Is there any way to not writing any compositions?

Find 500+ trained Nursing & Healthcare writers with their ADN, BSN, and MSN degrees. Experts will help you put a finger on any unwanted or tedious writing assignment you might find in the curriculum. In addition, when the workload gets too heavy and you feel exhausted, our writers will come in very handy. Spend more time learning and practicing your nursing skills – delegate humdrum essays and other papers to professional Nursing writers. Make an order now and receive a 15% price-off!

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