Code of Conduct

Welcome to ("Website" or "Service"). This Code of Conduct ("Code") provides instructions on how to use our Website appropriately and helps prevent any misuse.

Certain jurisdictions might impose restrictions on specific ways of using our Website, including:

  • The Commonwealth of Australia;
  • The United Kingdom;
  • Austria;
  • Some states of the United States (California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, etc.).

We retain the right to deny service to clients from these jurisdictions and share this Code publicly to avoid misunderstanding.

By using our Service, you ("Client," "User," "your," "yours") agree to comply with this Code of Conduct. In case of any discrepancy between this Code and other documents published on the Website, the terms of this Code shall prevail.

Academic Integrity

Academic integrity denotes a dedication to honesty, fairness, and a commitment to preserving ethical standards in all academic endeavors, and our Service shares these principles.

This Code expressly prohibits all forms of dishonesty, including scams, mimicry, contract cheating, impersonation, copyright violations or plagiarism, sabotage, falsification, etc.

Please refrain from engaging in any of the actions listed above when using our Website. We are strongly opposed to such practices and do not partake in them. Our Website is purposefully designed to assist and support Clients in their academic pursuits, with a particular focus on academic honesty.

User Obligations

By submitting requests on our Website, you acknowledge that you will only use it for legal, personal purposes.

You also guarantee that you will not:

  • Use our Website with malicious intentions.
  • Breach honor codes or any other policies adopted by your academic institution.
  • Use our Website to store any kind of data or for activities intended to mislead, defraud, or deceive any other person.
  • Violate any federal, local, state, or other laws, rules, or regulations, including court orders, and take part in any illegal activity.

Fair Usage Policy

The study materials, also referred to as the "Product," are provided exclusively for personal use.

The Product is intended to be a reference, guide, and inspiration and serves as an illustrative sample. You are strictly discouraged from submitting the Product as your work or claiming copyright ownership or authorship.

By using our Service, you agree to utilize the Product as intended and refrain from the following actions:

  • Reselling or distributing the acquired Product to third parties.
  • Presenting the acquired Product as your work without due attribution.
  • Utilizing the Product for commercial needs.

Rules of Conduct

Our Service does not assist anyone in committing fraud or participating in any unlawful activity.

Experts shall not provide the requested services to users attending a school, college, university, or any other academic institution if they know or have reasonable cause to believe that the requested services will be misused (e.g., submitted as the user's original work). If evidence is discovered that an expert has deliberately supported any type of unlawful behavior, they will be promptly removed from our Service.

Users are not permitted to use the Website to take part in illegal activities or breach any academic policies. Users are not allowed to pass off any materials they have received from assigned experts as their own work.

Businesses shall not use the Website for any illegal purposes. They are also expressly banned from hiring experts to assist them in any form of fraudulent activity.

We encourage tutors, instructors, supervisors, mentors, and other educators to allow students to use the Website's tools and products as part of their learning process. We understand that you work relentlessly to ensure academic integrity in your study groups and institutions, and we support you in your efforts to make academic processes honest and transparent. Therefore, we encourage you to immediately report any violations of this Code of Conduct.

Compliance with Legal Requirements

As a Website User, you agree to follow all applicable laws and regulations, including our policies. We retain the right to deny service to any User who breaches these terms.

If you decide to use our Website in violation of this Code, you agree that you will be subject to the consequences indicated in the regulations of your academic institution and the laws of your state. Additionally, you undertake to indemnify and hold the Website and its associated businesses and entities free from any liability originating from your failure to comply with this Code.

Prohibited Requests

The following requests are not permitted on our Website:

  • Faking financial or any other reports and other official documents.
  • Impersonating a User's identity for any purpose.
  • Fulfilling academic assignments on a User's behalf.
  • Obtaining answers for exams, tests, and other tasks.
  • Fabricating any data, including citations.

This list of prohibited requests is not exhaustive and should only serve as a reference.

Please note that if you do not follow the restrictions outlined in this Code, you will be permanently removed from our Website and unable to reclaim your account.


We make every attempt to deliver high-quality services, but we cannot guarantee the accuracy, likely results, or reliability of the provided materials. These materials are intended for reference only, and their usage is entirely at your own risk.


Please note that this Code of Conduct may change at any time and without prior notification. It is your sole obligation as a User to go through the Code on a regular basis so that you are aware of any revisions. By using our services, you confirm that you have carefully reviewed, comprehended, and agreed to the terms of the above Code.

Contact Details

If you have any concerns or questions regarding this Code, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

Email: [email protected]

Toll-free number: +1 864 513 50 21

Date updated: March 15, 2024