Academic writing can often be challenging and very demanding. We all have busy schedules, especially students. From tight schedules to heavy coursework, student life if filled with many obligations which have to be satisfied. One such important obligation that forms part of academic work is essay writing. Essays are assigned to measure student understanding of the topic in question.

Poorly prepared essays are characterized by improper formatting and typographical errors. The worst academic writing sin of all existing is plagiarism. So, buy essays online here – we offer top essays that are plagiarism-free. Our team of writers can produce original content covering a wide range of topics across 60+ disciplines.

How to structure an essay?

Buy Essays Online from Top WritersFor students who need help with essay writing, we offer expert assistance. As with any academic task, essay writing is guided by rules and structures. The basic structure of an essay is detailed below:

  • The title

Essay writing offers an opportunity for students to demonstrate their understanding of what they have learned during the course. Proper communication is essential to ensure that a student demonstrates adequate understanding. The first section of an essay is the title. A poorly constructed title shows a lack of understanding of the subject matter. A good title will attract any reader’s attention. That’s exactly what essay writing is about. Also, an essay title should not be too long or too short. For example, if an essay discusses the impact of social media on student performance, then a suitable title would be ‘Social Media and Student Performance.’

  • The body

The next part of an essay is the body. This section contains the detailed information on the topic of your essay. Thus, the content of the body in an essay is determined by the topic. In most academic essays, the body includes essay’s objectives, literature review, data collection methodology, results of findings and their interpretation. The formatting of the body depends on the instructions given. The various formatting styles are MLA, APA, and Chicago. These formats are standardized, and each has their specific rules. Formatting is always done after writing the body.

When writing an essay, most students face challenges in finding suitable content for the essay body. This often leads to the temptation of plagiarism. Plagiarism deprives students of the opportunity to express their academic opinions and show understanding. Plagiarism is also considered to be a theft and carries severe penalties. These penalties may include rejection of submitted essays, low marks due to unoriginal work and delays in completing academic programs.

Why should you avoid plagiarism?

Why should you avoid plagiarismMind that all essays should be plagiarism-free. Below are steps to avoid and prevent plagiarism:

  • First, read and understand the topic of your essay. What are you required to discuss? What sources will give you the required information? How much detail is required? Once you answer these questions, proceed to the next step.
  • Formulate a conceptual framework. A conceptual framework is a visual blueprint of the essay. It details all of the variables of the essay. A conceptual framework serves as a guide on the information required in the body of your essay.
  • Go through all required sources noting down important points that are relevant to the essay topic.
  • Craft the first draft of the essay in your own At this point, formatting and typographical errors can be corrected.
  • Read through the essay after the first draft is ready. Introduce any suitable changes. Ensure all sources are cited properly.
  • Use any plagiarism detection tool to check for accidental plagiarism. If any is found, get rid of it.
  • Format your paper in the required style.

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