Writing a Persuasive Speech to Buy a Product: Rely on Professionals Only

Marketing is quite a complex activity that involves convincing an individual or a group of people to purchase a product or a service. It is not simply about asking someone whether they would like to purchase something or not. Furthermore, some people confuse product descriptions with persuasion or marketing. These are two fundamentally different activities.

Describing a product entails explaining to a customer the features of the product, how it works and how you are supposed to handle or maintain it. On the other hand, persuading somebody to purchase a product or service involves convincing them about the specific solution or solutions offered by the given product. It is commonly acclaimed that a good salesman sells a solution and not a product. For this reason, if you are a salesperson, you need to be good at either verbally persuading somebody or even composing a persuasive speech. Certain individuals are very skilled at persuasion. Some of them usually turn out to be cons. There is a casual phrase that says the difference between a conman and a great salesman in the intent. Such people are said to be able to convince an Eskimo to buy ice.

If you are not good at persuasive speech writing, it would be a wise idea to buy speech writing software to help you write a persuasive speech. You can hire one of our professionals to provide the speech, or you might attempt to dictate the words on your own.

There are some fundamental rules that our persuasive speech writers always follow while trying to market a good or service. Some of them are as follows:

  • The differentiation between features and benefits

The features of a project are what it entails, i.e., the dimensions, physical descriptions, composition, etc. The benefits are the actual solutions offered by this particular service or product. People are more likely to be convinced by something that will solve one or more of their problems. Listening about the features even if beneficial might not help a lot. Emphasis on the actual benefits is more likely to convince. This is how marketing experts compose a persuasive speech to buy a product.

  • Using vivid & plain language

Customers are more likely to remember benefits that are explained using plain and vivid language as opposed to lengthy descriptions about a simple thing. For example, instead of writing “this product protects you from infectious pathogens from your skin,” a good marketing speech would claim “this product contains antibacterial properties that provide 100% skin protection.”

  • Avoid complex jargon

In most cases, persuasive marketing speeches are normally targeted to a general audience. Professional speechwriters are normally aware of this. For this reason, they use simple language that even a layman can easily understand. This strategy is very effective in that the information sticks in the mind of the reader.

  • Strong emphasis on the benefits

The marketers do not normally waste time describing banal features about the product or service, i.e. how beautiful or attractive it looks or even how long it lasts. Much emphasis is normally placed on the tangible benefits that a consumer can use in solving a particular problem. The benefits are also explained as succinctly as possible.

  • The uniqueness of the benefits

While explaining the benefits of a product, the marketer does not normally waste time explaining generic benefits derived from a given product. The reason is that there is likely a similar product that can satisfy the same need.

Reasons to Buy Dragon Recognition Speech Software from Us

First things first, what is this dragon software? This is a speech recognition software developed by Dragon Systems, Newton, Massachusetts. It is a program that runs primarily on Windows systems, and the latest version is version 15 that runs on both the 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows 7, 8, and Windows 10. The Mac Os version is known as Dragon Professional for Individual.

Dragon software uses a minimal user interface. The words dictated appear on some floating tooltip simultaneously as you speak. This makes it very easy to use without requiring a steep learning curve. However, you have an option to suppress this style of the display to enhance its speed. Whenever the speaker pauses, the words get transcribed into the active window at the cursor’s location. The program does not support dictating to the background in windows.

  • Dragon has three primary functional areas. These are
  • Voice recognition during dictation with the speech transcribed as written texts.
  • The recognition of commands spoken by the user and text-to-speech

Dictating the text context within a document.

Different voice profiles are accessible by different computers within a networked environment. However, the audio configuration and hardware must be the same as those of the original machine that generated the particular configuration. The pro version allows the user to create custom commands that control programs or even functions not natively built into NaturallySpeaking (the default user interface)

This is a highly innovative software that allows you to work smarter and faster. Instead of spending countless hours reading then copy typing the text, Dragon does all the heavy lifting on your behalf. Though different people have different typing speeds, all you need to do is read out the text loud or dictate your speech and the amazing software will do all the typing for you in real time.

While in an office setting, this can tremendously enhance your documentation productivity and accomplish the composition of a lot more documents- all through speaking. Offices typically involve much paperwork. Sometimes, this task can consume much time that would otherwise be dedicated to other functions important to the organization. Other areas in which the software is highly applicable include the following:

  • Incident reporting

The new and enhanced dragon law enforcement software for reporting incidents makes this process safer, faster and more comprehensive. Law enforcement personnel can now rapidly report incidents with greater safety. The efficiency of the application makes the incident around three times faster.

The police department normally demands timely, quality and increasingly standardized reporting mechanisms. The cumbersomeness of reporting procedures can adversely impact the productivity, safety, and efficiency of officers.

A recent report in 2018 discussed the role of technology in law enforcement paperwork. This was a result of a natural survey deployed upon police chiefs as well as their command staff, considered how departments have deployed the use of technology in supporting the reporting procedures. It also examined which systems are poised to gain improvement in future documentation workflows.

During emergencies such as disasters, help organizations such as red cross need ways through which they can document the events rapidly as they assist victims. Through Dragon software, they can quickly remit the recorded data to help centers as they continue to save lives and avert the disaster.

  • In the legal process

During court proceedings, there are usually various accounts given by the different parties involved. The judge will question both the plaintiff and the defendant. Each party will make their accusations, counter-accusations, and defenses. All statements uttered in a case need to be recorded in writing. Sometimes there are interruptions and exchanges. Therefore, it might become extremely difficult for a transcriber to capture all the details within the case. This is whereby Dragon software comes to the rescue.

It can accurately capture every uttered word if configured correctly. Therefore, the accurate court proceedings will go a long way in ensuring that the jury has the accurate information to make the right verdict.

  • Financial services

Banks, businesses and various other enterprises have cash books, ledgers, statement of accounts and annual financial reports. These activities normally take a lot of time and effort in their preparation. Likewise, various copies of some files need to be made. Instead of manually copying and typing these papers, the software can be used to dictate the contents of one file, and they shall get automatically transcribed. This goes a long way in saving precious time that can otherwise be allocated to other vital tasks that bring productivity to the company.

  • Healthcare

During certain healthcare procedures, practitioners must keep records. An example is in nursing whereby there has to be a report on patient progress and proposals for the alternations of care plans. For doctors, they usually document a patient’s response to treatment. They can also take records of a patient’s medical history. All these tasks can be made a lot easier through the use of Dragon software. The practitioners dictate words and the device types them down. Later on, they can have the text printed.

Buy dragon speech recognition software today from us and solve all your documentation issues instantly.

Writing the Persuasive Speech on Money Can’t Buy Happiness

While writing a persuasive speech on money can’t buy happiness, our writer might begin by a witty remark e.g. “They say money makes the world go round.” Thereafter, the author proceeds to give more details as follows, “Indeed, nowadays money is a requirement if at all you are supposed to accomplish most things be it education, food, clothing, shelter, medication, and the purchase of other material things. In fact, without money, life would be impossible. You will lack the basic needs necessary for survival.”

The more money you have, the more things you can afford. For example, you can eat whichever type of food you desire, take your kids to the best schools, buy the most fashionable clothes, attend glamorous events, travel the world, get the best health care and live a highly comfortable life among many other things.

Next, the writer will argue about the opposing viewpoint. A good example is like this, “However, there is one question that lingers. Do all these things bring true happiness and contentment. Psychologists and sociologist claim that there is a big difference between being happy and being contented. Happiness is a meager emotion. Emotions are usually fleeting as moments pass by. However, being satisfied with one’s own life is a different case.”

As seen in recent news events, there are very wealthy celebrities that get into problems with the law, experience marital problems and sink deeper and deeper into drugs and alcohol abuse. The writer also explains why one might wonder why they experience such turmoil in their lives, yet they are extremely wealthy. Such facts have brought doubt over whether money is the source of true happiness.

Even though money can enable us to buy the latest fashion, big television screens, and fancy vehicles; human needs are said to be insatiable and complex. As time goes by, we become so accustomed to these material possessions such that they become ordinary things. Companies and businesses also seem to capitalize on the insatiable nature of human needs. Every year, they release new products and market them as better than the previous versions. This puts people under the constant pressure to upgrade.

Human beings also have social needs that must be met in order to live a stable, healthy life. These include friendship, companionship, and love. Without this, we can never be happy no matter how much money we have. There have been numerous stories of very wealthy people who have committed suicide because of loneliness.

People also like to compare themselves to one another. Sometimes someone might have adequate resources but feels like there is someone else who has something better. This creates a hunger for better possessions leading to perpetual unhappiness.

One other fact is that material possessions do not do a lot to enhance the self-esteem of an individual. Someone with low self-esteem but has much money can indulge in activities such as alcoholism, drug abuse, careless sexual activity, illegal activities, etc.

In the last step, the author concludes: e.g., Even though money can solve most of our material needs, true contentment can only come from within ourselves.

So if you need professional assistance, no need to hesitate – contact us today!

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