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Good quality research papers are usually expensive.The reason why they cost a lot is because they demand a lot of work. The time and effort required to write a good research paper demands that compensation be considerable. At times writers demand, so much that their services become unaffordable to ordinary students. The following are some of the steps that need to be taken when writing a research paper. Understanding the steps makes it easier to understand their costing.

  • Select a topic – The most important step in writing a research paper is choosing a topic. In the instance that the topic has not been given to you, the topic you choose is one of the greatest determinants of the quality of the end product. Choosing a topic about which you are enthusiastic is important. It is important because your passion for the topic determines how effectively you write. A hired writer has to make do with the topic you give him and try to master the same enthusiasm you would have had if you were the one writing. If they are not passionate about the topic, they have to find other ways of delivering quality. If you have had a long working relationship with the writer, you can tell which topics they are passionate about and choose accordingly.
  • Formulate a thesis statement – Once the topic has been chosen, the next step is to formulate a thesis statement to guide the write up. This statement gives you a theme to work around.
  • Research – Your research for a paper is intended to give you accurate and relevant information concerning the topic on which you are writing. For a research paper, you need to conduct a lot of secondary research. This secondary research allows you to know who has written on the topic you are researching and what they said. In the final analysis, this research will allow you to see the different standpoints from which others have seen the issue and to analyze the perspectives in the literature review section of the paper. It is important for you to take note of every point that you come across in the research that would be important to your paper. This is the information you will later compile and organize logically into a research paper.
  • ┬áIt is in the outline that you list the sub-topics and the order in which they will appear. The outline also helps you determine how the research you have conducted will be organized in the paper. It is important to conduct your research before making the outline because some of the ideas on outline come to you during research.Make an outline - An outline helps you decide the order your paper will take
  • Insert research into the structure – This is where you match the information you have gathered during your research to the skeleton that is your outline. The product of this activity becomes your first draft. At this point, the grammar may not be right and the logical flow may also be missing. These issues do not need to concern you. Just make sure the information you have is relevant to the subtopic and to the topic of discussion.
  • Edit the draft – This is where, you go through your draft word by word to make sure that the write up makes sense check the logical flow of information and fill any information gaps there may be. Ideally, you should edit the draft a few times to ensure that you get the best quality work.


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