Cookie Policy

Transparent and legitimate collection and use of your personal data is our primary concern. This Cookie Policy gives information regarding how and when we use cookies on our website –

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a miniature text file sent to your computer or smartphone. Cookies are unique to your account and browser. There are two types of cookies: 1) session-based cookies that  last only while your browser is open and 2) persistent cookies that stay on your computer until they expire.
Additional information about cookies is available here.

Does use cookies?

Yes, we use session-based and persistent cookies to offer personalized services, easier site navigation, and an advanced level of customer experience. We use our own cookies, as well as third-party cookies from Google Analytics.

How does use cookies?

We use cookies that are linked to your personal account and are aimed to offer personalized services and seamless interaction with the site. We also use cookies aimed for analytical and marketing initiatives.  
Cookies could be used for log-in needs, memorizing your order preferences, offering personalized services, and using selected site settings. Cookies also guarantee that your interaction with the site is fast and secured.

How does use cookies for advertising?

Cookies, as well as other ad technologies, such as beacons, pixels, and tags, make it possible to offer you more personalized services that are relevant to your educational goals. Cookies also help us collect and analyze statistical data, carry out effective reporting, and run effective marketing.

What if you don’t want to have cookies on your computer or smartphone?

You can always disallow cookies anytime. Most browsers, such as Chrome and Firefox allow you to disable cookies if you don’t want any sites to track your activities and offer personalized services. You can disable any third-party cookies, such as Google Analytics as well.
Note: Disabling cookies could generally worsen your overall user experience with our site. We won’t be able to save your login settings if you disable cookies. would like to ask you to allow us to send you cookies, so we’ll be able to offer you more personalized and goal-oriented services that meet your academic needs better.