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Best PhD Dissertation Service Online

A dissertation is an extensive PhD-level paper 100+ pages long that crowns the student’s educational path in a college or university. Also known as a magnum opus, the paper is the pinnacle of one’s academic career. Writing dissertation texts is tiresome and time-consuming. It often starts a year (sometimes a year and a half!) before the submission date is scheduled.

The dissertation writing process includes the following stages:

  • Brainstorm a topic and get it approved by the dissertation acceptance committee.
  • Write a thesis statement.
  • Write a dissertation proposal to recruit a strong supervisor who’ll be guiding you through the writing.
  • Write a dissertation abstract.
  • Write the rest of the paper (takes the longest!)
  • Proofread and edit the document.
  • Turn the final draft in.
  • Do revisions (if there’re any requested.)
  • Defend your work in the oral form (viva voce.)

The best dissertation will get accepted by the committee and bring you the long-awaited Doctoral degree. But did you know that nearly 15% of dissertations don’t make it to the defense stage?


There are several reasons why it happens. First and foremost, a student who turns in a poorly written project won’t receive an opportunity to take it forward to the viva voce stage.

Secondly, if a student missed the scheduled supervisor meetings and failed to live up to the deadlines, the committee will have enough reasons to suspend such a student from the defense.

And finally, if a dissertation is badly proofread and is generally inconsistent, such work won’t get the green light.

So, would you like to succeed with your dissertation without any unwanted stress and hassle?

Check Out Our Guide To Writing A Dissertation Brought To You By Professional PhD Dissertation Writers With 10+ Years Of Experience.

  1. Dissertation Writing
  2. Dissertation Proofreading
  3. Dissertation Editing
  4. Dissertation Plag Check
  5. Dissertation Revising
  6. Dissertation Tips

Professional dissertation writing relies heavily on these action items. If done right, you’ll be able to draw up a stunning paper without any anxiety and writer’s block.

Writing a Dissertation

Normally kicks off a year prior to the scheduled submission date at the end of the academic year. Most students will enter into the active writing stage during their last semester.

Backpedaling the dissertation is the most beloved thing of every student. Sure thing, even thinking about the necessity to put up a 100-page paper full of proven data and convincing findings gives solid goosebumps. But you’re an adult and must not procrastinate with your PhD project.

Start low, go slow.

Sloppy and cheap dissertation writing weeks before the submission won’t cut it. Aim for consistent and head-first writing. The best way to put up a great paper is to start off in advance and move to the end goal in small but firm steps. Where to start?

First things first, think of a topic that is engaging for you personally. If you find a topic boring or of little interest, so will the acceptance committee. When you have a lot of time ahead of you, work on your topic. Have a couple of variants and choose the one that fits your preferences most.

After that, work on your thesis statement. It’s the focal sentence in your introduction that will convey your main idea regarding the topic and make the claim. Same as in any essay or case study, a thesis statement has to be one-two sentences long.

NOTE: You can always restate a thesis statement along the way depending on how your personal take on a topic will be changing during the writing.

Writing a dissertation proposal is another crucial step in preparing your magnum opus. Basically, you’ll have to propose to a professor, an expert in your topic, to help you accomplish your dissertation. A dissertation proposal outline consists of the following sections:

  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Methodology
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • References
  • Appendices

The proposal outline is similar to the one of a full-length dissertation. With the only exception that a dissertation proposal outline is five times shorter and conveys only the basic information about your research.

The goal of a dissertation proposal is to get a potential supervisor interested to help you put your PhD paper through and defend it successfully.

Finally, you’re ready to write your dissertation right until the time to submit your work comes. Manage your time wisely and consult your supervisor often. If you need some extra hands-on help, consider using our dissertation writing services to give your paper a professional touch and speed the overall process up.

Proofreading a Dissertation

How does proofreading 100 pages of complex academic texts feel?


There’re students who fund it difficult to proofread a common essay, mostly those who speak English as their second language. For such students, proofreading a dissertation will be a tough challenge. And time-taking, too!

If you don’t want to waste precious time proofreading your PhD thesis, opt-in for our proofreading dissertation services now. It’s the best way to fix grammar flaws, syntax errors, and typos in a long academic document.

In less than a couple of days, you’ll receive your dissertation back proofread and ready for submission. Use this time to take a breather and relax. Without a moment’s hesitation, proofreading could be easily delegated to an expert on our website.

Editing a Dissertation

Perhaps the best dissertation service for the senior year students is editing. In case you’ve just done a dissertation but have a feeling it’s slightly off, play it safe – opt-in for our professional editing service.

An expert will analyze your texts and fix sentences, passages, or entire chapters, if necessary, to make your work sound professional.

The editing service will be especially useful for international students.

We could help you bring your dissertation up to par with the US or UK academic standards for a good price fast. Have a look in your paper – would it use any improving? If the answer is positive, then have your work edited by a professional writer. This will save you time and prevent you from having the document sunk in revisions.

Checking a Dissertation on Plagiarism

Known for the best dissertation writing service, we pay extra attention to plagiarism. Every paper we do is always original and done from scratch. If you want to write a PhD project on your own, you’ll have to watch out for plagiarism and proper citation formatting.

If APA/MLA/Chicago style guidelines aren’t followed in and out, you might get into trouble with plagiarism. How to avoid any such complications?

Let expert writers and editors take care of your paper’s originality. Rewriting certain passages under question and proper work with quotes will help you turn in a 100% genuine paper from an academic point of view.

Revising a Dissertation

When the time comes to submit your magnum opus, be prepared to revise the paper. Revisions are inevitable. But there’s a huge difference between cosmetic revisions and having to rewrite half of your project in a couple of days!

Few dissertations get submitted as is. Most of the time, you’ll have to live up to the committee’s revision requests. Our online dissertation writing specialists can make sure you’ll get as few revisions assigned as possible. Rely on us to write you a champion PhD project that will require few minor revisions or none at all.

Submitting your dissertation as is with no revisions needed will definitely boost your confidence in the wake of the viva.

11 Dissertation Writing Tips

  1. Begin working on a PhD dissertation in advance.
  2. Write in short 2-3-hour sessions no more than 5 times a week.
  3. Take a break from dissertation writing once in a while.
  4. Having an eloquent and thought-provoking thesis statement is key.
  5. Make sure there’s plenty of reference sources available in a chosen topic.
  6. Write only when you feel well-rested and committed to giving your best.
  7. Get a topic you’re personally interested in to keep your focus high all the way through.
  8. Interact with your supervisor and listen to their pieces of advice.
  9. Proofread and edit texts after the first draft is complete.
  10. Keep the levels of academic plagiarism within the allowed limits – 95% or higher.
  11. Make use of the best dissertation writing services available on our website.

What is the Best Online Dissertation Writing Website?

It’s easy to advocate academic integrity when you don’t have a burning deadline keeping you up at night.

Having gone this far, it isn’t too smart to lose it all because you can’t prepare a PhD project timely. Things happen; a life can give you peaches sometimes.

That’s exactly when PhD dissertation writing services come in handy. Rely on 10+ years of experience in writing custom-tailored dissertation brought to you by our skilled and trained academic writers. No supervisor will get your paper written for you. But our writers, on the other hand, will!

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