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DNP degree is the ultimate stage of you becoming a highly-trained and educated nursing expert. This is a terminal degree which means there’s no further education required. You can obtain any position within the field, as well as teach Nursing and Healthcare to students in colleges and schools. While taking care of your patients is a rewarding and well-respected activity, in the life of every professional there’s a moment when you feel the need to be more than a nurse. And it’s exactly when the Doctor of Nursing Practice course will help open the career doors to areas which are otherwise unavailable to ADN and even BSN/MSN students.

Both traditional on-campus and online DNP programs are available in the US for students looking to become expert practitioners, thought leaders, researchers, and tutors. Basically, this is a hands-on degree which implies using all the skills, knowledge, and experience you got during your education. The Doctor of Nursing Practice qualification will also allow you to use your coursework findings in daily practice. Besides working day in, day out in the clinic, as a DNP you will also take part in discussing and helping solve such issues as reducing healthcare costs for population, as well as improving the health of the population and their patient experience in general.

What is a DNP Degree in Nursing?

DNP programs are terminal degrees, the pinnacle of every nurse’s educational path. The Doctor of Nursing Practice training is available for ADN, BSN, and MSN level students. While the ADN and BSN are consistent enough to begin your nursing practice, you’ll need at least MSN or preferably the DNP qualification to climb the career ladder in the sphere and start solving nationwide healthcare challenges. Needless to say, ADN and BSN degree-holders don’t have access to such opportunities, not yet.

While an ADN or even MSN specialist deals with day-to-date patients treatment activities, an ADN professional focuses on a broader scope of issues – from staff management to nursing efficiency and even statewide healthcare system. A DNP nurse practitioner is the most prestigious position in the industry, starting from colleagues’ respect and ending with salaries in particular. The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) insists that all aspiring Nursing experts apply for the DNP degree either gradually, from ADN/BSN to DNP, or straight from ADN to DNP without MSP as an interim stage.

Another wonderful thing about DNP Nursing programs is that students with no practical experience are allowed to take the course. Most DNP courses will allow ADN and BSN students without hands-on experience with just a few exceptions. But it’s always a great idea to have at least some working experience as an RN (Registered Nurse) prior to applying for a Doctoral degree. Otherwise, your class will be a mix of students without experience, students with little to good experience, and experienced nurses with 1+ year of RN practice looking to advance in their education. That’s why you’re highly advised to gain practical experience as an RN before taking the DNP course.

30 Best Online DNP Programs

Online tuition fees titter from $7.000 to $10.000/year and allow you to qualify for the most highly-paid positions in the States after graduation. Note that a classic on-campus education will cost you roughly $10.000 to $20.000/year. Here’s the list of best online DNP programs to date in the US.

  1. Arkansas State University
  2. Boise State University
  3. California State University
  4. Chamberlain DNP University
  5. Delta State University
  6. East Carolina University
  7. Gardner-Webb University
  8. Georgia College
  9. Idaho State University
  10. Indiana State University
  11. Johns Hopkins DNP School of Nursing
  12. Missouri State University
  13. New Mexico State University-Main Campus
  14. Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing
  15. Southeastern Louisiana University
  16. Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
  17. The University of Texas Medical Branch
  18. The University of West Florida
  19. University of Arkansas
  20. University of Central Arkansas
  21. University of Central Florida
  22. University of Colorado Denver – Anschutz Medical Campus
  23. University of Massachusetts-Boston
  24. University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  25. University of Nevada, Reno
  26. University of North Carolina at Charlotte
  27. University of Oklahoma – Health Sciences Center
  28. University of South Alabama
  29. University of Utah
  30. Western Carolina University

What is the Purpose and Benefits of Obtaining a DNP?

Taking the best DNP programs listed above will help you pursue a number of major goals.

  • Advance your skills and training as an RN to the next level.
  • Pursue better – more well-paid career – options.
  • Take part in nursing innovation and social care sphere.
  • Be able to implement your ideas and best practices to make major improvements in healthcare.
  • Have a chance to implement your research activities in practice.
  • Become a mentor, tutor, or manager.

The key benefits of obtaining the Doctor of Nursing Practice qualification are as follows:

  • Using evidence-based practice in the real world while making decisions on the feet.
  • Becoming a thought leader in clinical nursing and healthcare.
  • Gaining the qualification as an APRN (Advanced Practice Registered Nurse.)
  • Increasing your income and earning more than an MSN level expert.
  • Improving health conditions of your patients using most advanced techniques and best practices.
  • Gaining new knowledge from the best specialists in the industry.
  • Being on equal terms and having the same level of respect as dentists, physical therapists, pharmacologists, etc.
  • Having the full right to officially call yourself a “Doctor” in the full meaning of the term.

How Long Does Obtaining an Online DNP Degree Take?

With a lot of 12 month DNP programs available for BSN/MSN level nurses, it will take ADN/BSN students 3-5 years to gain their DNP credentials. There are also part-time and full-time courses for students who would like to mix their work as an RN and formal education. There’s also an option to move gradually from a degree to degree, earning enough money and having the required practical experience to proceed to the next academic degree. Since at some point you might realize that you don’t want to become a Doctor and your current position lives up to your career expectations, there’s no need to waste any more time and money on the DNP degree. And vice versa, during your nursing practice you might feel that you’re ready to have additional duties or fulfill professional goals, you could always apply for DNP degree when you already have the funds and experience substantial to be on par with other experienced nurses who’ll be joining you during Doctor of Nursing Practice training.

Where to Get Help With Essays and Homework?

Choosing the best DNP programs to meet your career and financial goals, be ready to do a lot of homework. It will include writing a number of essays and a degree capstone. We know that the majority of nursing students find such activities useless. And we can’t agree more – doing essays won’t have any impact on your nursing skills and knowledge. Also, essays have nothing to do with practice, focusing primarily on the history of nursing, as well as the job’s ethical and moral side.

We do believe that young aspiring nursing experts should have more important business to deal with. For example, gaining real-world experience as an RN. In the meantime, our professional writers from the domain of Healthcare will take care of your essays and a capstone if you need help with the degree project too. Our Nursing essay writers are practitioners in their respective areas who enjoy academic writing and helping students in their spare time. Order an essay or any healthcare-related paper now, and an expert Nursing writer will fulfill texts in 3 hours or even faster from scratch. It will help you have a positive GPA during the course and enjoy more free time in the evening. Working as an RN and going through the DNP training, you’ll definitely need it!