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Being a nurse is an honorable and well-paid profession.
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Being a nurse is an honorable and well-paid profession. Despite how hard going through 12-hour shifts is, being a nurse will always keep you fed and professionally fulfilled. Have you been dreaming to help other people since high school? Then, the nursing career is just what you need. Earning from $67.000/year as a registered nurse with an ADN degree is just the start. Having your MSN training after writing a nursing research paper as your capstone project, you could land as much as $85.000-$100.000/year. Don’t forget, there are nursing job offerings in anesthesiology, where trained experts earn impressive $187.000/year having their Master’s degree.

To get to these figures in the paycheck, you’ll have to study hard and write research papers alongside your clinic duties. Right, even aspiring nurses have to write essays in the US to earn their degrees. From the Associate’s degree to Master’s and even Doctoral, there’s homework that has to be written. And whereas essays can’t put up much of a challenge, a research paper, on the other hand, can and will!

Nursing research paper topics require a somewhat in-depth synthesis of your knowledge and also rely heavily on your EBP (evidence-based practice.) A piece of cake for someone, a tough challenge for many. Having to survive 12-hour shifts in the clinic and attending classes is serious stress to your personal life and resting hours. It’s a common thing for nurses to suffer from fatigue, exhaustion, and even physical pain, in the back, for example. Like this is not yet enough, nurses have to write research papers, too! And with that, we are looking forward to helping you.

How to Brainstorm Topics for Nursing Research Paper?

Nursing research papers can rely on three major pillars:

  • Evidence-based practice (EBP.)
  • Historical overview of the profession.
  • Moral and ethical side of the profession.

More often than not, nursing students are required to have a mentor or preceptor helping them with research paper writing. As a rule, a tutor will let you choose a topical field freely and won’t insist on having either an EBP or ethically-focused subject matter. So the choice is yours.

Just as you pick a topic, you’ll need to cogitate a thesis statement. And it’s exactly where you preceptor will come in handy. Nursing thesis examples could be easily found online or on our website for free. A quality thesis is a short sentence or two conveying the main point of the research paper. Find what motivates you most in the profession, or share information about challenges and discoveries you’ve made while working as an RN. For a student who doesn’t have any tangible working experience yet, choosing a historically or ethically related topic will be the best move. There’s plenty of areas left to explore there, so why don’t you try and do it? A preceptor will help you find a topic which will be engaging for both readers and yourself.

10 Aspects to Focus on Working on a Topic

  1. Find a Nursing research paper topic which motivates you personally.
  2. Try to rest as much as possible before working on a paper to avoid the writer’s block.
  3. Always get a topic approved by your mentor or preceptor before carrying research on.
  4. A research paper consists of Title, Abstract, Introduction, Methodology, Discussion, Conclusion, and Bibliography. Consult a Nursing Literature review example paper on the internet or on our site to get an understanding of what every section is about.
  5. Have a couple of extra topics just in case your main theme will be canceled.
  6. Go for topics which have a lot of background materials to offer in order to save your time working on the evidence base and references.
  7. If you’re going for an EBP topic, discuss all the details with a mentor to make sure your experience falls in line with the academic standards.
  8. EBP has to revolve around the unique experience you gained while working as an RN, not common knowledge.
  9. Try not to get distracted by mobile phones, social networks, or clinic duties.
  10. Dedicate no more than 2-3 hours a day to research paper writing to not get exhausted too much.

25 Nursing Research Paper Topic Examples

Check out Nursing research paper sample topics developed by our writers most recently. Get inspired and kickstart your creativity fast.

  1. 5 Key Skills I’ve Learnt During My RN Practice in the Clinic.
  2. 10 Things to Improve in the US Healthcare System Today.
  3. Affliction of the 21st Century – Alzheimer’s Disease.
  4. Challenges Male Nurses Face Today.
  5. Contemporary Approach to Nursing AIDS/HIV Patients.
  6. Ethical and Moral Dilemma of Abortion.
  7. Helping Patients with Speech Disorders in 2019.
  8. How RN Training is Vital to Getting a DNP Degree?
  9. How to Become a Nurse Practitioner Research Paper.
  10. Ideal Nurse’s CV.
  11. Importance of First Aid Treatment.
  12. Importance of Sex Education in High School.
  13. Modern Approaches to Treating Veterans with PTSD.
  14. Nursing and Autistic Child Patients.
  15. Problem of Nursing Shortage Research Paper.
  16. Nursing and Children with Mental Health Conditions.
  17. Obesity, Anorexia, and Bulimia in Middle School Children.
  18. Pediatrician’s Role in Bring Up Physically and Mentally Healthy Children.
  19. Prevention of Pregnancy for High School Students.
  20. Pros and Cons of Becoming an Anesthesiologist.
  21. Role of Nurses in Improving Healthcare Quality Nationwide.
  22. Research Paper on Nursing Career From ADN to MSN.
  23. Should US Citizens Get Basic Nursing Education?
  24. Treating Patients with ICP.
  25. Treating Terminally Ill Patients in the US.

Need More Help With Research Paper on Nursing Career and Other Topics?

Our Nursing research paper writing service offers 15+ experience in doing Healthcare-related assignments for students in the US and other English speaking countries. There are solid 300+ Nursing writers who could help with your paper at any time. Make an order now and an expert will start working on the task today. An average turnaround is 3-48 hours, depending on the paper’s length and difficulty. Writing is always 100% original and anonymous. A mentor will think you’re doing a paper on your own.

We don’t turn students down because some topics for Nursing research paper are too challenging or evidence-based. Your writer will follow your brief to deliver an authentic document that lives up to your instructions. Work more in the clinic to gain experience as a registered nurse or simply have a bit more rest in the evening. A professional writer in the sphere of Healthcare will get onto your paper in the meantime.

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