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300 Professional Personal Statement Writers Online

When applying for college, you’re supposed to provide a package of documents including your standardized test scores, transcripts, letters of honors, and a personal statement. The late is the most difficult part of preparing your college application package. Also known as the application/admissions essay, the personal statement is supposed to show the college admissions committee that your candidacy deserves the place on campus from the point of view of personality. Needless to say, the process of writing a college-level essay would be difficult and stressful for a high school student. Besides, the evaluation criteria are usually vogue and no one could ever say for sure how the admissions committee will like each essay in particular.

That’s why more and more college applicants tend to hire a writer for personal statement rather than to stress out over it themselves. An admissions essay expert with a couple of years of experience knows all ins and outs of writing a winning application piece the professors will like. Explaining why you deserve a place on campus isn’t enough. In a personal statement, the committee members should see why you should be admitted to college and not some other student. There is hard evidence of applicants who were admitted to colleges because of superior personal statements, whereas their standardized examination scores were lower. So this is the power of an admission essay for you!

It’s All About YOUR Personality!

Colleges look for brilliant personalities in the first place. The competition might have better test scores than you or better credentials in general. But it doesn’t matter if their personality is not that bright. Having a stunning application essay, you could impress the admissions committee even though your scores are a bit below par. Who cares for scores when there’s a brilliant, goal-minded student looking to apply for your college? Scores are easier to fix than one’s personality. Honest, open-minded students are more preferable on campuses in the US than smart but problematic personalities. Colleges don’t want any trouble-makers in their ranks. On the other hand, they will gladly accept pro-active applicants with a can-do attitude. We do believe that you have just the right personality to apply for US colleges. Lack in the writing skill department? Don’t worry, our writers will help you fix it!

Looking forward to having a superior application essay? Then use our personal statement writer service right not and obtain a top-notch essay written specifically to meet your admissions objectives. Since a student writes just one application essay which is seen by all the universities you apply to, you should really make sure it’s up to the mark. With thousands of students with the same grades as yours will be applying to the same colleges as you, it would be a wise idea to beat the competition with a professional application which they won’t have. It’s a competitive advantage worth using 10/10 times. Your persona is what makes the difference, and now it’s the time to pack it in the form of an essay showing the committee you’re the right fit for their college.

17 Keys to a Winning Admissions Essay

  1. Offer engaging insight into your personality.
  2. Present firm evidence you’re a skilled essay writer.
  3. Give bulletproof reasons why college education will foster your future career.
  4. Highlight your future life goals.
  5. Showcase why your candidacy is the perfect fit for the campus.
  6. Display who you are as a person and human being.
  7. Explain why you chose a particular college.
  8. Explain why you chose a particular course.
  9. Demonstrate your course-relevant achievements outside the classroom.
  10. Prove you have transferable soft skills.
  11. Prove you’re a critical thinker.

There are some other important aspects of a superior personal statement.

  1. A positive tone of voice.
  2. Proper length – approximately 4000 characters.
  3. Honesty and open-mindedness.
  4. Evidence of you having course-relevant hobbies and interests.
  5. Consistent grammar, style, and syntax.
  6. Focus on specific details without any milk-and-water.

A personal statement writer will custom-tailor an application essay based on your specific prompt. After reading your admissions piece, many colleges will be glad to have you on board. So it will be you who decide which college to choose without stress, worrying too much, and anxiety. Use our help now and it will be an honor for many colleges to have you on their campus. Recruit personal statement writers now and start packing for college with peace of mind!

7 Reasons to Hire a Writer for Personal Statement

  • Aim for the maximum persuasive effect.
  • Save your time.
  • Get the maximum result when applying for colleges.
  • Beat the competition with similar grades and transcripts.
  • Professional personal statement writers have spotless college-level grammar and writing style.
  • Rely on best practices time-tested by 15+ years of experience in writing personal statements.
  • Enjoy the best odds at getting admitted to the college of your dreams!

Personal Statement Writers Could Make Your College Dreams Come True Today

Be ruthless and take no prisoners. Other students will be competing to take your place on campus, some of them you might’ve called friends once. But right now it’s your educational and professional career which are at stake. Adopt the go-getter kind of attitude and delegate the application essay writing job to professionals who know all ins and outs of how it’s done. We’ll help you apply for a dream-college without stress. You’ll make parents proud by becoming a student of a prestigious college in the US. So is the dream worth of hiring a personal statement expert? Absolutely yes!

Check out the personal statement writer reviews from customers of our service – 9/10 students have met their admissions goals easily. There’s no point to rely on luck and second-guess if the college board will like your statement or not. Why take risks when you can play it on the safe side and secure the maximum positive result? Even if your test scores are lower than of other students, an expert writer will help turn the tables on the competition and present your candidacy in a positive light. Remember – a superior personal statement beats superior scores.

Applying to several colleges, a quality written application will streamline the odds of you entering a college manyfold! As a college student, you will unlock a whole new world of career options and professional opportunities. With a college degree, you could count on better wages and working conditions than other people. As a college student in the US, you could call yourself special. Any company will fight for the chance to recruit you on their team. Sounds exciting already? Then make the first major step toward the goal – order a professional personal statement for college right now!