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What is a Process Essay?

Think of a process analysis essay as a receipt. You describe the ingredients, cooking process, and the final outcome. This type of written assignment is usually a part of a bigger task – writing a proper expository essay. All the stages of how to do something are to be arranged in chronological order. Step by step, you have to describe a certain process and dwell upon all the parts and elements required for it to take place. Although sounding a bit complex, a process essay isn’t that much of a big deal. It’s quite simple to accomplish if you do the composition correctly.

What is a perfect structure and length of a process essay? Usually, it’s a classic 5-paragraph format which includes the introduction (1 paragraph,) the main body (3 paragraphs,) and conclusion (1 paragraph.) Process essay topics vary from healthcare and cooking to IT and personal life. In fact, you can really make a good cup of coffee and brainstorm a classy topic which will be both funny, engaging, and informative. Simply mind your p’s and q’s in terms of humor, it’s an academic assignment still and has to be done accordingly, especially in college where paper requirements are quite strict. As for everything else, the sky’s the limit which theme to choose and which process description to follow. There are a couple of recommendations for you to consider:

  • You should know how to write a process essay following a step-by-step formula.
  • A topic has to be interesting personally for you.
  • Don’t overdo with funny and humorous.
  • A savvy thesis statement is obligatory.
  • Stick to the 5-paragraph writing format.
  • Try to offer some engaging material for the audience as well.
  • Consult process essay examples if you’re in the writer’s block.
  • Make sure you proofread texts in and out.
  • It’s considered an easy assignment, but don’t get too complacent if you want a positive mark.

25 Good Process Essay Topics

What is a process essay in terms of topics? Nothing major, really. You can let your creativity loose and pick any theme you like as long as it fits in the subject. Check out some of the best process analysis essay examples of topics our writers worked on most recently.

  1. How to babysit for the first time.
  2. How to train your poker skills.
  3. How to drive a motorcycle.
  4. How to look after a garden.
  5. How to serve a curved ball in ping-pong.
  6. How to break up with a girl.
  7. How to sit a Math exam.
  8. How to post-process photos in Adobe Photoshop.
  9. How to survive Zombie Apocalypse.
  10. How to learn Spanish.
  11. How to calculate taxes.
  12. How to get a first real job after college.
  13. How to develop iOS/Android apps.
  14. How to make a perfect espresso.
  15. How to learn to play flamenco guitar.
  16. How to gain lean muscle.
  17. How to be a better writer.
  18. How to start own blog.
  19. How to fight off internet trolls.
  20. How to apply for college.
  21. How to write a CV.
  22. How to book cheap international flights.
  23. How to make a “sammich.”
  24. How to do Crossfit.
  25. How to overcome anxiety.

Pick any process essay example of a topic and write your own brilliant essay. Who knows, maybe you’ll have as much fun as our writers did when working on these process analysis essay topics!

Download FREE Process Essay Examples

When students crunch all the time, they easily find themselves in a tight grip of the writer’s block. If it happens, it becomes impossible to even think of a good composition topic, not to speak about brainstorming a thesis statement. The fastest way to break out of the rut and start working on the task properly is to find a free process analysis essay example. There are 100s of ready-made analysis essays on the web. Are you looking for the better – professionally written – stuff? has stocked dozens of master-crafted samples of essays you can have for free. Download a sample in one click and start getting inspired, educated, and motivated.

A little disclaimer is due though! Downloading a sample, there might be a temptation to re-write work a bit and turn in. Please don’t follow in the footsteps of plagiarism – it will surely lead you into trouble! A sample is available for consulting purposes only! If you want an essay equally great, you should either write yours from scratch or recruit one of our trained academic authors to do the job for you. Turning in a re-written essay puts your academic integrity at risk. Always submit 100% original essays!

How to Write a Process Essay in 3 Hours?

Crunching isn’t any good, you can’t argue with that! Although an analysis composition is a rather simple assignment, it will still take you some time to accomplish. And what if you don’t have time? What if there are other plans for the evening? Then you are highly advised to have a professional academic writer do the task from scratch while you’re having a rest or take care of business.

Fill out the order form, give us the requirements, and we’ll assign you with a competent analytical paper writer to fulfill the task 100% from scratch. Give a topic and additional instructions. In 3 hours or less, a writer will present a new composition that is unique, engaging, and perfect from the point of view of grammar, punctuation, and spelling. really puts a major focus on proofreading and editing our texts to ensure that great essays get great scores.

Have no time to do your analysis essay? Make an order now, get work ready in only a couple of hours!

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