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7 Tips to Help With a Thesis Statement

Thesis statement help is one of the services students use most often. Stuck in a homework rut, oftentimes it’s hard to contemplate a strong thesis statement. Even when a good topic is there and you more or less have a roadmap to writing your paper, there’s usually trouble working on the paper’s focal sentence.

What kind of trouble? It’s that you can’t write a good, short, engaging thesis because your mind has already been exhausted by a day of lectures, classroom activities, and maybe even a part-time job. Writer’s block is another reason you might need help writing a thesis statement. If there’s someone who’s done a fair share of such work to help you out, it’s never too bad.

Formulate A Strong Thesis Statement Faster With These 7 How-to Tips From Expert Academic Writers.

  1. Thesis vs. Thesis Statement
  2. Time and Place to Write a Thesis
  3. Key Aspects to Keep in Mind
  4. Do’s and Don’ts
  5. Writing Checklist
  6. Help Online For When You Need It
  7. Thesis Statement Helper How-to

It’s not hard when you 1) know how to do it or 2) know the people who know how to do it. If doing a thesis statement  is your personal kryptonite, then let us show you what and how to do to turn the tables on for your writing conundrum.

Know the Difference Between a Thesis and a Thesis Statement

Strange it may appear, an average student doesn’t know the difference between a thesis and a thesis statement. So, if you happen to have a friend to happens to be one of such average difference-not-knowing students who needs help writing a thesis statement, enlighten them with your knowledge and tell to never confuse the two again.

A thesis is a Bachelor’s/Master’s level course paper that cherishes the student’s academic achievements. It is usually 60-100 pages long and takes one (less often – two) semester to prepare.

A thesis statement is a central sentence of an academic piece (from an essay to a dissertation) that conveys the main message of a document. Usually placed in the middle or the end of the introduction, it is only one (less often – two) sentence long.

NOTE: Every academic paper has a thesis statement. Is there a thesis statement in a thesis? Yes, there is! Could there be a thesis in a thesis statement? No, it doesn’t work vice versa.

When to Write a Thesis Statement

A good thesis statement makes a bold claim. It conveys the main idea of your writing and sets the tone for the rest of the paper. It also supports the topic of your assignment, that’s why, naturally, you don’t start working on your homework by writing a thesis statement first.

What you have to do from the very beginning, is to brainstorm a topic. After you have a savvy topic, you’ll have to browse reference sources, gather data, come up with some sort of findings, and only then figure out your thesis statement.

It’s not as easy as it sounds, so more often than not a student will need help with a thesis statement. Although one or two sentences long, a central sentence of your paper has to make a strong claim. And to make a strong claim, one will have to try more than a couple of variants until the end result lives up to the goal.

What to Keep in Mind Brainstorming a Thesis Statement

Formulate a thesis statement only after you’ve embraced the assignment, topic, and background sources well enough. Once you’ve minded around it, start working on the focal sentence of your work. It often happens so that you are able to formulate a good central sentence only after the whole paper has been already written. It just strikes you that your new thesis statement is simply better than the one you formulated when only started to work on the task.

If you’re writing an essay, then your central sentence should be placed right in the very first paragraph, setting the tone and pace for the main body. If it’s a longer paper that you’re working on, e.g. course work, then you might consider the second paragraph of your introduction, closer to the transitional passage to the main body.

One of the best tips to help write thesis statement text is to sleep on it. If you can’t write a bulletproof focal sentence because of fatigue or writer’s block, let it be. Work on the rest of the paper, leaving the thesis until you’re motivated and hyped up to come up with a killer central sentence of your paper hands down.

Do’s and Don’ts of Thesis Statement Writing


  • Thesis writing is a result of meticulous thinking and brainstorming.
  • To write a savvy central sentence, one might spend from a couple of hours to days.
  • A good thesis statement tells the reader how important it is to read the entire paper.
  • It makes a strong claim that challenges a reader.
  • Is a simple short sentence yet conveying the main idea and a solid message.
  • Supports the chosen topic.
  • Is clear and concise.
  • States your position in a dispute chosen for the paper.
  • Placed in the introduction.


  • A paper contains no thesis statement at all.
  • Or it is vague and inconclusive.
  • You didn’t bother writing a thesis statement a lot.
  • It has no connection to a topic and the arguments presented in a paper.
  • Readers aren’t engaged enough to get familiar with the rest of your work.
  • Is more than one-two sentences longs.
  • Is written half-heartedly.

Thesis Statement Writing Checklist

To help create a thesis statement, we’ve created this checklist for you to consult.

  • Did I generally do a great job on my central sentence?
  • Did I follow the suggested writing blueprint?
  • Is my thesis engaging and thought-provoking?
  • Could my thesis use any improving?
  • Does my thesis support the selected topic?
  • Could I make my thesis more concise?
  • Was I able to fit in all my ideas in one-two sentences?
  • Did I place my thesis in the introduction?
  • Did I answer the “So what?” question?
  • Did I answer the “Who, What, Where, How, When?” question?

Ask yourself these questions after you’ve finished writing your focal sentence. If the answers are positive, then know you’ve done a great job!

Consider Some Help Writing a Thesis Statement

There’s nothing wrong to seek help from those who’ve been there and done what you can’t do. Learn from the best or get help from the best, if due to certain reasons you can’t cope with an assignment well. Need help with thesis statement work? Go no further – we have an amazing team of competent writers who could help with your statement fast and up to par. All you have to do is place an order and in a couple of hours it will be complete – you’ll get a savvy, relevant text 100% valid to be used in your paper.

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How to get thesis statement help online on our website.

Never be ashamed to ask for help with thesis statement writing! When deadlines are burning and writer’s block holds you in a firm grip, all means are fair. Do right by yourself and never look back. The end result is the only measure of success. With both the end result and success, we can help today!

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