University Assignment Handbook: Types, Tips, Tools

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Secrets of Writing a University Assignment Fast & Well

A university assignment is a part of homework students are assigned in a chosen course in order for their tutors to examine their analytical, critical thinking, writing, and time-management skills.

Each individual course offers a unique list of assignments which could vary from course to course. Some courses may rely purely on research essays while other courses could be more versatile in terms of assignments, offering students to work on scientific article reviews, PowerPoint presentations, case studies, and lab reports.

The difficulty of university assignments is also pretty high. As a university student, you’ll have to work harder than in college or high school if you want to have a positive course grade at the end of a semester.

Writing a university assignment isn’t a walk in a park. Constituting nearly 60% of a course grade, writing assignments are key to have a positive GPA. University professors pay large attention to how well their students can cope with various assignments. Whether it’s an annotated bibliography or a reflective journal, each task will be examined carefully and graded according to the work’s quality and timeliness.

Have you just entered a university and wondering what types of assignments are there waiting for you ahead? Let’s break down the most widespread types of written homework assigned at universities.

9 Major University Assignments You’ll Be Dealing With Most Often.

  1. Annotated bibliography
  2. Article review
  3. Case study
  4. Lab report
  5. Literature review
  6. PowerPoint Presentation
  7. Project report
  8. Reflective journal
  9. Research essay

TIP: Note that there might be other, less common, assignments in each particular university. Always read the instructions carefully and do what’s asked in the task A to Z.

Most Popular Types of University Assignments

“I’m ready to write my university assignment now. So what will it be?”

University assignments are more versatile and numerous than in colleges and high schools. Although you’ll be working on your thesis or maybe a dissertation, there will be lots of lesser tasks assigned as a part of the course. One of such assignments is…

Annotated bibliography

The purpose of an annotated bibliography is to list cited works of an author in alphabetical order.

You’ll also have to write a formal, objective summary/critique of each work used in a paper, which is the key difference between an annotated and regular bibliography.

The purpose of an annotated bibliography is to:

  • Point out main sources on a topic.
  • Give your evaluation of every source.
  • Provide a summary of each work cited.
  • Be useful for the target audience – academicians, students, professors, other researchers.

TIP: An annotated bibliography can be assigned separately from a paper to which it’s usually related (i.e.: thesis or dissertation.)

Article review

Hundreds of scientific articles are being published every year. Your goal as a university student will be to analyze and evaluate some of the articles related to your course subject in a proper academic manner.

A scientific article review usually consists of two parts:

  1. Work’s summary.
  2. Your personal evaluation.

Evaluating the peer’s work, you’ll have to dwell upon an article’s research data, findings, conclusions, and methods.

TIP: You can either evaluate or critique an article in your review depending on your personal standpoint regarding a topic. But remember that a review has to be unbiased and 100% objective.

Case study

We learn from the past to not repeat the same mistakes in the future.

Since history evolves in a spiral, we can draw knowledge and inspiration from what took place in the past. University assignments help you better understand how certain decisions resulted in certain events that lead to particular consequences.

A case study gives you an opportunity to research a particular event that happened in the past and which could help solve a certain problem in the present.

Case study assignments are usually assigned to MBA level students. Studying business, you may learn from the events and actions taken by peers in the past in order to solve certain cases today. Writing a case study, you’ll have to:

  • Find a case that correlates to a present problem.
  • Study the case.
  • Identify strong points and weaknesses.
  • Suggest your solution.

TIP: Use tables, graphs, and figures to present your point of view in an authoritative and expert manner, for your audience might also be the general public, business experts outside academia, and fellow students.

Lab report

A lab report is a step-by-step description of how you conducted a scientific experiment. A lab report consists of:

  • Introduction.
  • Methodology.
  • Results.
  • Conclusions.

TIP: Purity/Accuracy/Validity of the experiment will play a major role in how a tutor will grade your work.

Literature review

A literature review is usually a part of a major paper such as a thesis or a dissertation. The purpose of a literature review is to:

  • Highlight literary sources used to conduct research.
  • Explain why the sources were used.
  • Show gaps in the available subject literature.
  • Give a critical evaluation of the sources.
  • Point out methodological weaknesses and controversies.

TIP: Always provide an objective summary of all the literature used for your research.

PowerPoint Presentation

“If I’m to write my university assignment, a PowerPoint presentation is the type of task I’ll be using a lot after graduation.”

Indeed, a PP presentation is something done quite often at work. If you’re to take a managing position at some company, you’ll have to do plenty of presentations.

Most of the presentations are to be done using PowerPoint. This software is the most popular in the world by far. Start mastering the ropes of using the PP early on for this skill you’ll be using regularly.

TIP: Make sure your PP presentation runs well on old devices. Ensure the visual and audio part, if any, could run on your university computer (which isn’t always up-to-date, unfortunately.)

Project report

A project report is a type of a university assignment that describes work on a project that either has already been done or will be done in the future. A project report aims to do the following:

  • Describe the current state of things in a certain field.
  • Highlight what has already been done to fix the problem.
  • Tells what needs to be done/What’s going to be done in the future.

TIP: A quality project report includes such additional chapters as acknowledgments, abstract, and recommendations if it’s going to be reviewed on a higher level, perhaps even outside the university, i.e.: government authorities and NGOs.

Reflective journal

Working on a large assignment such as a thesis or a dissertation, you might want to keep a journal where you’ll be reflecting on work done. Noting down important milestones of the writing process is crucial to keeping you consistent and goal-focused.

“Should I do my university assignment for me only?”

Yes and… no! Although a reflective journal is written purely for yourself, a supervisor might want to have a look in your journal somewhere during the thesis/dissertation writing. So, having such a journal frequently updated from day one might be a smart idea.

TIP: Use headings, subheadings, and bullet-points in your reflective journal for anyone, including yourself, to better navigate through all your notes.

Research essay

Essays are the pinnacle of written homework at any level of education – from secondary school to a university.

Can’t run from essay writing, huh?

An essay is the most effective way for a teacher to check the current state of subject knowledge of their students (or at least that’s how teachers see it.) An average 5-paragraph university essay outline includes:

  • Introduction (one paragraph.)
  • Main body (three paragraphs.)
  • Conclusion (one paragraph.)

TIP: Come up with an essay thesis statement that is engaging and relevant to the subject material currently taught. Think of a challenging argument and prove it right using research data and references. If an essay topic is deep enough, you could base your dissertation on it in the future.

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