How to Write a Good Cover Letter?

Creating a good cover letter is a powerful instrument to persuade a potential employer to choose you over other candidates. Let’s show you how to make a good cover letter in a professional way.
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What Makes a Good Cover Letter?

A job application package usually consists of a professional CV/resume and a good cover letter. Whereas the first shares your professional skills, career achievements, and educational background, the second reveals your personality and soft skills. These two aspects are important to evaluate you as a candidate fit to take on the open position at a company.

Write a good cover letter if you’re aiming to get a job at a large company where the competition would be pretty tough. You can also recruit a professional CV writer to help you out. Try both variants to see which fits your goals most.

Check Out 5 Steps Of Making A Good Cover Letter To Create A Positive Image Among Recruiters.

Step 1 – Prepare & Analyze

Creating a good cover letter starts with analyzing samples available on the internet. Gather resumes of people having the same position as you do and study those variants that you find appealing. What makes the cover letters effective? Draw up a list of key points and use them in your cover letter.

Step 2 – Think of Your Best Traits and Perks

Whereas a CV or resume showcases your hard skills, experience, education, and achievements, a solid cover letter focuses on your transferable skills and character traits. Get a list of those traits that describe you best. Be honest and fair with yourself, although a little bit of sugaring over won’t do any harm.

Step 3 – Write the First Draft

Writing a good cover letter for a job is a form of resume art. You got to have a good share of the writing talent to put up a champion cover letter. Appealing to the emotional side of recruiters, you have to persuade them that your personality will fit in the team most, unlike other candidates.

Step 4 – Proofread & Edit

What makes a good cover letter is spotless editing and no grammar, punctuation, or stylistic flaws. Even the tiniest mistake noticed by a recruitment manager will plummet your chances to get hired almost to 0.05%. So, spend enough time proofreading and editing your document very carefully.

Step 5 – Delegate Writing a Good Cover Letter to an Expert

In case you don’t have the right skill to draw up a strong cover letter, you can hire a resume writer to do it for you. An expert will choose a good template and write a persuasive application that describes you as a talented and confident specialist, a go-getter and a proven team player.

5 Ps of a Good Cover Letter


Write about yourself and focus on what kind of person you are. Modern-day recruiters are looking for young go-getters who feel natural in a multicultural team. Being able to get along with other people of different religious beliefs and nationalities is absolutely key for recruiters.


Toxic people, no matter how experienced, are to be avoided. So, of course, you have to describe yourself in a cheerful manner, in no way implying that you could be toxic. Today recruiters are aiming for positivity in the workspace, so you have to prove your personality fits in the image.


The tone of voice and writing style will tell your potential hirer what kind of person you are. So, adopt an actionable writing style by either checking out sample cover letters on the internet or have one of our expert resume writers help you out with how to write a good cover letter.


Mind your p’s and q’s in terms of self-applause. Bragging and flattery are off the table completely. Saying good about yourself, try to sound natural and plausible. Best be honest, and recruiters will reward you with their favor. Recruiters’ trust is built via your honesty.


One of the best tips for a good cover letter is to be polite and mindful of your manners. Your writing can tell what kind of person you are and whether you’re honest. Having trouble with that? Our writers could help you adopt a persuasive, polite writing style that helps get you hired.

9 Tips to How to Make a Good Cover Letter

  1. Make a good cover letter
  2. Write a separate cover letter to target each new employer.
  3. A cover letter has to appeal to the emotional side of recruiters.
  4. Put emphasis on your interpersonal and soft skills.
  5. Prove you can work in a diverse working environment.
  6. Show that you’re not toxic.
  7. Describe why you’re the best person for the job.
  8. Prove it’s YOU who deserves to get a job.
  9. Showcase unique perks and traits that make you the No.1 candidate.

Who Can Help Write a Good Cover Letter?

We’ve just given you the keys to a good cover letter. Use professional hints to forward recruiters a high-quality job application that will help you beat the competition.

But what if anything goes off the plan? What if your writing skills aren’t that good?

Order a good cover letter for job application documents that you’ll be sending out to different companies. An expert resume/CV writer will help with your cover letter within 3 hours. You’ll receive a quality document tailored to portrait your personality well and appeal to recruiters.

  • Use psychological triggers.
  • Appeal to emotion.
  • Provide a 100% proofread cover letter.
  • Help with resume and CV writing.
  • 24/7 Support hotline.

If you’re applying to an international company, a plain resume won’t cut it. You’ll also need to attach a persuasive cover letter that will create an overall positive opinion about you as a person.

Let us help you complement your professional skills, talents, and educational background with a great cover letter. It will help recruiters understand that you’re a hard-working, lenient, and positive when doing your job. We’ll pay extra emphasis on such an important fact that you’re stress-resistant and get along well in a diverse and multicultural workspace.

A professional cover letter will be a great addition to your resume and CV. Order your super cover letter right now with a 15% discount!!

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