How to Write a Professional Cover Letter

Professional cover letters describe your traits and perks as a person, showing recruiters you’re a lenient, easy-going, and amiable expert to work in a multicultural, diverse team. Without a cover letter, your resume won’t be reviewed.
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Why Professional Cover Letters Are So Crucial?

Did you know that only 40% of resumes can pass automated screening? To get yourself noticed by recruiters, your resume has to be on-point and filled with job-specific keywords for the screening software to give you a green light.

After a resume hits the recruiter’s work desk, they will look for a professional cover letter. Today employers don’t even look at the applications that don’t have a cover letter attached. While a resume describes you as a professional, a cover letter lays focus on you as a person.

Today they have multicultural and diverse teams, where people from different cultures with different worldviews contribute to the same common goal. To be 100% sure you can fit in such a team, a recruiter will want to look into your cover letter.

Writing a professional cover letter requires a decent author’s talent. In addition, you have to know all the recent recruiting trends and where does the wind blow today. A quality cover letter is:

  • Professionally written.
  • Well-edited and proofread.
  • Contains job-specific keywords.
  • Relies on what a potential hirer looks for in their employees.
  • Is highly personalized.
  • Focuses on your personality and transferable skills.
  • Gives a positive impression about you.
  • Explains why you want the job.

Any professional cover letter writer knows these basics. But knowing and actually doing are two completely different worlds. On our website, we have 100% qualified writers who can draw up a champion cover letter to be a wonderful addition to your resume. Big companies do want applicants to attach a cover letter, so let’s not disappoint your potential employers!

Professional Cover Letter Writers Online 24/7

For every 100 applicants, only 10 pass to the job interview stage. Rest assured, these 10% did attach a cover letter. Today recruiters have plenty of applicants to choose from. That’s why they follow the protocol and look for a cover letter. Otherwise, a candidate won’t be reviewed despite the level of experience and hard skills.

Working on a team is more crucial today than being able to do your work fast or on a more professional level. Employers believe that skill could be taught with time while being a team-player and go-getter is the ability much harder to attain. Anywho, these are the trends, and one has to follow to succeed.

Have no clue how to write a professional cover letter? Rely on our expert resume writers to prepare a great cover letter for you that highlights your personal traits as a team worker the best. A highly skilled but toxic person won’t get a job in any large company. That’s why it’s crucial to show you as a strong member of any team, a leader, and a problem-solver. Even if you aren’t… a PRO cover letter will make sure you do have the necessary soft skills!

To have a jump on the competition, your application has to be nothing short of amazing. It includes a great resume or CV and a cover letter. The bigger a company, the more people will want to apply to work there. Each job-opening will require you to outrun 10-20 other applicants, especially if the job is really good. How to do it? Attach an expertly written cover to your resume.

Professional cover letter writers will help your application stand out. Any recruiter knows how to tell an expert resume from a rough-and-ready pitch. It’s just that you look at the document and there’s this aura of expertness and confidence. To show true class, you have to forward a top-notch job application hands down. With that, we can help you now!

Why Have a Professional Cover Letter For Resume

  1. Get your application past automated screening.
  2. Make a positive impression on a recruiter.
  3. Seek more lucrative positions at bigger companies.
  4. Beat the competition.
  5. Have a better chance to get invited for a job interview.
  6. Be able to apply for numerous positions at different companies equally effectively.
  7. Succeed switching from one occupation to another (e.g. Sales for IT.)

We Could Do an IT Professional Cover Letter To

We can do a professional cover letter for job seekers in any field – from Military to IT. Is it that you switch jobs within the same niche or looking to embark upon an entirely new career path, you will need a strong resume powered by a cover letter that makes you a better candidate in the eyes of a recruiter.

Human resource experts are busy people, especially in bigger companies. They have to sift through dozens of resumes sent on different positions, so if your resume doesn’t stand out, it gets turned down. To make a difference, you have to be not like everyone else. Among hundreds of similar resumes, it’s hard for a recruiter to pick the right person. So, if your resume does look distinctive and eye-catching, your employment rating has just topped by 30%!

Looking for an IT professional cover letter to prevail in a competitive world of Technology and Programming? We have unique expertise working with IT specialists and helping them obtain more lucrative job offers. Even students become able to compete with the more experienced competition thanks to an expertly crafted job application. You can learn to code but it’s much harder to learn to get along with colleagues on the team. Your resume and a cover letter have to show you’re great at doing both.

Need a Sales professional cover letter? We just might have the right experts for the job. Strange it may sound, many salespeople don’t know how to present themselves to a potential employer and close the deal by receiving a job offer. Can you relate? Then opt-in for a professional cover letter writing service and get a great job in a dream-company faster. Avoid any stress and anxiety related to the job search. You’re a talented person and you deserve the best. Let us know, and we’ll make sure employers see the value in your candidature and queue up to have you as their employee!