AMA Format Citation – Instructions from the Accomplished Editors

Many writers get confused about the huge diversity of formatting styles. The major cause for such embarrassment lies in the lack of practical knowledge of paper formatting. However, when you have writing and editing hints from seasoned specialists at your fingertips, all the troubles seem no longer so serious and intractable.

If you are assigned to an article with AMA style formatting without any practical background, the below instructions will come in handy. Your medical or scientific research will have every chance to be evaluated at a decent grade if you adhere to the proven recommendations. Move forward to the A+ grade formatting your work professionally!

AMA Format Citation: Intro to the Basic Guidelines

Learners with a major in medicine or other related scientific disciplines should have faced the hurdles of arranging their texts in AMA format. What is the core cause of most troubles with this formatting style? The problem lies in more than one thousand-page document with instructions on how to arrange the title and reference pages, in-text citations, and other text font, size, and spacing arrangements.

Each edition of these guidelines has some nuances added. Subsequently, if you aim to make your article professional looking for publication by the AMA, you should pay attention to all the updates in the formatting standards. If you lack time to look through all the sections of the AMA style guide, you can rely on the below-structured rules based on the latest 11th edition of the formatting instructions.

AMA Citations Format – Diving Deeper into the Definition

AMA citation format is a method of scientific text arranging critical for streamlining the article structure. This style was developed in the previous century, more than sixty years ago, nevertheless, has undergone minimal alterations. The authors of these guidelines were driven by the critical necessity of a comprehensible standardized set of rules for formatting all the scientific publications and they managed that decently.

Although the formatting style peculiarities may be distinct in educational institutions. The crucial point of such text arrangement remains the same. Adhering to the AMA citations format is critical due to the following reasons.

  1. Convey the key message without missing crucial context.
  2. Structure the text so that navigating its sections and sentences does not require any maneuvers.
  3. Trace the coherence between the issues raised and addressed in the article.
  4. Figure out which scientists are the main contributors to the study and the author’s perspectives.
  5. Prove the authenticity of the text.

If you are eager to complete written work on any medical subject at an A+ grade, organizing the text in the AMA style is paramount. It contributes to the structured train of thought and more comprehensible presentation of the material. Hone your text formatting mastery with the insights distinguished by seasoned editors!

Principles of Arranging an AMA Title Page

The image of the title page in AMA citations format may seem ordinary, nevertheless, there are some peculiarities you should not omit. The key points comprise:

  • Capitalize each word on the title page.
  • Authors’ and supervisor’s first and last names should be full and never shortened.
  • The name of the university or another educational institution of a learner.
  • Student’s number or other details required by the institution.
  • Name of the student’s major.
  • Date of work completion or publication.
  • The page number should be used in the upper right corner, which is unique for this formatting style.

Normally you should stick to the double spacing while arranging the text on the first page of your work. The document title should be situated in the left upper corner opposite the page number.

Formatting In-Text Citations in the AMA Style

Each study, especially on scientific matters, provides for analyzing the vast bulk of information sources. Authors eager to back up their ideas with concrete facts apply both direct and indirect citations from scientific reports, books, articles, and other papers or database materials. In text citation AMA format implies the following rules:

  • Indicating superscript numbers of the Arabic style immediately after a direct or indirect citation however after a comma if it is required by the context and grammar rules.
  • If you combine a few mentions in a single sentence, you should indicate that in the superscript by listing and dividing by the commas all the numbers of sources cited.
  • If you mention someone’s quote from a few-page document, you should indicate the page number in parentheses after the superscript number.
  • Indicating the name of the institution or organization having conducted the research you cite is possible for in-direct AMA citation format in text.
  • No spaces should take place between the numbers in superscripts, only commas for listing the numbers.
  • Quotation marks apply solely to the direct quotes while citations should not necessarily start with a capitalized letter.

These are basic principles of AMA citation format while you can face further nuances with arranging in-text citations of diverse types, namely from books, online sources, databases, and other sources.

What Are AMA References?

Not all the sources may be cited in the text; however, if you considered them in your study, you should indicate that in the final stage of your work, namely on the reference page. You should list all the references consecutively, as they have been used in the article, without any repetition. It implies you can apply or refer to each of the information sources endless times in your paper; however, you can indicate it on the reference page only a single time.

Another critical aspect is the style of arranging references. Each information source possesses the set of information available to consider in the reference. Based on the peculiarities and type of the document, you should stick to the following instructions like in the cases with the AMA format citation:

  • The book reference layout is “Writer’s name with full last name and initials of the first name. A capitalized and italicized title and subtitle after a colon and space if available. Publisher’s information, then semicolon and year of publication. If the number of authors is not limited to one, you should list them using a comma.
  • Journal reference has a similar layout, nevertheless, comprises a few intricacies. You should indicate the journal’s volume and then its issue in parentheses, also set a colon and then write the page range, to which you refer. Adding a URL or DOI address is crucial as well as a last point in the reference.
  • Website referencing rules are a synthesis of the above requirements. You should start with the author’s name and initials and article title like in the AMA book citation format. Instead of the journal name, you should write the website’s name. Other points the reference should comprise are the publication and access date and a URL.

Sticking to the above instructions will simplify your text formatting and address any challenges with arranging your article under the AMA guidelines.

Further Insights into AMA formatting

While there are standards for arranging in-text citations and references, you should also consider the text font and spacing intricacies while preparing a scientific article for publication by the AMA. The major principles look as follows:

  • Times New Roman with 12 font sizes is routinely requested by the AMA formatting instructions.
  • Page numbering should start with the title page and occur in the upper right corner.
  • Standard margins and indents apply.
  • All the text should be double-spaced, including the titles and subtitles.
  • Each chapter should be centered on the page, capitalized and bold.
  • The references should be a separate section, start from a new page, and be formatted like all the chapters.

These instructions are set in the 11th AMA guidelines; however, you should clarify all the formatting requirements with the publisher before submitting your paper.

Examine an AMA Format Citation Example

Learning practical instructions from the theoretical guidelines is sophisticated to perceive. That is because the PayForEssay experts prepare a concrete AMA format citation example with illustrative fictional data to expand your understanding of the AMA reference and citation arrangement.

  • Johnson AB. The Era of Digitalization in the Medical Field: Applied Medicine. AWX Press; 2007. (As an example of the AMA citation format book).
  • What are the statistics on heart attacks among young people? The Regional Center for Cardiology Website. Published March 16, 2021. Accessed February 25, 2022. URL address

You can use the above layouts for your references and citations to optimize the text formatting and complete an article at a decent level.

Final Thoughts on AMA Text Arranging

Although the AMA text formatting instructions are multifaceted enough, you no longer need to question your mastery of formatting in-text citations and references in this style. The above-structured guidelines have answered your pressing “What is AMA format citation and how to manage it?” question. Format and publish upscale scientific articles without any hurdles!

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