Benefits of Taking a Gap Year

Normally, the rule of thumb is as follows: write an admission essay, send applications to colleges, when summer holidays are over – enter upon the campus as a freshman. However, today some students tend to take a one-year break between high school and college. Such break is called ‘gap year’, in 2016 chosen by 33% more high school graduates than the year before. With Malia Obama and thousands other students, gap year is a thing to contribute to your personal and somewhat professional growth. Let’s look over the 7 undeniable benefits of taking a gap year.

Gap Year

You’ll be more mature and prepared for college life

It’s a common fact some high school graduates simply aren’t mature enough to live independently from parents, take care of time management, nutrition, studying, etc. In case such individual takes time for a gap year and travels abroad, does some volunteering job and extends her mindset, chances are high in 365 days her mind and spirit will be more fit to the life on campus that isn’t always about partying and having fun.

Get to know what you want from life

As high school graduates, we have a set of life and career goals that usually change when we enroll at a college. That leads to sudden changes, coursework troubles, and extra hassle. That said, after seeing the world in the framework of your gap year experience, you can decide on your majors and professional aspirations in the light of a grown-up person, not a teenager anymore.

This is your last chance for real adventure

With no kids of your own, no mortgages, no student loans, no nine-to-five job, and no daily commutes you can literally take on the world at 18. When in college, and especially after graduation you’ll have so many obligations to the family, society, employer that there will be little to none time for real adventure. But right now the world is at your feet!

You’ll have time for adjusting your finances

With college tuition fees rising and student loan payoffs increasing too, paying for college education becomes harder by year. In case your parents aren’t that wealthy and there’s no organization or fund to provide you with a scholarship, you might want to take a gap year to fix your finances and gather a sum required to graduate spotlessly.

You’ll have plenty of things to talk about

In case you spend your gap year traveling and doing charity or volunteering work, you’ll get a chance to network better. You’ll have so many stories to tell your friends, children, and grandchildren. Maintaining an interesting conversation with other students is one of the keystones in the art of creating your own social network.

Your resume will stand out

Not only colleges have a trend of favoring students spending quality gap years, potential employers also keep an eye on candidates who were abroad, studied foreign languages, engaged in social activities, and helped the world become a better place. For a graduate with little to none working experience this gap year resume line might be the game changer.

You’ll have time to make up lost ground

College is a competitive environment where friendship goes hand in hand with tight competition. In case you feel like having weak spots in your high school knowledge of Math or foreign languages, or soft skills, then taking a gap year is an excellent opportunity to catch up with those areas.

Although gap year is new to the US, in Great Britain and Australia it is a quite widespread practice among school graduates. In addition, Barack Obama’s elder daughter is definitely paving the path for other American students to take a full advantage of a gap year prior to enrolling into vibrant, competitive and nerve-wrecking campus and lecture life.