Cover Page for Essay 101

The student’s life is full of incredible difficulties: they have to invent, collect all thoughts and faultlessly put them on paper. They still need to format everything properly. Meanwhile, to pass the exam with a good mark, you cannot do without knowledge on the creation of the cover page for essay. Both the content and the format affect the results of the job as a whole. Making the title page is a painstaking task but affordable for everyone. If you follow the briefing, the design will take no more than five minutes. The main affair is to be careful and avoid typos.
Cover Page for Essay 101

The page is necessary for the quick identification of the paper. It ought to contain complete information about the educational institution, the performer, the teacher and about the place and time of writing. You must number all worksheets except the cover sheet only. The teacher who will test the work will first pay attention to the first page. It is the “face” of all paper. Proper design allows you to strengthen the overall positive impression of the work and increase appreciation. You are obliged to record on this sheet all the necessary elements without exception.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Make a Cover Page for an Essay?

An essay is a small written message, on any subject, based on a review of different sources and own opinions. Positive evaluation requires that the work shows the student’s independence in the preparation of the study and the presentation of the material, a sufficient amount of specialized literature studied, as well as necessarily accuracy in the creation and style of the document.

You ought to indicate the most important things as the title, the educational institution, running head, and the author’s and instructor’s name, date and so on the first empty page. This sheet makes your simple work more formal and complete. The learner must know how to make a cover page for an essay.

  • There are different styles to create. Some of them focus on the cover page, but some do not require formatting it as a separate piece. However, such a page is central to all work and teachers of different specialties and faculties pay attention to it first. It should not contain any unnecessary information or errors.
  • The right side of the left margin will be the beginning of each line. It will be a matter of professionalism as it will make reading easy and simple.
  • The font should be easy to read as well. Mostly teachers point it out themselves. If not, choose the one you used for the essay (better choose Times New Roman, 12).
  • Add some vague and relevant images to highlight topics or important information.
  • Provide only fully verified truthful information that will require no further questions.
  • Choose a good essay cover page format and follow all its rules.
  • Type correctly and avoid mistakes especially when writing topics, specialties, teachers’ names, and more.

MLA Cover Page Writing Tips

Generally, the MLA does not require a cover page. You write all the information in the document before the title of the text. However, some teachers of social or humanities sciences may require the MLA essay cover page. Knowledge of the proper layout of the page in this format will not be superfluous.

Unlike APA, the name of the educational institution is placed on the top in the center. You write everything in double spaced. In the middle, write down the title and the subtitle after it (if necessary). The bottom of the page should include the author’s name, title and course number, and the professor’s name. At the bottom, you specify the date you want.

You must use Times New Roman, 12 in this format with 1-inch margins on the sides. Remember to write every word in with a capital letter, except for small short words, conjunctions, prepositions, etc.

APA Cover Page Writing Tips

The cover page in the style of APA ought to include little information. From the top, you have to include running head (short name of the text). Note the page number in the same line. The following elements of this format are the full title of your essay, but it should only contain up to 12 words. Every word of the topic should be with a capital letter.

Write down the name of the author or several authors in full. Specify institutional affiliation. You should also use the 1-inch size for all sides. The page must be double-spaced as in the MLA formatting. You must use standard paper 8.5 x 11 for your work and cover page. This format does not need a lot of information on the front page. You only need to write down the most important thing.

Essay Cover Page Example

Many students can write essays, but don’t realize how to deal with the format. The sample is a great helper in such a case because it gives a real awareness of the essence. You must provide some information on this first page.  You ought to have samples and to understand the requirements. This will help make the main page correctly. You can find some essay cover page example here.

APA examples:

  1. The running head: The Impact of Globalization on the Strategic Development

Title {The Feature of Globalization Impact on the Country’s Strategic Development}

Author’s name {John Lewis}

School {Snow Community College}

  1. The running head: Individual Characteristics of High-school Students

Individual Characteristics of High-School Students: Influence on the Choice of Profession

Samantha Karman

Dartmouth College

  1. The running head: The role of Vitamins in Human Nutrition

Research Basics: The Role of Vitamins in Human Nutrition

Daryl Dower

Vanderbilt University

MLA examples:

  1. University name {Duke University}

Title of paper {Modern Medicine: Problems and Solutions}

Author’s name {Sarah Dortmund}

Course {Duke Department of Medicine}

Professor’s name {Professor Michael Kemble}

Date {June 1, 2020}

  1. Rice University

Types of Art and Basic Artistic Styles

Emil Brown

Visual and Dramatic Arts

Professor Lara Connie

December 20, 2019

  1. California Institute of Technology

Social Engineering: Challenges and Prospects for Fighting

Dan Jokers


Professor Rick James

January 2, 2020

Do’s and Don’ts of Writing an Essay Cover Page


  • DO write in college essay cover page each word of the theme with a capital letter;
  • DO use double-spaced lines;
  • DO utilize the same font in writing cover page as in the essay;
  • DO write truthful information verified several times;
  • DO stick to only one format;
  • DO use some image that will underline the info;
  • DO use a 1-inch size for all sides of the paper.


  • DO NOT make any abbreviation;
  • DO NOT write an article title longer than 12 words;
  • DO NOT confuse different styles and formats into one;
  • DO NOT make any mistakes in printing;
  • DO NOT remember to include all the information you need in the right format;
  • DO NOT forget basic fonts and distances;
  • DO NOT get carried away with the many colors;
  • DO NOT write the title from the edge.

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