Top 100 Сritical Analysis Essay Topics for 2024

Criticism does not always mean insulting a person or explaining his weak sides. If you write an essay, here you need to analyze the topic and explain the pros and cons of the situation. Critical essay topics can be varied because complex questions surround us always and everywhere. Any topic can have advantages for society but also have disadvantages for one person, animals, nature or the whole planet. You can find any relevant topic and analyze all aspects of the situation.

Choose a suitable theme, find more material and make a plan for the article. The more material you have, the better you could understand the problem. This will allow you to analyze it better and tell the audience what you think. Your essay will be interesting and informative because modern society has many unexamined and pending issues. Also, we do not want to see the problems that exist with us every day. This is not a criticism of the situation – this is an explanation for people why something is bad or good.

25 Original Critical Essay Topics Ideas

  • Children and video games.
  • Work and laptop.
  • Women in politics.
  • Athletes and dope.
  • Racism in society.
  • Sport in college.
  • TV and our mind.
  • Sex change.
  • The impact of technology.
  • Football fans at the championships.
  • Cancel strong punishments for criminals.
  • Domestic violence.
  • Crime among neighbors.
  • Exploring the pyramids: do not disturb the pharaohs.
  • The discoverers of America.
  • Olympic gods.
  • Vikings and their achievements.
  • Inflation in the economy.
  • Road traffic.
  • Is it possible to improve the financial situation of the country?
  • Banking investments.
  • Human factor.
  • Flora, fauna, and man.
  • Secrets of the great canyon.
  • Euthanasia and religion.

25 Critical Thinking Essay Topics Examples

  • Why do men and women change their gender?
  • Is plastic surgery a necessity?
  • Can a person feel that he is “closed” in his body?
  • Criticism of the book you have read.
  • Are well-known critics always right?
  • Accepting a problem or finding a solution?
  • Accepting your appearance.
  • Is marketing a way to sell a product?
  • Do all people live by stereotypes?
  • Does a person need to have principles?
  • Why do companies spend millions of dollars on advertising their products?
  • Store strategies.
  • Why does fashion dictate its rules?
  • Fashion and its influence on the younger generation.
  • The environment is changing every day.
  • Does climate change under the influence of human?
  • Your favorite movie and opinion about it.
  • Happiness is an abstract concept.
  • Why do robots replace people’s professions?
  • Nanotechnology and their impact on humanity.
  • Is it possible not to use the technique for one day?
  • Why do we research space slowly?
  • Will we have flying cars in 20 years?
  • Why do some governments steal money?
  • Are the Olympics an example of strength and courage?

25 Advanced Сritical Thinking Topics

  • Misconceptions affect our desires.
  • Why does the opinion of other people stop us?
  • Criticism of gays in society.
  • Is contemporary art strange?
  • Children and parents: relationships.
  • Is every star a separate galaxy?
  • Why is it important for us to look good?
  • Stylish image is a success in everything?
  • TV zombies people?
  • Does inpatient treatment help?
  • Is modern medicine a breakthrough?
  • Can we help our planet?
  • Why, 30-40 years ago, were the principles and laws of society different?
  • One person can change the world.
  • Does technology ruin society?
  • Genetics and its secrets.
  • Why do we love TV shows?
  • How to get rid of bad habits? Why do we have it?
  • Does alcohol always create problems?
  • Styles are mixed.
  • Developments and achievements. Do we need it?
  • How we understand love now and in medieval times.
  • Are we ready to risk and make exploits?
  • Do we need children only for the continuation of our race?
  • Is there fresh air outside your apartment?

25 Provocative Сritical Analysis Topics

  • Do people need to be checked in metropolitan areas?
  • Meetings: need or not?
  • Why are people skeptical about environmental improvement?
  • Does a small child need a lot of money?
  • High heel shoes: beautiful and dangerous.
  • Do women have a certain age for marriage?
  • Does order in your house mean order in life?
  • Criticism can be offensive to people.
  • Should we analyze every situation in life?
  • Do Native Americans live in reservations now?
  • Is food a need or a special ceremony for body and soul?
  • Is office work better than working at home because of real communication with people?
  • Can a person be happy without a partner?
  • Do talismans help and protect?
  • Problems with overpopulation.
  • How to stop the sale of drugs?
  • Why can’t we give up fast food?
  • How to learn to plan your budget?
  • The modern world has many temptations.
  • Can a black hole swallow our planet?
  • Why some animals are more faithful and kinder than people?
  • Can we live forever?
  • Always religion is humility and virtue?
  • Why do people think that nature is a free shop?
  • Mutual aid is important in society?

5 PRO Tips & Hints How to Ace the Critical Essay

Any essay begins with choosing a topic. You need not only to find an interesting theme but also to make it relevant to contemporary problems of society. Many people do not think about various problems, they do not know it or do not want to know it. Your task is to show the audience that your topic is very important and then it will be interesting. But if you have no inspiration or no desire to write an essay, what should you do? The answer is very simple – use some simple tips to find inspiration and choose an excellent theme.

  • Read more. Books are our best friends. They open for us a new world every time. More books – more knowledge, imagination, experience, and questions. Select a few questions from a book of any genre. Of course, science fiction seems to be something unreal for us. But even here there will be a good reason to think – why our civilization does not yet have a starship in every family.
  • Find special resources. These are special sites where you can find ready-made themes for any type of essay. Choose something interesting, not difficult. Start with a simple topic that will be interesting to you first. This will allow you to go deeper into the situation, study it and find a lot of pros and cons. Critical response essay topics could interest the public and pay people’s attention to the important things that surround us every day.
  • Talk to your friends. We can have friends of different ages. We can call our grandmother a best friend, or we can also discuss any themes with mom and dad. Discuss their lives, their interesting stories or situations that they would like to change. Choose a topic based on how the views of generations change.
  • Make a small trip. If you have the opportunity to go out of town. Take a walk, walk through the streets, and talk to people. This will be a great reason for you to change your habitual lifestyle in order to relax and free your thoughts. The problems of society cannot be divided into urban and rural residents – everything is equal. Economics, politics, agriculture, food, prices, global climate change, etc.
  • Read the news. There are reliable news publications that describe real problems. Find and select a theme there. Not all journalists invent articles to raise the rating; there are quite interesting critical evaluation essay topics that need consideration and attention.

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