Best Topics for Descriptive Writing to Choose in 2024

Writing a descriptive essay is engaging if you choose the appropriate topic. This type of assignment doesn’t require much research and theorizing. Here you should express your experience, feelings, and emotions evoked by a specific event or person. You can write a descriptive paper about anything, but how do you select a suitable theme? In this article, you will find the concept of a descriptive essay, writing tips, and a list of top essay topics. Read on and craft your excellent paper!

What Is a Descriptive Essay? 

A descriptive essay is a piece of writing that describes a person, place, situation, object, experience, emotion, or event vividly. This genre is aimed at creating images rather than telling a story. A writer of a descriptive paper appeals to the reader’s senses like sound, smell, sight, etc. A good essay can be an article, report, research paper, or memory.

The given essay type is similar to a narrative essay, but it’s written more creatively. Such an assignment aims to test your ability to use language and create images with words. It encourages artistic freedom. A descriptive essay gives readers a better understanding of the topic as it’s complemented by figurative language and vivid images. 

Sounds interesting, but how to create this type of essay appropriately? The first thing to consider is a specific topic that will enable you to share your thoughts and experiences. Try to use clear but, at the same time, vivid language. Next, you should follow the essay structure creating an interdiction with a thesis statement, body paragraphs describing a particular event or thing, and a firm conclusion. 

The main points are outlined, so let’s move to choosing a good topic for your essay!

Tips on How to Choose the Best Descriptive Essay Topic 

Selecting a specific theme for the description may be challenging with various personalities, events, and places. So here we prepared several tips for you to make your writing process much easier and more engaging. 

  • Firstly, define your interests. It would be best if you wrote an essay about something that evokes feelings and emotions. It’s impossible to create a good paper on a theme that doesn’t engage you, as in this case, you will not be able to engage readers. 
  • The next step is doing your research. You can read articles, and books, watch films and study other descriptive essays on the web to decide what’s worth describing in a report. 
  • It’s also recommended to brainstorm ideas. You can do it once you have several good ideas but hesitate about what to choose. Analyze these topics, make sure you strongly believe them and try to find out if the theme is relevant today. 
  • Finally, you can narrow your topic down. Avoid describing things in general, but rather focus on something specific. But make sure it isn’t too narrow that you cannot come up with ideas and thoughts about that. Ask your tutor or other specialists about how to formulate the topic.

20 Interesting Descriptive Essay Ideas

A good writer can make any essay engaging and interesting, but these descriptive essay topics ensure your writing is straightforward to follow and catches attention from the first words. Are you ready to explore these top exciting ideas for your essay? You can modify topics and adjust them to your life experiences, thoughts, and emotions. 

  • My favorite movie character
  • My favorite childhood memory
  • A wonderful world of birds in my garden
  • The house of my dreams
  • My first memory
  • My first tears of joy
  • The day when my life changed
  • Love in my life
  • The magnificence of our universe
  • The role of art in my life
  • Autumn in my city
  • This event I will never forget
  • The career of my dream
  • Making our world a better place
  • My first day as a student
  • Five qualities of a good friend
  • My way home
  • The ride on a train on a rainy day
  • My first day at the workplace
  • The most embarrassing moment I experienced.

Simple Topics to Write a Descriptive Essay On

If you do not have much time to write an essay, we prepared 15 easy descriptive essay topics for you. Any writer will find a subject close to them and find something to describe from their life. You may find them too simple but do not worry, as the beauty is in simplicity. 

  • My first school teacher
  • Things making me happy
  • The pet I loved the most
  • My longest trip
  • One of my summer days
  • Meeting a famous person
  • My family member
  • What I feel when dancing
  • My emotions when I listen to classical music
  • My Christmas story
  • My first visit to a gallery
  • Sport close to my heart
  • Why I love singing
  • What annoys me
  • Things are making me sad.

Descriptive Essay Topics for College Students

This type of essay may be assigned to students of any grade. Here we decided to outline some unique topic ideas for college students. If you are a university or high school student, you can also get inspiration from these descriptive essay topics and create your captivating paper. 

  • The most extraordinary person in our history
  • Importance of college education
  • My favorite subject
  • The image of my perfect city
  • My favorite literary genre
  • A great scientist
  • What is it like to be a doctor?
  • Internet in my life
  • Learning a new language
  • What makes me different from others
  • Why we should stop complaining
  • On my last day at school
  • My best friend’s wedding
  • My hometown
  • Performing in front of a class
  • The greatest lesson I have learned
  • Maintaining a healthy routine
  • A writer with whom I can relate
  • Most heart-touching poem
  • The first concert I attended.

Examples of Descriptive Essay Topics: Geography and Traveling

Our planet has many exciting places you can visit and describe in the essay. If you choose this field, you can find an impressive number of descriptive essay topics. So what are these fantastic places and journeys (real and imaginable) to describe in your piece of writing? 

  • Traveling across the sea
  • Top 10 destinations in America
  • The most beautiful city on earth
  • Beauties of Asian nature
  • Solar system journey
  • What I feel looking at the starry sky
  • Going on a safari
  • The seven wonders of the world
  • My first hike in the woods
  • An adventure in Switzerland
  • My emotions when I see the first snow
  • The White Nights in Iceland
  • The wonders of Oceania
  • Picturesque mornings in autumn
  • Why I enjoy family trips.

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