Double Spaced Essay Example & PRO Tips

If you are writing an essay and your teacher will make edits, then you need to use the double space method. This applies to almost all students and scientific papers, and an excellent example of a double spaced essay is a diploma, test versions of books for publishers, dissertations, scientific articles, term papers.
Double Spaced Essay

That is, this method is used everywhere where changes will be made by the person who will check this. If you use simple tips, then many teachers advise making a space with two different fingers (like two strokes on two different keys).

When a student prints a document, he may make a mistake and the gap may turn out to be single. Of course, you can add extra space later if you missed it. But this will be additional work and additional time, especially if your work will have a large volume of pages.

What is a Double Spaced Essay?

If you are writing such a paper at first, then you are looking for the answer to the question of what is a double spaced essay. This is a specific format for the design of your document that involves adding extra place between paragraphs. Each text has logical paragraphs that are most often separated by a single space (that is, one click of the Enter button).

This format will have two spaces, that is, you will need to press the Enter button twice. It will add more places between paragraphs where the teacher or another reviewer could make changes. Some types of papers need corrections which then would be corrected by the writer. Such additional spaces allow the reviewer to add edits by hand.

For the first time, such a method was used in school essays where teachers could not find a place for edits and wrote it on a side (a separate place with fields). Then the handwritten texts were transferred to electronic versions and there were fewer places for editing. The space between paragraphs sometimes allows writing a voluminous explanation of the error and it is very convenient. You can open examples of such papers to see this format. It would be very useful for you to understand the double spaced essay meaning.

Double Spaced Essay Format

If you have already understood what does a double spaced essay look like, now you need to learn how to do this formatting after completing the writing of the document. Extra space can be a very important condition for your assignment.

Any student is not sure of the correct writing of the essay and any paper may have errors. The teacher indicates such a condition to get additional space for making corrections and comments. But many students forget about this condition when they start writing a paper.

Additional space can be added after writing the text even if your document has more than 50 or 100 pages. It is important to know the functions of the program where you wrote your paper. Now, the most popular tool is Word (all its versions). But also some texts were written using this program on Mac.

For the Word (Microsoft version 2010):

  • You need to select (highlight) the text.
  • Then open the function of Page Layout (at the top).
  • Find there a section called “Paragraph”.
  • At the bottom, there would be a small black arrow (it is in the lower-left corner).
  • Press on this small arrow to open a new window.
  • Then you need to open the “Intervals and indents” function (it can be already opened).
  • Then choose “Line spacing” (this is located in the double-list section).
  • Click OK (to confirm and save your actions).

The instructions for Word (Mac version) will be as follows:

  • Select a few required lines or select all the text.
  • In the upper right corner, there is an Inspector (this is a blue button).
  • After clicking on the Inspector, you will open a new window.
  • Find there a section called “Text” (it will be a big “T”).
  • Then click on the Interval function.
  • Enter the number 2 in the value (this would be located on the right side of the selection bar).

500-word Example of a Double Spaced Essay

If you want to understand what a double spaced essay example is, then look for such samples on the Internet. Many sites will show you not only an example of texts with such a design but will also present a detailed format in the form of a picture. This formatting is often used for book publishers when the author sends the text to the publisher. Not all writers write texts correctly. Sometimes, many errors can be corrected by the editor or sent to the author for correction. The extra space helps give the editor more places to make adjustments and necessary notes.

Also, such a space is necessary for making corrections to the thesis which are written by students before the verification test. Teachers make edits that would be finalized by the student as soon as possible before the final test. This work can be called a draft. You can see the double space format for scientific texts. There may be minor flaws or grammatical errors that should also be corrected by the author. If you find examples of such texts, then you can understand the features and advantages of this type of formatting.

Many teachers tell students what is a double spaced essay. This helps them to see this with a concrete example. Additional space can be installed between paragraphs of a certain size (no more than 5-7 sentences). This would be convenient not only for reading but also for adjusting individual semantic passages of the common paper. Teachers may be asked to do this formatting in the term paper so that students know about it and make double space in the thesis later.

Double Spaced Essay Service

If you understand the main meaning of double spaced essay format, then you can understand the main pros and cons of this style. It will be quite simple than that you will use the instruction to your type of program for writing text. The main advantage of this format is the opportunity for the reviewer to get more space for convenient corrections. The minus of double space is an increase in the overall size of the text (there would be more pages because the text will become wider). For many modern students, additional pages will be a great solution if they do not have enough text to the right amount.

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