Essay Topics About Music

Music can reflect our emotions and ideas, but what can people say about music in their essays? Music essay is a popular assignment in college and high school, and students don’t have to major in music to complete a written assignment on it. Everyone likes listening to music and has their favorite music genre or musician, so there should be no difficulty in writing an essay about music. But sometimes, students struggle with formulating the essay topic. It makes their papers look unprofessional and low-quality and lead to unsatisfactory grades. 

So how to select the right essay theme that would reflect your interests and meet academic requirements? In this article, you will find useful tips on choosing good music essay topics and exploring great theme examples. 

How to Choose a Music Essay Topic?

Firstly, let’s focus on what music aspects you can analyze or describe in your essay. And here we should mention there are narrative, descriptive, argumentative, persuasive, expository, and compare and contrast music essays. In their essays, students may describe their favorite concert, music genre, or musician, research a historical context of a piece of music, analyze song lyrics, and compare several melodies or their interpretations. As you see, there are so many things to write about in paperwork on music. You can create an essay on whatever topic related to music and share examples from your experience. Here are several effective tips on selecting the appropriate music essay topic. 

  • Every student should know their musical interests to generate an engaging essay. When you write about the thing you like in music the most, you will do a lot of research and create high-quality paperwork. You will not only enjoy the writing process but readers will be impressed with the result. And in order to understand the sphere of your interests in music, you should listen to music, read some articles and blogs, or review lecture materials.
  • The next crucial aspect in choosing the right essay theme is brainstorming ideas. Write down everything that comes into your mind when you think about music, musicians, songs, concerts, and your feelings and experiences connected to music. It’ll allow you to create base ideas that will later be useful for formulating a thesis statement. At this stage, you may decide whether some ideas are relevant to your essay and if there are enough materials to support your ideas. 
  • Now you can turn to narrowing your topic list down. You should eliminate ideas that are not interesting or too general. Try to outline narrow areas that are worth investigating. Then you can add some details to the topic idea to make it more unique. It’s great to limit a theme by adding timeframes or expressing your personal experiences and feelings. 
  • And finally, if you feel that your topic idea needs refining or you are not sure it’s correct or has enough reference materials, you can always seek assistance. Students can ask their tutors, librarians, experts on the internet, classmates, and more. Our professional writers can help you create a 1000 word essay and choose a music essay theme to improve your writing. 

Music Topics for Essays

Once you know how to select a good essay topic, here we suggest you check out absorbing music essay topics. These topic ideas are not difficult, but at the same time, they enable writers to express their unique viewpoints on certain aspects. Some themes may seem quite controversial, but it’s a win-win option to stand out with your essay and show what music means to you. So let’s explore a comprehensive list of 35 topics for your music essay. 

  • Interesting facts about Hindustani classical music.
  • How has my taste in music changed?
  • The music industry in our country.
  • The impressive soundtracks to films.
  • Music on the radio.
  • Why do we like different music genres?
  • People who evaluate compositions and performances.
  • Can we assess music based on music critics’ thoughts?
  • Music production in the XXth century and now.
  • Understanding African music.
  • How music influences the development of human civilization?
  • Music in prehistoric times.
  • Charles Darwin’s views on music.
  • Indian musical traditions.
  • Chinese prehistoric musical instruments.
  • The role of music in ancient Greece.
  • Musicians in Greek theater.
  • The Greek musical modes.
  • How modern technologies influence the music industry.
  • How does music affect people’s behavior?
  • Relationships between music and art.
  • Asian music cultures.
  • History of jazz music.
  • Why am I interested in Carnatic music?
  • Three songs describe my personality.
  • What is Indonesian traditional music?
  • The medieval music era.
  • Can rock music make people more aggressive?
  • My favorite Renaissance composer.
  • Baroque music and operas.
  • What makes a good song?
  • Famous musicians with hearing impairments.
  • Romantic music and Ludwig van Beethoven.
  • The art of musical improvisation.
  • The Music at the Metropolitan Opera.

Music Argumentative Essay Topics

College and high school students are often assigned the task to create a music argumentative essay. This type of written assignment allows students to express their point on the topic and back it up with strong reasoning or evidence. There may be traced attempts to persuade readers of the rightfulness of the author’s opinion. If you need to start writing an argumentative essay on music and don’t know what to start from, here are 30 great music essay topics for you to consider.

  • Is jazz music dying out?
  • The role of music therapy in health care institutions.
  • Are music influencers truly important?
  • Music with lyrics and without.
  • Digital music formats and physical copies.
  • Is natural talent enough to sing well?
  • Does music influence our purchase behavior?
  • How does music influence poetry?
  • Can people become addicted to music?
  • Music as a way of self-expression.
  • Does music increase our level of productivity?
  • The role of music education.
  • Do music awards inspire or create hostility?
  • Music in propaganda.
  • The effects of classical music.
  • Women in the music production industry.
  • The art of music videos.
  • The legal and ethical aspects of downloading music for free.
  • Music psychology studies.
  • The philosophy of music.
  • Drug abuse in music.
  • Gender equality and rap.
  • Is there censorship on the radio?
  • Benefits of musical globalization.
  • How does music affect neuroscience?
  • The impact of Mozart’s music on children.
  • The relationship between music and mathematics.
  • Effect of music on emotions.
  • The role of folk music in modern culture.
  • Psychological reaction to music.

Music Topics to Write About

The variety of music essay topics is impressive, and here we prepared for you 20 more theme ideas. You can combine topics and reformulate them to generate your fascinating essay title. 

  • Why introduce children to music?
  • How do dolphins perceive music?
  • Place of music in teaching autistic children.
  • The heritage of Classicism musicians.
  • The history of grunge music.
  • How music helps settle down conflicts?
  • What is musical texture?
  • Freddie Mercury’s cultural heritage.
  • Role of women in music.
  • How has pop music changed since the 90s?
  • Role of music in the military.
  • Ethnicity and musical memory.
  • Psychological attributes of sound.
  • How to start a college band?
  • Sociological aspects of music.
  • Non-institutional and institutional music education.
  • How to start a career in music?
  • What is zoomusicology?
  • The influence of K-pop music.
  • How does music affect our brain?

Music Titles for Essay

Look for a catchy title for your music essay? On this list, you can find the best themes for your paperwork and impress readers from the first lines. 

  • Hidden musical gems in Africa.
  • Can a musician’s personality affect our perception of their composition?
  • Does folk music transmit culture?
  • Why do some cultures ban certain music genres?
  • Music on social media.
  • Top 5 famous musicians who changed the world of music.
  • Are music genres and musical instruments connected?
  • What can we find about the world through music history?
  • What does a ringtone say about our personality?
  • Do musicals promote certain lifestyles?
  • Bach and Beethoven: who is a greater composer?
  • The role of Arab music in Western culture.
  • Why is singing beneficial for our state?
  • Popular music in Thailand.
  • Background music in advertising.
  • The future of music.
  • Evolutionary musicology and evolutionary theory.
  • What is cognitive musicology?
  • What does psychoacoustics study?
  • How do musicians influence social issues?

Now you know wonderful theme examples for your music essay and tips on how to select the appropriate title. We wish you good luck and hope you will achieve academic success with an absorbing music essay topic. If you have any questions, our writers are always ready to help. 


What are some good topics for music?

Good topics for an essay are not overgeneralized. They may concern music history, psychology, biographies, and your perception of music. 

What are 3 good topics for an essay?

With so many great music topics, it’s not easy to single out the three best theme ideas. But we suggest you consider such titles as Role of music in my life, how music changes over time, and a musician who changed the music industry. 

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