Excellent Six Word Memoir Examples for All Students

Memoirs are a wonderful way of recalling and noting down the details of past events. Many times, teachers ask students to write memoirs. Such exercises improve students’ narrative writing and reflecting abilities. Do you have to write a memoir as well? Have you finalized the topic or it is yet to be decided? Probably you need help in selecting the topic too. That’s quite understandable because good memoirs begin with attention-grabbing topics.
Six Word Memoir Examples for Students

In this article, we give you plenty of six word memoir examples. You will not only learn how to write the topics of memoirs but also find out the right way to create them. We will share excellent one page memoir examples. You will learn how to start a memoir, how to share important details, and how to end it. It involves a structured process that starts with the making of an outline. After writing the memoir, it is important to proofread it to avoid wordiness, tautology, and spelling mistakes.

Take a Look at the Best Memoir Essay Examples

Many students have no idea how to start a memoir. They don’t even know how to suggest a title for the memoir paper. Here, we give you an example of a memoir. You can have a detailed look at the style, tone, choice of words, and structure of the memoir. You’ll find the same pattern across all memoir essay examples. The topic for the memoir is – ‘The Day I Enjoyed the Most’.

“13 November 2017 – it was a friend’s birthday. Jason had just turned 25. He had always planned that he would get married on one of his birthdays. Jason and I had been close friends since childhood. We shared our secrets and would always be there at each other’s important occasions. We were so close that even our parents had become family friends. We had been studying together since middle school, and now we had even become college graduates.”

This is how you start a good memoir. Many students have no idea how to write a memoir essay examples. If you notice, it’s just like telling a story. You can be informal and have plenty of room to incorporate all sorts of details in the writing.

However, you must ensure that the grammar and sentence structure is correct. The memoir begins with a hook. In this sample memoir essay, the readers may get excited to know why 13 November 2017 or a friend’s birthday was significant. Also, you can notice that the titles in the examples have six words in them.

There’s Another Example for You

We want to give you a few good memoir examples for high school, so here’s the start of another great memoir. Like before, we offer a six-word topic. Here it is – ‘Why I Never Trust the Strangers’. Have a look at how to start it below:

“I checked my pockets and the money wasn’t there. It was on 4 May 2018. I was driving to a bakery. As I parked the car and reached the entrance-door, I heard a voice from somewhere behind me, “Excuse me – your shirt has mud-stains on it.” I turned back to find a nearly 25-year old lady pointing towards the back of my cloak. I picked it from the back end to see that it was all covered in mud-stains, exactly as the lady had depicted.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was a new cloak that I had freshly bought from the supermarket. It was stainless at the time of purchase. All I had done after buying it was get inside the car to drive to the bakery. I had hardly taken five steps from my car’s door to the bakery entrance. Nothing I could recall justified the stains on my cloak. The lady offered to help me wash the cloak. She and I went to a nearby public toilet. There were 300USD in my purse. The lady offered to take care of my purse as I washed my cloak.”

And the memoir goes on. You might be intrigued to learn what happened next. That is exactly how you want to make the readers of your memoir feel. You might have learned a lot from these how to start a memoir examples.

Some Rules You Must Know

Let’s restate some of the important rules that have been followed while writing the above starting sections of memoirs.

The excerpts in the examples started with dramatic statements that have the power to hook the readers. If you don’t know what kind of sentence to start the memoir with, a safe way is to commence it with a day. You can mention the date and suggest why it was significant in one sentence at the beginning of your memoir. For example, you can say, “12 October 2017 was the darkest day of my life.” Or it could be the happiest day as well – it depends on what you want to share subsequently.

If you don’t think mentioning a date would be a good idea, you can never go wrong with the description of an adventurous scene at the start of the memoir. You can say something like, “What was written on my palm? I rubbed my sleepy eyes to have a closer look.” These examples are excellent because they let a reader directly into the depth of a scene without any lyrical details or description of the events, incidents, and emotions leading to it.

Such a style of memoir writing introduces a lot of drama into it. Readers suddenly find themselves in the middle of an interesting and adventurous situation, and the process of reading the memoir gets as engaging as watching a movie.

Take a Look at Two Short Memoir Examples

Memoirs can be very short. Sometimes, you quickly want to record what happened in a diary. Short memoirs are typically suitable for writing in such cases. The first of the two memoir examples is titled, ‘When I Ran Out of Money.’ As you can notice, it is a six-word title of memoir. The excerpt below has only 250 words, so it qualifies as a short memoir.

“That day I was very hungry. I was in Dubai and was trying to spend my time there on a budget. I had taken only 10 dirhams with me in my pocket when I left home. I went to a grocery store to purchase a bag of tacos. It cost 11 dirhams. With no credit card in my pocket and feeling extremely hungry, I was desperate to get a dirham. I asked the shopkeeper to give me a discount of 1 dirham, but he said that the prices of all items were fixed and computerized. I had no option but to leave the tacos there and come out of the store hungry.

As soon as I stepped on the road, I found a dirham lying on the floor. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had thousands of dollars in my bank account back home but here, I had run short of a dirham. I instantly picked it up and purchased the bag of tacos. Those were the tastiest tacos I had ever had in my life. Probably the one-dirham thing made the whole experience all the more enjoyable.”

Now have a look at the second of the two short memoir examples. This one is about a motorcycle driving experience in the rain. The memoir is titled, ‘I Had No Idea It’d Rain’. Again, it’s a six-word title. Take a look at the memoir:

It was my first interview. I had already run late. I had to reach the office in fifteen minutes. When I stepped out of the home all dressed up, it was raining very lightly. I had the option of either getting a taxi or riding to the office on my motorcycle.

Knowing that it would take me very long to find a taxi, I decided to go on my motorcycle hoping that the rain would not get any heavier. Even if I did get a taxi instantly, I would still have chosen to go on my motorcycle for the simple reason that it doesn’t get stuck in the traffic. Being on my motorcycle, I could easily tread through the traffic making my way from between the adjacent cars.

As I got on the highway, it started to rain heavily. Initially, I started to get my shirt and trouser wet. Before I knew it, the rain had made its way to my undergarments and even the socks. I was wet from head to toe. That was not how an interview candidate should be dressed up. But I had no option – I proceeded for the interview.”

Do You Want to Read Some Memoir Examples for College?

Many students want to have a look at good examples for writing a college memoir. The style of writing remains the same as it is for the high-school memoirs. However, the topics can get a little more sophisticated. In this section, we share with you two memoir examples for college. The first one is about ‘My First Day at the College.’ This is yet another example of a six-word memoir title. Read it below:

“I was very excited to have got admission in my dream college. I had always fancied getting enrolled in its program. Thankfully, everything had worked in my favor and finally the day when I had to start my education had come. Unlike most mornings, I was filled with energy, enthusiasm, and positivity as I woke up. No wonder, I sprang out of bed not caring that it was cold outside. I had already got my clothes pressed in the night. I put them on, smashed some peanut butter on a toast, and enjoyed it with tea while thinking how will I reach the college.”

Now take a look at the second of the two good memoir examples for college. It is titled, ‘How I Decided My Ultimate Profession.’ Like before, we have given you an example of a six-word memoir topic. You can read it as follows:

“I was never sure of what I wanted to become professionally. Even as my college studies were about to finish, I didn’t know if I should pursue a career in academia or the industry. My grades were good, which suggested that I could be a good teacher. But I wasn’t sure if I had other skills a teacher needs to demonstrate the concepts effectively.

As my thesis project came near and I started to prepare for the final presentation, I felt very nervous. But I realized that the actual experience of presenting the thesis was not half as difficult as I had anticipated. It all went nice and smooth and gave me reassurance that I was good at presenting concepts to the audience. That day, I realized that I should become a researcher.”

Do You Need Help with Other Examples?

We have shared with you some famous memoir examples. Having read those examples, you might have developed a clear idea of how to write them. Nevertheless, students still may need help because of time constraints. No wonder, they are generally very busy with preparing for exams and completing the assignments.

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