100+ History Research Paper Topics for All Cases

Are you facing an assignment on history with no ideas on which history topics to research? It may be really hard to find interesting history topics for your study, as it seems all historical events to write about have already been covered extensively. 

Here comes a hand-picked list of interesting research paper topics our experts have compiled to speed up your research and writing processes. Read on to find the prompts that will help you excel in writing on a variety of interesting topics of history.  

How to Choose a Relevant History Research Paper Topic

So, how to come up with interesting history topics to research? Which parameters define cool history topics that your professor will appreciate? We recommend formulating most interesting history topics by following these tips: 

  • Study the prompt that your professor has given. It may already contain the topic for history paper they want you to cover or at least indicate the range of historical events to write about
  • Use the ideas you’ve discussed in class to come up with good history research topics
  • Select history topics for research paper from the subjects that interest you personally – maybe you’re fascinated by a specific historical leader, period, or country. 
  • Keep in mind that all good history topics to research should be debatable and offer some space for argumentation. They shouldn’t be self-obvious. 

When following these recommendations, you’re sure to arrive at a list of great history paper topics

List of History Topics You Can Explore 

Here is a list of history paper topics our pros have compiled to guide you in this subject. It covers many types of history topics for research paper – from fun history topics to simply interesting history topics you will enjoy researching and writing about. 

History Research Paper Topics for College Students 

What historical research topics are relevant for college-level studies? Here are a couple of prompts. 

  1. History of Bethlem. 
  2. The combing of historical events. 
  3. The Cold War.  
  4. Holocaust and WWII. 
  5. The Dark Ages in Europe. 
  6. Industrial revolution. 
  7. Legacy of Queen Elizabeth. 
  8. Child labor in Europe. 
  9. The Great Depression. 
  10. Legacy of the Aztec era. 

Easy History Topics to Write About 

We’ve also made a list of simple and interesting history topics to research; they will match the needs of freshmen in history courses. 

  1. The Roman Empire. 
  2. Hun’s invasion of Europe. 
  3. The Vietnam War. 
  4. The rise of China. 
  5. Salem witch trials. 
  6. Role of the Ottoman Empire in history. 
  7. Apartheid in South Africa. 
  8. The role of Pearl Harbor. 
  9. The Shogun era. 
  10. The nuclear race. 

US History Research Paper Topics 

Are you looking for exciting American history research paper topics? Here is a list we can offer. 

  1. Civil rights movement in the USA. 
  2. Slavery in the USA. 
  3. US-China relations. 
  4. The Biden-Trump opposition. 
  5. US path to democracy. 
  6. Immigration crisis in the USA. 
  7. History of segregation. 
  8. Cold War. 
  9. USA and Africa. 
  10. US involvement in Vietnam.  

World History Research Paper Topics 

If you need some research-worthy world history research topics, here are some suggestions to fuel your creative process. 

  1. The Balkan wars. 
  2. Spanish civil war.  
  3. Queen Victoria’s legacy. 
  4. The Crusades. 
  5. Legacy of the French revolution. 
  6. Space exploration. 
  7. The legacy of the Medici. 
  8. Persian Gulf war. 
  9. Economic contributions of the Qing dynasty. 
  10. The Samurai tradition. 

US History Research Paper Topics before 1877 

Here are some early American history research paper topics you may find interesting. 

  1. Causes of US-Mexico war. 
  2. French and Indian wars. 
  3. Plymouth colony. 
  4. New England confederation. 
  5. Mississippi scheme. 
  6. Relationships of US settlers with Native Americans. 
  7. Legacy of John Smith. 
  8. Image of Pocahontas. 
  9. Mercantilism of early US colonies. 
  10. Indentured servitude. 

US History Research Paper Topics after 1877

If you’re interested in a later period of US history, here are some history topics to research

  1. Effects of the Civil War on Americans. 
  2. The Reconstruction legacy. 
  3. Transnational road. 
  4. American Indian assimilation efforts. 
  5. US farming practices. 
  6. American Federation of Labor. 
  7. The 1892 steel works riots.
  8. Gilded age. 
  9. Third Great Awakening. 
  10. Lynchings in the USA.  

Art History Research Paper Topics 

Art also has its history, and here are some art-related history topics to research and explore. 

  1. The rise of Rococo style’s popularity. 
  2. Greek sculpture. 
  3. Giorgi Vasari’s legacy. 
  4. Winckelmann – the father of art criticism. 
  5. Origins of iconography. 
  6. 20th-century art historians.  
  7. Feminist art history. 
  8. Semiotics. 
  9. Museum studies. 
  10. The rise of nationalist art history. 

Ancient History Research Paper Topics 

  1. Emergence of Christian symbols. 
  2. Dalits in India. 
  3. Leadership of Julius Caesar. 
  4. Democracy in ancient Athens. 
  5. Ancient Rome. 
  6. Ancient Egypt. 
  7. Origins of mathematics. 
  8. Slavery in ancient communities. 
  9. Urbanization in Mesopotamia. 
  10. Ancient Greek art. 

Music History Research Paper Topics 

  1. Emergence of opera. 
  2. Jazz music. 
  3. Piano in classical music. 
  4. Advent of composition principles. 
  5. History of musical notation. 
  6. Folk music of Latin America. 
  7. How did rock music emerge? 
  8. Evolution of pop music. 
  9. Origins of blues. 
  10. African music in modern genres. 

Controversial History Research Paper Topics 

Looking for debatable history topics to research? Here are several controversial prompts for your attention. 

  1. Legacy of Hitler. 
  2. Where is Great Moravia located? 
  3. Legacy of imperialism. 
  4. Slavery from a historical viewpoint. 
  5. Silencing of Aboriginal history. 
  6. Migration issues in history. 
  7. Islamic states’ role in slave trade. 
  8. Silencing of genocide. 
  9. Refugee stories. 
  10. Teaching Holocaust in primary schools. 

European History Topics 

Look through the list of history topics to research the path of the European continent and states’ development. 

  1. Classical antiquity. 
  2. Bubonic plague in Europe. 
  3. Islamic conquest of Iberia: consequences. 
  4. Byzantine Empire. 
  5. Early Middle Ages in Europe. 
  6. Feudal Christendom in Europe. 
  7. The East-West Schism of the 11th century. 
  8. Holy wars in Europe. 
  9. The Great Famine. 
  10. Thirty years’ war. 

Still Looking for Interesting History Topics

If this long list of exciting historical research topics still doesn’t cover your needs, or you find yourself in a bind and can’t complete the writing process on your own, it’s time to buy a research paper from our experts. By coming to PayForEssay, you guarantee a high grade and timely submission for yourself, avoiding any penalties and problems with your history course. Transform your studies and catch up with the class by working with our experts. 

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