How to Cite a Podcast – All You Need to Know

If you are willing to keep up with the time, you need to be aware of citing different resources. Referring to books, articles, and even websites is not a big deal for learners with writing experience. But what about podcasts? It is recommended to be aware of pivotal rules of how to cite a podcast since it is often used as an educational tool or reference for crucial information. The information below may be helpful for those with little or no experience citing podcasts in different formatting styles.

How to Cite a Podcast in APA and MLA Formatting Styles: General Rules

Accurate source citations are an essential aspect of academic writing. Since podcasts continue to gain popularity as a source of information, it is essential to know how to cite them properly using appropriate formatting styles. This article will explore the general rules for citing a podcast in APA (American Psychological Association) and MLA (Modern Language Association) formatting styles. Whether you are writing a research paper, essay, or any scholarly work, understanding these guidelines will ensure you appropriately credit the podcast creators and maintain academic integrity.

Citing a Podcast in Academic Papers: When It Is Needed

When writing academic papers, citing a podcast may be needed in specific situations. Here are a few instances where you might consider citing a podcast:

  • Primary source. A citation is essential if the podcast episode or series is the primary source of information you discuss or analyze. For example, if you are studying the content, arguments, or perspectives presented in a podcast episode.
  • Expert opinion. Suppose the podcast includes interviews or discussions with experts in a particular field, and you are referencing their opinions or insights. In that case, citing the podcast as a source is essential.
  • Unique information. If the podcast provides unique or firsthand information unavailable from other traditional sources, citing it will give credit and allow your readers to explore the content.
  • Quotations or paraphrasing. If you directly quote or paraphrase the host, guest, or any other speaker in the podcast, proper citation is necessary to attribute the information to the source.

When citing a podcast, you may need to adhere to the requirements of a specific citation style, like APA or MLA, depending on the demands of your academic institution or the guidelines provided by your instructor. It is recommended to include information like the podcast title, episode title (if applicable), host(s), publication date, podcast publisher, and the URL or a persistent identifier, if available.

APA Podcast Citation Rules

APA provides specific guidelines for citing podcasts in academic papers and research articles. So, if you wonder how to cite a podcast in APA, consider the following basic rules.

When citing a podcast in APA format, the following information should be included:

  1. Host(s) or producer(s) of the podcast: Provide the last name and initials of the host(s) or producer(s) involved in creating the podcast. If there are multiple individuals, separate their names with commas and use (&) before the last name of the final person listed.
  2. Publication date: Include the year of publication in parentheses. If the exact date is unavailable, use the year when the podcast episode was uploaded or released.
  3. Title of the episode: Provide the title of the specific episode in sentence case and capitalize only the first word and any proper nouns.
  4. Title of the podcast: Include the full title in italics or sentence case and capitalize only the first word and any proper nouns.
  5. Episode or season number: If available, mention the episode or season number. Write “Episode” or “Season” followed by the corresponding number. You may skip this part if the podcast does not use episodes or seasons.
  6. Retrieval information: In APA format, the retrieval information is vital to help others locate the podcast. Use the phrase “Retrieved from” and add the URL of the podcast website.

Here’s an example of an APA podcast citation for an episode:

Smith, J. D., & Johnson, A. B. (2022). Understanding Mental Health. In Podcasts for the Mind (Episode 5). Retrieved from

It’s important to note that APA formatting may change over time, so it’s always a good idea to refer to the latest APA guidelines or consult your institution’s specific citation requirements.

Rules of Citing a Podcast MLA

When citing a podcast in your academic or research work, it’s essential to provide accurate and detailed information to allow readers to locate and reference the source. Here are the rules on how to cite a podcast MLA:

  1. Host(s): Begin by providing the last name and first name initials of the host(s) of the podcast. If there are several hosts, separate their names with commas.
  2. Title of Episode: Cite a podcast episode in quotation marks. Capitalize the first letter of significant words within the title. If the episode does not have a specific title, you can describe the episode in place of the title without using quotation marks.
  3. Title of Podcast: Italicize and capitalize the podcast title. If the podcast is part of a more extensive podcast network, include the network’s name as well. Place a comma after the title of the podcast.
  4. Season and Episode Number: If applicable, include the season and episode number of the specific episode you cite. Use the abbreviations “season” and “episode” before their numbers.
  5. Publisher: Provide the publisher’s name, which may be the name of the podcast network or the individual or organization responsible for publishing the podcast. Use a comma after the publisher’s name.
  6. Date of Publication: Include the date of publication of the specific episode in a day-month-year format (e.g., 13 March 2023). Use the appropriate abbreviations for months that have longer names.
  7. URL or DOI: If the podcast episode is available online, provide the URL or a DOI at the end of the citation. Ensure that the URL is clickable and accessible.

Here’s an example of citing a podcast MLA:

Smith, John, and Johnson, Lisa. “The Power of Podcasting.” The Podcasting Perspective, season 1, episode 3, Podcasting Productions, 27 July 2022.

Remember to adjust the citation details according to the specific podcast you’re citing.

Cite a Video Podcast in the Right Way

How to cite a podcast is not a challenge anymore. But what do you do when you need to cite a video podcast? When citing a video podcast, you must follow specific guidelines provided by APA or MLA. Let’s explore how to cite a video podcast in APA and MLA formats.

APA Format:

To cite a video podcast in APA format, you should follow the general structure:

Host(s). (Year, Month, Day). Title of video podcast episode (No. episode number) [Video podcast episode]. In Title of Podcast. Production Company. URL

For example, if you were citing an episode from a video podcast called “TechTalk,” hosted by John Doe and published by Pops Productions on June 5, 2023, your APA citation would look like this:

Doe, J. (2023, June 5). Title of the episode (No. episode number) [Video podcast episode]. In TechTalk. Pops Productions. Retrieved from URL.

MLA Format:

When citing a video podcast in MLA format, the general structure is slightly different:

Host(s). “Title of the video podcast episode.” Title of Podcast, Contributors (if any), Version (if applicable), Publisher, Day, Month, Year, URL.

Here’s an example of how to cite the same “TechTalk” episode in MLA format:

Doe, John. “Title of the episode.” TechTalk, contributors (if any), version (if applicable), Pops Productions, Day Month Year, URL.

Remember, if the host’s name is unavailable, you can skip it and start with the episode’s title.

In both APA and MLA formats, include the URL for users to access the video podcast. It’s obligatory to check the specific requirements of ‘how to cite a podcast’ in the required style guide, as guidelines may vary slightly.

Samples of Podcasts Citing

It is recommended to appeal to samples when citing podcasts since they give you a visualization of the font, punctuation, and information to consider. The APA formatting style is predominantly used in social sciences. When citing a podcast using this style, follow general rules and the sample below:

  • Smith, J. (2022). The Future of Technology. [Audio podcast episode]. In The Tech Talk Podcast. Retrieved from

The MLA formatting style is commonly used in the humanities. When citing a podcast using this style, follow these general rules:

  • Smith, John. “The Future of Technology.” The Tech Talk Podcast, episode 123, The Tech Company, 2022, Accessed 21 Jan. 2023.

Referring to these samples, you may have a clear image of how to cite a podcast and the basic requirements.

Bottom Line

Proper citing podcasts using the appropriate formatting styles, such as APA and MLA, is crucial for maintaining academic integrity and giving due credit to the creators. Following this article’s general rules, you can effectively cite podcasts in your research papers, essays, or other scholarly works. Do not neglect to consult the official style guides for specific details and examples if you are not 100% confident.


Who should I indicate as an author when I cite a podcast in APA?

According to the APA Style, the host or hosts are generally listed as the authors in a podcast citation. In the citation, you need to indicate the name in the initial position.

How should I cite a quote used in the video or audio podcast in APA?

To cite a quote used in a video or audio podcast in APA format, you can follow this template:

Speaker Last Name, Speaker First Initial. Second Initial. [Username/Screen Name]. (Year, Month, Day). Title of episode (No. episode number) [Audio podcast episode]. In Title of the podcast. Production Company. URL

How do you include a timestamp in podcasts in APA and MLA?

When you cite a podcast, you may need to indicate a concrete time using timestamps. In APA style, the format is as follows: “Author(s). (Year). Title of podcast episode (No. episode). Title of Podcast. Podcasting Platform. URL or DOI (if available). Timestamp.” You may use parenthetical in-text citations in MLA style. Include the speaker’s last name and the timestamp of the information you’re citing. For example: “According to Smith (25:45), the text of citation.” List the podcast in your Works Cited page: “Author(s). “Title of Episode.” Title of Podcast, episode number (if available), podcasting platform, date, URL (if available).”

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